Singapore Scene

Here’s a thread for the Singapore Scene!!!

So players who are coming over can just tell us when and for what game you’re coming. We are also very close to Malaysia so if you’re going there you can also try coming over!

We have fortnightly SF4 Tournaments going on (Big Uns!) So come and Join in the fun, you friends out there.

For more information…

Our Community Blog!

Tournament info, results, players, (everything) and to get us when you’re coming over

See you guys!

Bump for my favourite klingon

Ok here I come! I will be wearing a green shirt, if that helps…sometime at night, 7ish (if my bus is on time and stuff)

What is the exact location of the arcade you guys congregate at for CvS2?

It’s at basement 1 of the bugis junction shopping center. The nearest train station is (…) bugis. The arcade is in a basement of it’s own though, not where the supermarket and food stalls are at. You need to walk along the row with macdonalds and the DC merchandise shop and turn left at the ice cream parlor

Thanks for some nice matches last January 2008 (4th Week)! Bugis still has nice competition for MVC2 players… :slight_smile:

p.s. if you can’t find the cvs2 machines in the arcade, just follow the sound of clapping

what happened to


aww someone needs to give some love to this thread…malaysian thread is dead too…

no info on the tournaments posted…:sad:


any mvc2 players around your area wepeel willing to come down for some comp? and er i’ll try to give an update of any tourneys if you’re interested…haha

heh the last time i saw decent mvc2 players was in 2006, back in taiwan…
i could probably entertain the thought of a few games tomorrow. I’m really bad at mvc2, though…but yeah I’m down to play. I will be in the Bugis area all day tomorrow! :lovin:

Posted some snippets on my blog

grats on getting sf IV :smiley:

Hi guys~

Cody is that you cod? 3s Dudley player? It’s me Lang, the Makoto player. Nice blog there, you hit Tougeki!!! Dang…

I’m here in Korea right now, will be hitting Jungin arcade in Seoul to fight this Ryu.
And also get some 3s games in.

Will let you guys know how its like, and looking forward to sparring with you guys when I get back.

Nope, i’m not Cody… but I’m a Dudley player… =)

Yep Lang it’s me.

Went for 2 years in a row now, last year with the Aussies for the World Warriors international tournament and main Tougeki, and this year by myself.

Thx for posting that vid, Koreans are no joke when it comes to Street Fighter.

The SF4 scene here still new but quite hot right now, getting plenty of play. I myself just got the mook and will start learning this game when work is less stifling.

See u soon bring back some strats :slight_smile:

Sorry Astaroth, was referring to Cody over here. Have I played you in Singapore before?

That’s awesome, you should have told me and maybe I could have gone with you since I’m here in Korea now haha. I just didn’t want to go alone lol.

Played Laugh (top Chun player here) alot this weekend and had a great time. Roki! I hear that both of you are acquainted. =D

Look out for his Chun hitting Singapore sometime soon! And I’m really looking forward to seeing you play that SF4 Cody. Gonna learn Balrog perhaps?!

Edit: This just in, uploaded by me. I’m sure some of you guys are familiar with this video…give the Singapore Capcomers some publicity here!


Double Edit: Been reading your blog abit more Cody. Looks like you know Lidz eh. I haven’t been in touch with him lately…hoping to see him back playing SF4 perhaps.

Hmm, I’m sure you have… I play a Red Dudley… =)

big tournament coming up. :slight_smile:

Man! That is one BIG tournament. I hear that Japanese players are coming down for the Tekken tournament…sick.

How about SF4?

Someone better get some footage/pictures of everything so we can better hype the scene up!

Rokiseph wink wink