Skullgirls PSN Matchmaking Thread (Dat GPPO)

PSN: Pinakaguwaping, unityd3v (am usually on the former since it’s my HK account).

Asian players appreciated. This game’s too good to be US only.

PSN: KefPringlez
East Coast preferably.


easy coast want to run longer sets


South West USA

I hate games online in general but I’m willing to give it a shot.


West Coast preferably, as long as we get >100 ping I’m down to play whenever. I cant find matches anymore after reaching tier 7 :frowning: (I guess coz I’m mainly on at stupid hours… but still…)

PSN: josshu
East coast.
Currently unhealthy addicted to Skullgirls.

PSN: HK_Karakusa
West Coast

help aah I’m bored and have way too much free time

PSN: puconov

Looking for europeans, i can’t play anymore people with <82893 ping D:
I (try to) use cerebella/double

Australians get on it. Please?

Psn : Masodx

Location : Canada ( East coast )

PSN: RaynerWolf
East Coast
Definitely not opposed to doing long sets :slight_smile:

Anyone up for games today?

PSN: Killeykun
West Coast Canada

PSN: Rahavic
Orlando, FL area

Anyone up for some games today?
East Coast

hits me up trying to get on some games

Gonna add all the above. Anyone down right now?

Anyone up for some games right now?

PSN: Mr_Ando11
East coast Australia. I’d prefer if it’s under 150 ping, but I can tolerate 200.

Again, ggs vs Boodendorf! first time playing with a decent lag. and first time raped D: now i know why cerebella can’t be top tier :frowning: