Slavery making a comeback

Its’ the Yankees army, not union.

Apparently not white enough. But seriously, when was the last time there was a movie made about some non-whites being saved by Liam Neeson after they get kidnapped?

Hey, I’m trying over here.

eastern promises is better

You’re just saying that because you’re gay for that Viggo cock.

He might save some brown children in the next A-team movie maybe.

this sounds like competition with China

If that includes military service, I already did 5 years of that. So been there done that. After I left the military and saw bitch ass motherfuckers in film school and other college kids I started to feel that every young person should be made to do some military service to learn some discipline and what reality is. I think the whole slavery bit is sensational journalism. Making motherfuckers do some work, learn some values and discipline and not get their asses beat isn’t too much to ask. Everyone complains about bad parenting well this sounds like a possible solution. Not 100% solution but it might make a difference to some extent. Lynching, burning, kicking niggas asses is slavery. Bagging up cotton in 90 degree heat and being dehumanized is slavery. This shit doesn’t sound like slavery.

…If the rep bar was back, i’d make it green. I agree 110%

I don’t think we want some undisciplined, overly opinionated chumps running around military equipment…waaaaaaaaait a minute! It could be like this!: [media=youtube]Hyy5xZkwsMA[/media]

I don’t know why people wouldn’t be able to perform military service. It’s just like any other job. Only there is the possiblity of getting a co worker/team mate killed if you fuck up…

Other than that, it’s easy.

You can do that working as an airplane fueler.

I don’t think I’d want to have some idiot chump fueling the plane I’m getting on. Before you even answer, it’s not the same as not wanting some undisciplined chump in the military around military equipment. You must’ve haven’t served in the military. You’d be surprised how many people go into the military with those qualities you mentioned. As a matter of fact my bunk mate in basic had an option of 4 years of jail or 4 years of military service. His choice was obvious.

Except now imagine it as more fast paced and stressful. You’re fucked if you don’t have your shit together. Which is why volunteer military service is a must IMO.

Eh, touché.

Look around you. Slavery never went away.

Actually, it fucking did.

I disagree. It just changed name.

Yeah but this wouldn’t kick in until they hit age 18. All the good parenting should have taken place waaaaay before that. A big rusty-ass 18-year old trying to learn values during two years of service is some major retroactive discipline.

The other thing that gets me is the upper limit of the age requirement. 42 years old? Seriously? Imagine that you are 42 sitting in your own damn house when they come knocking on your door talking about doing two years of mandatory service. “Fool, I’m 42 years old, get the fuck off my porch.” door slams “Up in here talking about two years of service, bitch I’m full grown.”

slavery is coming back?

i’ll take three of the sexy lady slaves

Guess they’re out of cannon fodder.
Or not getting paid (or less) saves military expenses perhaps.
Anyway, I can’t imagine something like this passing. Even in the US :razzy:
Although, if G. Bush was still in place…