Since when did throws beat out attacks?

Isnt one of the basic tenants of street fighter the rock paper scissors formula of throw beats block, block beats attack, and attack beats throw? Why is it in SFIV I (dictator) am constantly getting thrown out of attacks, whether they are normals like cr. lk or cr. mk, or specials like psycho crusher? And I’m not talking about getting thrown while trying to perform a move, I’m talking about my leg is already extended and touching my opponent, and he still throws me when I attack coming out of block. Same with PC - the animation starts up, and somehow they reach into the psycho energy and throw me out of it

Is that happening only online or against the CPU too? It might be a latency issue

that’s SF4 for u


That’s Bison for you, best character in the universe… yes, Psycho Crusher is ass.

I notice that as well. The CPU rarely throws me, because I give them a beating way too quickly. If it’s at least one frame before the attack actually gets to hit the opponent and they throw the throw will catch me.

Um…I know that is definitely the case in VF or Dead or Alive but SF I thought was always known for throws beating attacks? I mean in Super Turbo you have throws that are zero frame start up and have SFIV LP SPD range. How are attacks always going to be zero frame long ranged throws?

IV obviously doesnt have zero frame startup, and Im not talking about command grabs

grabs have 3 frame startup, you’re getting grabbed out of your startup frames or your first active frame.

yeah, not ALL attacks are beat out by grabs so there is more to it than RPS when you get into specifics like strength of attack used and frames.

as well as how much your hit box has expanded due to the attack.

I personally feel the same way too when i play SFIV and i THINK this is because theres not alot of active frames in alot of the attacks in this game. Hope they fix that in Super…because it happens enough times to make me go “Really now…?”

ya for real lol

Throws beat the startup of normal attacks and some specials. This has always been the case in SF.

You’re getting throw out of your startup frames. Don’t use Psycho Crusher unless it’s EX.

If the move you are doing isn’t throw invulnerable then you’ll get thrown out of it if you don’t hit them first.

Since 1991. Throws have always grabbed an attack if they both connect on the same frame and have no invulnerability, and continue to do so in every 2D fighter I can even think of. People have seriously got to stop believing that rock/paper/scissors crap.

You can do it in ST. Shit, you can throw balrog out of his rush punches (super hard though).

Gorath, you may be getting thrown during the “pull back” frames of whatever attack you are doing. After the hitting frames of any attack your char. pulls back their punch/kick/whatever. During this set of frames, you can do no damage and are completely vulnerable. You can also be thrown in the neutral frames before an attack, hence chars. like 'Geif just grabbing you to death when you are about to attack. Lag does not help this situation; because, during lag, you are rendered unable to react for a split second- I.E. your reactionary time.


I was just talking about the range ST throws had. Not the actual command grab itself. Either way this is common knowledge. Very few fighting games have a true “attack beats throw” system. The last games I played like that were VF and DOA. Even those games have special “catch throws” that are designed to beat attacks. All other throws always lose to attacks.