Skullgirls SRK wiki project

I can always change it or remove the R1/2/3. It could be Level 1/2/3 instead. And a 2 character team can’t be Level 3, they’ll only ever be level 1 or 2.
What I had hoped to explain by colouring the team sizes is that each level represents the team on the left, so when you see 1v2 the level/ratio corresponds to the “1” not the “2”. So a 1 character team will always be at level 3 unless facing another solo team. A trio team will always be at level 1 unless facing another trio team, and a duo team will always be level 2 unless facing another duo team.

Besides, I’m only listing it as the game is. It’s not my fault the ratios/levels differ depending on team sizes. lol

Here’s a different version if it makes it any clearer.

You could always drop off the 3rd column and just leave it without the label.

Guys we should not use word “ratio” in Skullgirls. There aren’t ratios in this game. New people who didn’t play CvS doesn’t need to read about ratios. It will drive them out of the way.
That was main reason why I started nomenclature discussion in the main thread.
If you talking about your team of choice just state names of characters - reader can count them himself. If you talking about specific character in team of specific size you can use abbreviations such as T1/T2/T3 (which standing for “Team of 1/2/3” or “Tier 1/2/3”) before character’s name. Or you can use letters S/D/T before name (which means “Single (or Solo)”/“Duo”/“Team (or Trio)”). It will be easier to understand for new players.
Just don’t use ratios please. Because THERE’S NO RATIOS IN SG. Strength distributes evenly. Don’t cause confusion.
Peace =3

Mike Z is saying R2.

I know. Because he get this whole idea from CvS. And it’s easier for him to explain this system to other seasoned players like this. But since he actually CHANGED this system it seems logical to change nomenclature.

In CvS ratio was actually important, because you could distributed power WITHIN a team. So you had two numbers: team size and ratio for each character. But in SG power distributes evenly. So the only number depends is a team size. Why should you use two different numbers when one is enough? Seems overcomplicated. @_@

And it really can confuse new player. Because R3 MF is actually character from team size 1, and R1 MF is character from team size 3.
So why he should use R1 label when in-game he really selected “team of THREE” in the menu. It’s just doesn’t seems right to me.

New players are going to be confused anyway. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be new.

Having R123 or Lv123 labels for the stats will make labeling the damage easier. As you can see, the damage isn’t based solely on your team size but your team size and theirs. It’s not as easy as saying “Solo Cerebella: COMBO GOES HERE 500 DMG”

I think “Lv” is the least confusing term for things like damage output. After all, even if you’re playing a solo character, that character could still either be at Lv.1 or Lv.3 depending on the matchup.

I’m saving that image to use as a legend for the eventually combo threads.

Real confusion is that TS1 = R3 while TS3 = R1. So if you talking about R1vR3 combo you can alternatively call it T3vT1 combo.
But if you just saying 1v3 then I can’t really tell them apart. So new player will read that combo description and ask: "So you said 1. Does that mean I should go to character select screen and choose that big shining 1 for single character?"
And you will: "Hell no! 1 means ratio 1 which is in fact 3 characters. So you should pick 3 to get 1! =)"
And he wil "Wait what?! What are those ratios all about? O_o"
So what you should tell him next? “You know there was game called CvS2 which kinda has nothing to do with THIS game but we just keep using that old numbers purely for style. Isn’t it cool? ^_^” THAT will be confusing IMO…

It might be my compulsive tendencies to label and organise things more than your average folk, but I’m in agreeance with Saint. The actual nomenclature used (be it, R/Lv/S-D-T) doesn’t matter, the fact that 1 means 3 and 3 means 1 is just counter intuitive (and if you do use the term Ratio, then it’s completely inaccurate). If people are still determined to use R1/R2/R3 then swap the numbers so R1 is a single character and R3 is part of a 3 man team.


All I will do is copy paste this

Because that makes more sense when the ratio isn’t based on just your team size?

Which is good, because it’s based on team sizes.

On what is it based then? o_O

The size of BOTH teams

Your team’s stats depends on your team size and the opponent’s team size, which is plainly shown in the image you quoted.

Okay, my bad. For description of combos you need to consider both sides.
But my 1=3, 3=1 complain still suffice. You can see from table that R3 describes single character usage (3=1), when R1 describes mostly teams of 3 (1=3). And there is no big reason for such a mess…

No, this is not correct. “R3” (I still prefer “Lv.3”) can only be assigned to a solo character, but they are not the same thing. A solo character can either be R3/Lv.3 or R1/Lv.1 depending on the size of the opponent’s team. Similarly, teams of 2 and 3 can either be Lv.2 or Lv.1 depending on the size of the opponent’s team.

Yeah, well that’s the way the game is. You can’t really change it. You can try to switch the labels, but you’ll still have an inverted number that doesn’t match the team size.

I think using Lv.1/2/3 is probably the clearest way to describe the different power levels because a level denotes strength whereas a ratio sounds more like a comparison. Your team is weakest when at Lv.1 and it’s strongest when at Lv.3. Much easier for new players.

So it will be like “Power Level”? Like your strength and health is getting better from 1 to 3 hence number order? If it’s so then I’m with Dr. Grammar - we should call those Levels instead of Ratios. Because it’s not like you distributes something, you just gaining greater boosts.

Also I did some minor calculation about those pairings - I found number of “combos” or “mix-ups” you should land with one character on opponent’s team to kill them all.
Each “combo” is fictitious string of hits which deals 14300 in 1v1 match (just for the sake of round numbers). Please note that in all cases “combo” stays the same but dmg amplifies accordingly to Jem’s table. Here we go, your team size is on the left, opponent’s size above:

|1ch |2ch |3ch |
| 1,31 | 1,71 |
| 1,54 |
_| 2,31 |
3ch_|_ 2__|2,3| 2,65 |

Filia, Cerebella, Peacock, and Parasoul now have move names for their complete move lists. Horray!

Tons of stuff being added here. FFFEEEDDDBBBAAACCCKKKK… Your delicious brains are what I crave.

I think when noting that hitting two punches gives you a dash, you should have it say PP, or the white punch icon with “x2” next to it, instead of 2P because 2P is like saying crouch punch.

And Pushblock doesn’t soften chip damage, it just negates red life damage.

And I think the Life and Damage section’s team sizes should be listed like this:

1v1, 2v2, 3vX = 100% Life, 100% Damage
2vX, 3v3 = 115% Life, 130% Damage
1vX = 200% Life, 175% Damage

Or you could use my little chart.
This one:

I could edit out the right part if you want.