Smash League 2.0 Thread: Hammerspace 9

Welcome to the new Smash League!

This current League’s format will be an ITEMS format.

In our league, every 5 weeks we have a round robin competition with competitors chosen at random. There is no entrance fee (as of yet) and a prize is awarded to the 1st place winner. League rulesets alternate between a normal format and a more ‘off beat’ format that promotes more risque elements of the game such as unconventional stages and items. These ‘crazy’ leagues are monitored and special rules are applied. The format is crazy/standard/crazy/standard…

Gentlemen’s is in effect

Smash League 1 results:

Winner: Dre

Smash League: Phantom Menace results

Winner: Manie

This tournament will utilize the following rules

3 stock, 6 minute

Best of three

Starter stages:
Final Destination
Town and City
Dreamland 64

Counter Picks
Duck Hunt
Castle Siege
Omega Stages

The Item Rank System as provided by Cynt:

Rank 5 (The Pseudo-Ban Rank - these items wildly influence the game on appearance due to its overwhelming reward being too good or bringing the game to a halt, or otherwise reward considerably the player instantaneously through little or no interaction)

  • Back Shield, Fairy Bottle, Gust Bellows, Heart Container, Lightning Bolt, Maxim Tomato, Special Flag, Starman, Timer

Rank 4 (The High Stakes Rank - these items aren’t necessarily busted but still incredibly tide turning for better or worse or otherwise difficult-to-impossible for an opponent to handle reliably, but not so much that it will either negate or create a kill guaranteed or otherwise bring the game to a halt until it is resolved)

  • Assist Trophy, Beetle, Bob-omb, Bombchu, Bullet Bill, Cucco, Daybreak, Deku Nut, Dragoon, Galaga Ships, Gooey Bomb, Master Ball, Ore Club, Poison Mushroom, Spiny Shell, Super Mushroom, Superspicy Curry

Rank 3 (The Deep End Rank - these items may or may not have lethal abilities, or may or may not give great additional control, but most may bring about some risk or disadvantage that can be used against them pretty readily)

  • Beam Sword, Blast Box, Fire Bar, Food, Golden Hammer, Hammer, Hocotate Bomb, Lip’s Stick, Metal Box, Poké Ball, Ray Gun, Rocket Belt, Smart Bomb, Smash Ball, Soccer Ball, Star Rod, Steel Diver, Team Healer

Rank 2 (The Conservative Rank - items in this rank shouldn’t really create a killing scenario on its own in any way that a smash attack wouldn’t also, nor should they control a large degree of a stage or otherwise give the player a significant advantage without some drawback)

  • Barrel, Beehive, Bumper, Bunny Hood, Capsule, Chest, Crate, Drill Arm, Franklin Badge, Green Shell, Home-run Bat, Killer Eye, Motion-Sensor Bomb, Party Ball, Pitfall, POW Block, Rolling Crate, Screw Attack, Spring, Tanooki Leaf, Unira, Warp Star, X Bomb

Rank 1 (The Simple Rank - items in here are non-lethal in most cases; they should be able to disrupt an opponent and possibly set up for other actions, but unless the setup to make the item lethal is incredibly situational, that’s all they should be able to do)

  • Banana Peel, Boomerang, Fire Flower, Freezie, Grass, Hothead, Mr. Saturn, Sandbag, Smoke Ball, Super Scope

Rank 0 - No Items


Current Leaguers





Phantom Angel

The Martian

Po Pimpus




You are expected to have your opponent’s NNID.

Sign me up and add a disclaimer:


I don’t need motherfuckers signing up, then quitting in the middle just to give bitch ass niggas points they didn’t earn.


Where’s Midgar on the stage list?

I’ll sign up.

Also may I recommend adding that list of large stages to the OP that you posted previously in the PM:

Temple, Palutena’s Temple, Big Battlefield, 75 M, Gaur Plains, Jungle Hijinx, and Great Cave Offensive

So in future we know which stages would have the alternate ruleset.

As an aside, I think that Wuhu Island should be moved out of the neutral stage list. When compared to the rest of the stages that you have up there, I think it’s the least “neutral” out of all of them due to the size of it as well as several of the transitions (particularly the Beach, the Bridge, the fountain and the Volcano). I’d accept Midgar as a neutral stage over Wuhu, but that might just be me. It’s up to you though.

If you don’t stop that shit right now I’ll stuff a cactus up your Wuhu… :chainsaw:

Also, I’ll sign up again.

Midgar as Neutral? Well if you say so…

I’m just offering an opinion. I don’t have a problem with Wuhu, I just don’t think it’s “neutral” when compared to the rest of the stages that CG has listed, especially since I believe CG had mentioned adding Midgar to the list of good stages. And I think Midgar is a better neutral stage than Wuhu is, as much as I don’t like Midgar.

i’m down

Go ahead and sign me up, too. Dre’s a given since he’s the main one who wanted this back.

No. Dre should be banned until he stops running people off with his connection.

A reminder to read the rules. I changed them since I our ‘beta’ phase

That wasn’t a beta, I didn’t see any error messages.

Sure it was.

That’s how we found out owattjacob.exe, eskills.exe, ozleaon.exe, and king9999.exe were crashing

Sign me up phaggots

wired connection should be mandatory.
sign me up.

Does this mean the old one is over?

It will be Wednesday.

You have until tomorrow to fight Dre and then the winner will fight LW.

Otherwise, LW wins

Complete bullshit.

How did the King of Lag and the Queen Bitch wind up 2nd and 3rd by not playing anybody?

By not losing a single game in 2 rounds and having eskills drop out. I’d have played him, I hit him up but he couldn’t play.

Sorry buddy B)

Too bad you couldn’t join the 15 point club.