"Sister Complex Kingpin... of Steel?" - Yu Narukami Thread


Day 1 Videos:




and a very interesting Oki setup for 5D

Thank God somebody made this thread! I literally just made an account to make a Brotagonist thread only to realize I have little to no forum knowledge what-so-ever. Now back on topic.
I think Yu’s a pretty good character. I’ve been mixing up many-a-noob with his 5B>2B>2A+B>5D>QE>5D>5B>2B>5C>214Dor236D(Whichever you prefer). it does around 2500 damage meterless and for a day 2 mix up it get’s me pretty far. The only thing I don’t like about Yu is most of his BnB’s get only about 2500 Damage. Now i’m not the type to create super amazingly excellent combos but I do around 13-20 hits without Meter with little damage. I’m glad OP posted videos because those’ll help a lot.

I’m having trouble with Yu’s challenge #23: 5B xx 5C xx 214C, 5A xx 5C xx 2C xx 214B, j.2A. The part i’m having real trouble with (other then consistently linking 5A after 214C) is getting 214B to connect after 2C. I’ve practiced doing just that part (2C xx 214B, j.2A) and it’s super east. However, when I do it at the end of the combo it looks like 2C knocks him up a little higher so 214B doesn’t connect. I thought maybe I should jump cancel 2C to get higher with an air 214B but as far as I can tell 2C isn’t jump cancel-able. Any tips?

It sounds like you’re canceling into 214B from 2C asap. You have to delay the 214B a bit otherwise it’ll wiff.



Here is a stream of Jiyuna doing matches. He also talks about Narukami and other stuff.

Thanks, it took me quite a while to get it down, but that worked perfectly.

So, why would you end a combo in 214C when you can always end it int 2AB instead for Oki? This has always bothered me.

For example, I see players doing 2A > 2B > 5B > 5C > 214C. Why not substitute the 5C > 214C with 2AB > 5D into mixup?

after the C depending on range your sweep might whiff where as the QCB+D will move you forward, give you corner carry and also let you OMC if you choose too to get more damage or just super cancel

if you’re definitely in sweep range then sometimes it’s just easier and it’s still week 1 so you’re not in a habit to go for the setup yet and just want to take the damage. i definitely agree though that in the long run going for the set up is what you SHOULD be doing. richard nguyen is on level ups stream right now running a train by going into sweep then D mix up over and over and over.

So to clarify, it’s a positioning thing? Corner Carry/Sweep won’t reach? Thanks! :smiley: Also if I want to use sweep I do it after st.B, not C, so I’m not completely sure yet if i can be out of reach. Haven’t played that much yet.

depending on how long your combo is your sweep will definitely whiff at some point, there is a trail that gives you the perfect combo for it. i would say that’s his most important trial/combo to learn. you can run that combo into the set up xN until you win unless they do something about it.

wait which trial is that I don’t have the game in my possession at the moment…I’m practicing it in training mode and after the sweep/214C then the 5D I freeze up and am unsure of how to continue (overhead attack like raging lion, Standing A or B?)

Trial 24 gives you the set up for the sweep to stand D and trial 25 gives you the combo from when stand D hits. You can shorten Trial 25 to end into sweep and then just start it over.

the trials in this game give you pretty good jumping off points for figure out what your character can do and because of the way OMC works you can really get creative with it.

Thanks…another question (which i sort of know the answer to…“visual cues”) but with trial 24 I can’t for the life of me get the jA and jb off after he omc’s his Raging Lion A. Either the computer blocks Jump A after the airdash cancel (which is a challenge in and of itself for me) or when Jump A connects I never seem to have time for Jump B it always whiffs. I’ve tried pressing A right after the omc, and then B right after A and I’ve tried them at varying speeds. Does anyone have any tips on when to time which buttons besides visual cues or are they the way to go? I know this is a major combo to learn for his oki setups and I’ve been at it for days with little progress.

I still don’t know much about the game but, i did notice that the setup randomly whiffs instead of hits. I think it might have something to do with if they’re crouching or not or maybe just the spacing for when you cancel the sword dive. I’m really not sure. maybe it only works midscreen. if it’s not comboing at all that’s just you fucking up. either way that’s not the important part of the combo, it’s what you do after the jump in which leads into the sweep.

So I’m in the UK and still stuck playing theory fighter on this game for another few weeks. I’m thinking about playing Narukami as my main and have a few questions.

I’m not a flashy combo person as my execution is somewhat ass, so I like to rely on fundamentals and just kind of use my buttons. I tend to play a mid range poking/counter poking game until I get an opening and then go in with pressure and oki mixups in bursts. As far as I can tell, Narukami is a good match for this, am I right?

When playing Narukami, what should I be looking for? His main poke? How do you get in? Standard oki mixups? Go-to punish combo? etc…

For roaring lion OMCs, the height at which you OMC the move in the air determines your air dash height, which can mess up your combo. You want to do it as low as possible, IE delay the OMC slightly. 214A automatically puts them in a crouching state on hit.

Like Kelter said, if you hit them with 5C a lot of the time you can’t end with sweep because 5B sweep won’t work. If you’re gonna OMC, do 214D OMC 214B instead of 214C.

You can safe jump from 214C with run j.b.

You need to be able to punish uppercuts for at least 4k in order to make them not retarded. Yu’s juggles require practice. You specifically will probably hate 214D OMC 214B, because he basically needs to do it in his combos.


Air dash j.b (telegraphed, punishable), raw 5D/blockstring 5D (telegraphed, punishable), 214D OMC dash 5A (214D is punishable on whiff or without OMC), dashing 5A (not good range, safe on whiff), dash 5B, 214A (overhead, down frames on block, can OMC into air dash mixup), air dash air turn crossup j.b, etcetera. Yu’s neutral game is based around 5B and anti-airs.

Sweep -> 5D, roll face on stick. But more seriously:

Fuzzy guard, j.b -> low A, sweep, air dash j.a/j.b, j.b (1 hit) whiff j.bb 2A, j.b j.214A/j.214AB, crossup air dash j.a j.b, non-crossup j.b -> double jump crossup, air dash air turn divekick to feint a crossup, roll through during 5D -> 2A, 214A, 214AB, All-out attack, throw after 5D, etcetera.

(Optional CH 214A at beginning) 5B 5C 214D (3 hits) OMC 214B dash 5B j.c 214B 2B j.c 214A (can super here) AAA.


Very useful thread, everything I learned about Yu I learned either on dustloop, in training, or on youtube.

That helps. Cheers!

Anyone tried to do his Instant Kill on someone who does the Quick Escape?

frames 1-2 are vulnerable, 3-23 invulnerable, 24-33 vulnerable and the 34th they can block, or attack. so yes you could bait and land it