Skullgirls PSN Matchmaking Thread (Dat GPPO)

Post up requesting games, or your ggs, or just how godlike GGPO is.


Send a friend request my way for a game any time.


**[URL=‘’]PSN/XBLA Skullgirls player list

PSN: DeathGodThanos

Tryin to lvl up so always down to play.

PSN: Austin_QED.

East Coast preferred, but anyone is welcome.

PSN: Hawkingbird

EST connections preferred

PSN: Nini Heart,
East coast and canada preferred


Expert preferred, i’m west coast but generally have good connection with most east as well.

PSN: Hugin7Munin77

Trying to level up hard in this game, get at me.

PSN: Thinobuns

Europe prefered (France) but I’m always up to play against anyone else in the world if the ping is not above 180.

PSN: James_Lame
EU (Sweden), Any skill level

Edit: Isn’t there a thread for this already?

This is for matchmaking discussion, outside of posting of PSN tags.

So who is up for some games later?

I’m up to play right now.

Ok, res do this.

Sorry I’m eating right now actually haha. In around 25 mins I’ll be good to go I guess.

Sounds good then.

I’m actually good to go like right now. Ate super fast because I was hungry haha.


USEast**[FONT=Arial] Coast[/FONT]****[FONT=Arial] :)[/FONT]**


West Coastish

Shame we couldn’t play Boodendorf, hopefully your net gets freed up soon.

I certainly hope so, been two days since I played online skullgirls ;_;.