SJC Help!

I’m having alot of trouble with these combo’s:

  1. Normal>SJC>ultra2

  2. Target Combo 6>SJC>Command Dash

Maybe you other Ibuki players have some tips for me how to pull these off.

First you can only SJC out of some of her normals. When you far you can SJC out of c.lp c.hp And when your close you can SCJ out of s.lp s.hp. And I think you can SJC out of all her grounded target combos.

When you are trying to SJC into Ultra or a special move, hit db and then buffer the inputs of the move during the attack animation then hit up forward to SJC and press the inputs of the special move.

So for example:

  1. s.hp > :db::qcf::qcf::uf: during s.hp > :lk::mk::hk:

  2. :lp: > :mp: > :d::hk: > :hk: > :db::qcf::uf: during :hk: > :k:

Check out J wongs video and he’ll explain it

Ok I’m kind of getting it now! But Justin doesn’t input that db btw…

Thanks man!

Any particular timing to the dash cancel? I can get the ultra off relatively easily, but I can’t for the life of me make the dash come out after the launcher TC…

The DB doesnt need to be inputted i dont think but its good for getting the timing easier on the actual jump cancel. As far as target combo 6>command dash at least all i’ve heard is you have to do it late, so that extra db might take up the frame that makes it late

Most of ibuki’s sjc’s seem to be either late or really tightly timed hahaha. Her jab short fierce TC into ultra has the weirdest gap between Short> firece to ultra inputs. It feels like you have to wait FOREVER in SF:IV timing and somehow it still links haha.

Can you explain that one a little better.

im also having a hell of a time trying to get this off consistantly… can anybody give me some very specific tips on how to do the mk into sjc ultra 2. There are times i get it off and it felt extremely smooth and easy but then my next 20 attempts would be a complete failure specifically talking about her last trial number 24. Is there a delay in the timing of the sjc ultra 2 or should i try mashing it out? any tips would be appreciated.

I’m also having toruble with this as well >_>.
Im on her last trial (24 i think) and i can’t get the SJC to her U2 after the s.MK.
I know this may sound crazy but im using a pad if that helps clarify anything? LOL

Im using a pad to. I cant figure out how to SJC into ultra

I was just about to ask the same question, thanks Radian.
(PS: New here)

While working on my challenge mode guide SSF4 I found an easy way to do Level 24 if you guys are having trouble with it.

Just do the inputs c.LK > c.LP > s.LK, qcf + MK x qcf, uf + KKK.

> are links
, means the next command is part of a chain
x is a cancel

Chains in SSF4 have priority over specials if you hit the next normal in the chain fast enough so this makes buffering ultras from sjc really easy. Hope that helps you guys.

Thanks for the help ;o I’ve managed to finish it a while ago after like 50 missed tries, lol. I should really consider getting an arcade stick since it seems like i would actually need it to play really well. I managed to survive without one during SF4 LOL

Not necessary, you have enough time to do QCFU x 2 > ultra. I actually get it cleaner this way.

As for her target ending with > command dash… go to netral from the and then start at downback and go to upforward and press kick… it can be done slowly.

I knew learning this wasn’t gonna be easy…but this just seems ridiculous…

why can’t they just let us Target Combo > Ultra?

did they think that was too easy or something?

I wanna meet the man who can pull this off in the heat of battle…

It really is simple… if you have quick hands you can even do quick 720 off of and get it.

once you guys get used to the motion it won’t be a problem anymore. you’re having a difficult time because it’s a new motion to you, but after some practice and in-game trial-and-error, you’ll get it down. people also had the same problem fadc’ing ryu’s srk to ultra when sf4 first came out. now, well, i think you know how that’s turned out.

there is already footage of people doing it in the “heat of battle” and the game was just officially released today…

oh… and anyone who can play a half way decent C viper. they do it all the time.

For the TC6>SJC>CD timing listen to the J.Wong vid. Just press the buttons on the same time that he pressed them. The motion can be done really really slowly (credit goes to DevilJin)

Hey I have questions regarding Ibuki. Her target combos are great and shes a really good offensive character. The problem for me is knowing when to capitalize on her damage output. How do I open up the ability to target combo? I see people in videos connecting with one thing and comboing. Do they know 100% that its going to connect, are they basic it on reaction? How should I be practicing an offensive based character and not get punished. Basically, how can i be offensively defensive

Coming for a heavy “air dash game” background, you would think doing her target combo of jab > strong > fierce SJC U2 would be cake for me. Hahahaha. Boy was I wrong. SFIV command interpreter for the fucking lose. :confused:

It’s either I get nothing or I get DP kick. Annoying. I can do her other SJC combos just fine, but the U2 one is fucking me forever. Might just end up using U1 because of this. :bluu: