Skullgirls PSN Matchmaking Thread (Dat GPPO)

GGs! And the game just came out so let’s not think about tiers for now :P.
Even if she somehow become tager tier (won’t happen), Cerebella will always be top tier in my heart though :3.

woo! I’m Tomo_009_US on my account with Skullgirls. Melbourne so it should be under 150 ping unless something is horribly wrong haha.

You know you can play on all accounts on your PS3 and the game still be there, right? :smiley: I’ll add it anyways.

but the DLC wont be when it comes out.

Of course. I should have thought of that. I might just rebuy the game when it comes out on the Australian store to save myself the hassle since I’ll certainly be buying the DLC.

Aw I’ll have to play with my american account if I buy dlcs? Dang I didn’t know that.

I’ll be buying it on the Australia store as well, anyway haha.

I could be wrong, but as far as I know, all PSN DLC is region locked.

You can buy the DLC and use it on your other account still.

PSN: Combo_Knight

EST: Is preferred but i will play west coast if you are green ping
Got a full friends list but if you want a game shoot me a message. If I don’t respond in 10 minutes then I’m at work

Sanger and pali have full friends list. ;_;
Gonna add more peeps when I get home from work. Anybody tryin to run a long session tonight like around 8 PST till I got work again?


On the west coast, Vancouver. So Canada/Northwest America would be sweet. Add me up!

PSN: Gorlokmadskills
East Coast or Canada preferred

PSN : Hydrea
East Coast or Canada preferred

If anyone is up for a set of matches tell me so I get on my ps3.

Anyone else having problems with PSN?

I tried sending friend requests, but it always times out.

Happened to me once, I just restarted my ps3 and it worked fine, try to do the same.

psn: mybodyisinfested
East coast, wired connections please!

I tried that, and PSN logged me out, some error.

I’m gonna go outside and give it a few hours.

Is there anyone ready to rrrrrrrrrrrrrrumble?

PSN: mmking9999
Location: Canada (East Coast)