SNK registers "KOF" trademark

Looks like KOF franchise relaunch is being cooked…


The King of Fighters XIV could be announced at EVO 2014!!

Speculation by arcade shock isn’t a rumor.

I’m wondering if buying that iOS rhythm game will help or harm this (good as in: funding for KOF14, bad as in: “Hey this iOS sells, let’s just make rhytm games”). I’ve been watching this guy’s feed about KOFXIV news and he does make a lot of sense.

Omg hope this happens, I need a new KOF now :slight_smile:

Yes yes yes. God let this be true

WOOO! I love Pachislots! -_-

Hmm, I wouldn’t be surprised if they just released a proper expansion to XIII… Like 3 or 4 new teams, some stages and whatever? 13 is the 98/2002 of last gen, is doesn’t really get much better than this. That being said, I love the idea of a new KOF with more NEW characters, rather than bringing back too many of the older ones (even though I’d love Blue Mary, Yamazaki, Chris, Vanessa, Ramon… etc). If they can come up with a more exciting system (not that this one isn’t), I’d be flabbergasted.

If it’s a dream match then it should have everyone from the Ash Saga. Meaning 03,XI,XII,& XIII

A dream match game makes sense since they ended that storyline. Could also mean I get to use Vanessa again.

Don’t think so, I foresee something more akin to 2002, that got popular characters from the two previous sagas.

Even KoF98 left out characters.

You’re bound to see either of 2 things - popular characters, or those who can be quickly created using existing art assets/sprites.

I’d be okay with taking popular characters from the Ash saga and tossing in some from the previous ones too. No need to go for 02UM’s roster size. Just make the combos shorter. Oh and I wanna see SNK giving some love to Chizuru.

Or 98UM’s :^)

hopefully they took everything from 13 and burned it when they started making 14 lol

One would imagine they would have to since they’re moving to 3D models, but they could still design things similarly I guess. Hopefully not, and the only rumors and things we have to go on about a 14 or eventual sequel is that supposedly SNK wants to go back to basics and make a 98 style game, but there’s nothing to base that on at the moment.

All i want to see besides Kyo, Iori and Yuri who are obviously shoe ins, is…

Elizabeth, Chizuru (with her slide), Yashiro, Chris, and Shermie! <3 That would be bad ass if the orochi team ended up being high tier for their return, even if they were low tier they would still be sick! O_O

Fucking seriously though. US Sports Team. And Old Man Team. Those are the only two teams that SNK has been neglecting. And not that god damn bullshit fake ass 02UM old man team, the real one.

I hope they get rid of the custom combo stupidity and come up with fresh and non-alienating mechanics. Or just go back to basics. Until then, not interested.