Skullgirls SRK wiki project

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Just throwing this out there, Skulldudes:

I submitted an application for SRK wiki access a few days ago. No reply yet, but understandable considering they made that front page writer application posting in the same week. I’m not going out of my way to press any mods to approve me just yet, but I am actively working on wiki material already. I have pages already done for the 4 existing characters that include complete accurate move lists and all move names and properties that have been publicly shown so far. Details currently behind NDAs will come in due time. I was tempted to first post 4 complete character threads on this forum last night, but then that wouldn’t be any fun for anyone else, would it?

I have a Skullgirls basic controls and game systems page in progress, and it will be huge. It would be nice to live up to the example set by the Super Turbo wiki. I understand Master Chibi is working on a FAQ thread for this forum, so if anyone else out there has an instinct to write out guide material for this game reply or send me a PM and we can collaborate.

Examples of some things I’d like to see:
• Send me an already done movelist. I’ll lay out a character thread in this forum, add written move descriptions, add basic strategy tips or a character synopsis, and be more than happy to port this work over to the SRK Skullgirls wiki when it’s up.
• Show me a WIP game systems page. I’ll poke at it and write out the most thrilling “hold back to block” section you’ve ever seen in your life, then add all the loose information from the Reverge posts and interviews that are already online.
• I have the photoshop skills to add Skullgirls themed custom icons and symbols to pretty up any wiki page.

The MVC3 wiki was very complete and very useful right as the game was released. We have a little less hype pushing Skullgirls, but if all of us enthusiasts in community can start working together now and keep it going for the next few months we can give this awesome new game the same treatment.

I’d be interested in working on this in whatever way I can. At the moment, I would mainly work on the game systems section, since that’s what I’m most familiar with. I could also help with creating a basic skeleton for the wiki, which I’m assuming we would base off the MvC3 Hyper Guide.

Does anyone have a Skullgirls logo we can use? It should be at least around 150px vertically and transparent.

I could make it transparent by using the magic wand but that ends up making it look all jagged. Someone else who has more photoshop skills than I should do that.

Edit: Found this

Or I could just e-mail someone supporting assets, or give Pizzarino a dump next time he’s in the office.

That would be godlike Rav. As long as we spread the word around about the game, then all is good!

I’ve put up a main page and 3 character pages! Move lists here should be accurate. Anyone interested in helping lay out formatting say what’s up!

Looks good so far. I just made a couple minor spelling corrections.

Edit: We don’t need to prefix the pages with “SG”. The “Skullgirls/” prefix is good enough.

Advanced tactics for Bella are SO overcomplicated! =]

Hey, you can take the stuff I put in the Cerebella thread and the others when I finish them on the wiki. Just give me credit for it. I’ve gone pretty in depth with the information.

-Tha Hindu

Update: Parasoul and Ms Fortune pages are up!

Want list: Prettier character infobox, a template for individual moves, Ms Fortune info.

Update: In a nutsell descriptions of the current cast of 4 have been added based on my limited play experience.

A new table format for the movelists have been added to better resemble other SRK wiki guides. In James Chen we trust. It’s only in Cerebella right now so give feedback if you can!

Want list: Prettier character infobox, Ms. Fortune gameplay (so I can post her movelist), more hit property graphics.

For the normal moves, instead of having 3 separate tables, I think it should just be one table. In the ‘Command’ column, use things like “d + lp” for crouching moves and “air lp” for jumping moves. For the ‘Name’ column, “Standing Light Punch”, “Crouching Light Punch”, “Jumping Light Punch”, etc.

I’ve been told more normal moves will get names, so everything gets a blank for now. All move names that are in already are as stated by Reverge people or as they’ve appeared in the custom assist dialogue.

Having the normals separated like that is just my personal style choice. It’s a wiki so if you can tweak it and make it better go right ahead.

This couldn’t possibly be an accurate movelist, could it?

Seems like everything is turning out quite nicely :).

-Tha Hindu

Whoever added that Ms. Fortune info, thank you fur the wonder purrsent.

New stuff is getting added to the wiki all the time! Expect accurate Ms. Fortune updates direct from Reverge balance testing later this week. Expect a complete Painwheel move list as soon as the character is shown in full.

Current needs:
Final character select screen shot to fully explain team choices.
Final gameplay screen shot to fully explain the HUD details.
Final values for move damage (all characters).
More feedback from people who have more than 5 seconds of playtime. Advanced Tactics are going to be blank until the game is out, but getting together a list of the top 5-8 most crucial moves per character should be possible.

Want to start up the universal commands page?

I likes me a pretty chart, but I don’t know if I like representing the different values as R1/R2/R3. The most immediate issue is that if you were Desora and running a ratio 4 Raiden in CVS2, you were running a solo character. With CVS2 logic and your chart a solo character is R1 and has the least overall stats in 1v1, but is R3 if the opponent picks a 2 or 3 character team. A 2 character team can be at R1, R2, or R3 stats depending on the opponent and 3 characters can be at R1 and R2 only.

But it gets even more confusing than that, because when actually talking about the game with their human ears and mouths people seem to instinctively want to call a solo character “ratio 1”.

Individual characters on a smaller team will always deal more damage have have more life than individual characters on a larger team. The exact life and damage percentages depend on the matchup such that the game keeps a consistent timer and is still balanced around 2 out of 3 rounds for 1v1 teams.

I think it’s easy enough to explain in a couple of sentences without mentioning a ratio!