Hey guys I’m finally back it was a long weekend but we did it, thanks to everybody who showed up it was a great turn out we had a diversity of players from different countries like England, the Middle East, Asia, and South America, for some of the tourneys. A very good show and some nervbreaking matches.

and the results

KOF 02: 20people

1st:Eric [K-FORCE] (clarck,Iori,Chris)
2nd:Ryan Hart(clarck,Iori,Ryo)
4th:Me:D[K-FORCE] (Yashiro,Billy,Chris)

(BTW, RF(KOF master) dint join this tournament or the results would have been different.)

KOF 03:12people

3rdtie:K4 and Me:D (duolon,malin,daimon and king)

SVC Chaos:20people



Sorry I forgot I will up date later:o



The only thing I have to say is that RF is a MASTER. (keep an eye for the video)

Once again thanks to everybody who showed up and participated specially TerryFanatic, and the guys who helped me with the garou tourney.

Special thanks to the EVO staff for leting us make this and not trippin at all and we actually helped each other.

Sorry K-FORCE vs JUSTIN W couldnt go down due to Justins lack of time:confused: .

And finally, Videos were recorded they have been sent to NY for UnCuazi to Edit and post them they should be available this week keep an eye on the up date.

PS:K-FORCE did own:)

good shit, didn’t get to see RF play but from what i hear he is a complete SNK beast.


3rd:Me =P(Rock)
4th:Caesar? (correct me if I’m wrong, please)(Hotaru)

Just wanna give props to K-Force’s crew for organizing everything. They did a pretty bang up job give such short notice and resources. No prob about the assistance to run the Garou tourney. I know your hands were full w/ the other tournaments. I also wanna congratulate my brother, Magician and XTG for kickin’ the tar outta me to eliminate me from the Garou tourney to take 1st and 2nd.

Eureka, it was a success. Too bad i couldn’t be more of a help bro. I guess I’m just a big mouth as always. Next time. Oh and East Coast peeps, keep an eye out for OD2k4!

Nice work too bad Wong vs K Force couldn’t go down but I’m def. wanting to check out those vids. Props to Uncazi and others for organizing this shit. (Sorry I forgot to donate some things :stuck_out_tongue: )

Nice work on this SNK tourny. I’ll be waiting to see some vids sometime soon. And I hope this goes down again next year…maybe even bigger :).

Good, I’m happy the matches run well…
Also, No KoF98?..Aaawww.
Anyways, Congrats from the 1st place to the last place, just for being there and compete u deserve a big GRATZ!

More SnK,plz!

Wow…where do I start? Being a part of this SNK Revolution tourney was one of the most rewarding/interesting/fun events of my life. I must give mad crazy props to everyone from the K-Force crew especially Oscar and Nate and many others whom I respect. The tourney ran until they kicked us out at like 1:30 am or something like that in the middle of 98 tourney. We were cleaning up around 2 am or so. I was definitely stoked to see many famous players in too many high level matches. Another highlight was the sheer variety of the characters that got used.

We had specialists for almost every character. I remember Angel, Vanessa, Heavy D!, Maxima, Andy, Vice, NFT, Kyo, Orochi NFT…hell the only character I don’t remember seeing were like Chin and Ramon. Plus Griffon got very far under XTG which is downright insane if you ask me. And Eric’s play was both fearsome and inspiring. I learned a lot and came away with a sense of inspiration to grow.

I had to pressure K-Force members and dog on them a lot cuz I thought that was my way of helping them make sure everything went smoothly. I apologize for that. =P I do hope we organize something better next year and I sincerely hope to keep in touch with all the cool people who came and represented. I may suck but I salute you all for coming to play. Once again many thx to The Answer, the awesome K-Force members, many others who came and really played their hearts out… This was indeed a very special and historical event. Btw, I believe there were 12 people in the 98 tourney.

Almost had it right:D its Cesar but yeah you came close. well i just want to thank k-force for letting me join and to everyone who helped out i had some awsome matches:D in the garou tourny magician was to much though hes grant beat me down!!! well i guess xtg got hes revenge on me beacause i beat hes tizoc in our first match but he took me down in semi’s well i hope to keep in touch with every one and thanks cant wait until our next encounter magi and xtc sorry i didn’t get to play oldman but maybe next time:cool:

-Cesar- aka blueamary69 (hotaru for life) shoshoshin!!!

Too bad I couldn’t make it out to play with you guys. Sounds like it was a blast.

A Tiz player gets second? That’s nuts, way to pimp the bottom tier :cool:

Eagerly awaiting vids.

RF = Kof master … for real.

K4 = sucka :smiley:

Jimmy aka No escape = Best Angel evah ( IMO :smiley: )

Ryan = Great Rushdowns.

So for everyone … K4 = 4th place KOF 2k2 :slight_smile:

i came by and played on the pelican stick for the ps2 2k2, hopefully next year you guys can get 2 mas sticks going. what did you guys use in the tournies?

sorry i didn t stick around, it was my first evo and i was hella confused, props to the crew that did this up, you guys are appreciated. something tells me next year will have a larger turn out now that this has been cleared out of the way.

ryan hart for president, he s a real cool guy:D


Now all we need is for KOF98, 2K and Garou to get APEXed. :O!!!11111111111111

… as if :confused:


I didn’t really enter any of the tournies though I should have…but my stick was messed up. I did play some casual Garou agaisn’t some peps…some good matches. Alright well hopefully I’ll see you all at EVO next year and promise to enter the tournies this time…later.


sounds like it was good, nice to hear :slight_smile:

what about the samsho results?

hanging for the vids…

Samsho did not run, but expect samsho at OD fo sho’

Once again, good shit for K-Scrub, I told you I’d beef up your Griffon son. =p Big Fall forever dawg. =p

Hey guys once again thanks for your positive comments I was expecting a bunch of haters (as usual) but this feels good.

BTW my name is OSCAR feel free to say hi is you see me at the arcade. It was very stresing but we managed to come through at the end at least all of my members and my self went 22 hours with out a single bite of food. It was hard but it was worth it.

Remember this is a proof of when the SNK community really wants something it can happen, we just need to come together organize and make this happen we need everybodies help if we want this to keep on going, lets not let it die here. Am glad I had my team on my side and the fact that they had my back on everything. The same way if anybody else wants to do something let me know and Ill try to help them to keep this alive. Lets aim for something bigger.


Viva La Revolucion !!! :cool: :cool:

Well too bad i live to far from your guys arcade i wish i had more snk comp here at home but im glad i got to experience the power of K-FORCE maybe one day i will be as good as the force. but for now im still an amature next time:D Well at least i know your name now oscar im Cesar De Alba and i hope to keep in touch and maybe one day i can play you guys again i need my rematch at garou versus nate!!! Well its late im out peace!!!

The Future Is Now!!!

RF rank 4th on 2k2 in japan…i think…

the tourney turn out to be great, i had fun in there.
but not too many people show up tho…Uncauzi…

for SNK tourney, i suggest tht the joystick must can configure the
button like, bottom left=A, above is B C D, not A C on top, B D on bottom.

i was not prepared this time and got third, next time i’ll be prepared…muahaha…
im lookin forwoard to the OD2k4 in california man