Sim vs. Cammy

Kind of surprised this hasn’t been made yet. However there really aren’t too many good Cammy players out there.
This match has been nothing but trouble for me in vanilla. In Super it is slightly better but still advantage to Cammy.

The and sim’s crouch-tech option select are somewhat effective up close to stop the momentum of her gimmicks when she gets in, the crouch-tech option select also counters the hooligan throw nicely.
Yoga tower is also very useful in this matchup (dodges spiral arrow, hooligan throw/slide kick, and ultra1).

Arturo’s match vs AuLord gave me some zoning insight against her, however AuLord failed to keep the pressure on Arturo by utilizing Cammy’s gimmicks when he got in.


I’m really at a loss when it comes to keeping her out. As with Rufus, it seems to be only a matter of time until she gets in your face.

This match-up really bugs the hell out of me, especially when she’s on a roll with the cannon drills/spikes in the corner.

Some things I attempt during this match are:

  • throw after a blocked cannon drill at the start of the match
  • random pokes with various limbs to throw her off. And keeping an eye out for the focus attack.
  • Like Nomadic said above, countering the hooligan throw with the option select or tower.

Most of the time I tend to panic if she gets in real close, since I try to jump alot during pressure from a good Cammy player. Anyone got any tips on how to really keep her at bay to dominate the match?

Also important to remember:

All 3 of Cammy’s drills - spiral arrow, cannon strike, and cannon spike (as well as EX’s) can be focused.
*Note that rh/ex spiral arrow will hit twice from within 1/3 - 1/2 screen range.

Tough matchup, that bitch is crazy aggressive and spastic. I think I use Yoga Tower more against her than any other character.

Basic advice, but if you find yourself in a corner, try EX yoga blast IF she is trying to cannon drill you from above. When she has EX meter, you need to watch out for hooligan throw and block or tower spiral arrow when necessary. If she tries focus dashing through your limbs, either just bait her focus and not attack or keep using standing light kick to knock her out of it and at least stop her at the range where she can jump towards you and anti-air with standing mp or knee.

I played 40 games vs. my buddy’s beast Cammy last night. Got my ass kicked, but I definitely think Shangrila gives Sim a fighting chance in this match.

I reference this match to display how effective Cammy’s gimmicks are at beating Dhalsim:
[media=youtube]urvuOGeepAM[/media] -match up starts at 2:20

TBH I think Cammy sits at top tier, and when the Japanese finally get their arcade release of Super I predict we’re gonna see more and more Cammy players emerging.

I’ve never understood if Sim can freely punish any close jumpin with or not. beat all Cammy’s dive kicks? Should it be done in right time? (early I suppose) Is it a reliabe counter?

b.rh will not beat out her cannon strike (dive kick). At best you’ll trade but not in her favor. However it is not armor breaking so you can FA it

So what is the best option when cammy jumps over your fireball? She can either lk cannon drill, or use a normal… Is there an option that beats both of these? Ex blast? Trip guard sweep slide? mk slide to cross under?

Tower might be really good in this match

In training mode when you “wake up”, you can punish a low dive kick with FA at right time.
We all should know how and when to use FA… I don’t.

I think this is my worst matchup. I also have a lot of problems against Viper, but no other matchup is so frustrating like this.

If you play vs a decent cammy (how knows o-s and mixups) there’s no hope to win: once he’s in, escaping it’s more difficult than from Zangief, due to her air cannon strikes.

Nevertheless the next update’s rumors seem very interesting, and could really change this matchup:

(from Eventhubs)

agreed, this is easily my toughest, if not sims toughest matchup in the game. thoughts and community input for this is probably needed. Also i was absolutely crushed when sako raped our boi yhc.

interesting thought for this match up i just had.
what if this is the match up where sim has to late tech more then anyother?
Strictly speaking from “getting stuck in the corner” idea, sim has no reliable normal, special or option select to get out. but since cammy has no way to open up a player because of the lack of overhead/command throw, normal throw is the only tool she has.
So what im saying is for sim to get out of the corner without dieing, we have to down block all day until the throw tech comes, then disucuss post throw tech options that eventually gets us out of the corner.


If that rumour is true, cammy will not able to do instant air CS, but she can still do air CS. Probably she will use EX meter to do the instant one to keep pressure.
My only hope is to escape from corner using mk slide, that until now is punishable by instant air CS.

LuckyD do you mean crouch tech all day or tech with reflexes?
These days I’m testing some AA depending on distance, and I find some possible applications.

The removal of normal instant CS is fantastic news for Sims. It will likely make this matchup pretty close to even, but I guess we’ll find out in time :slight_smile:

Sucks at the same time though cuz I actually enjoy using Cammy and finally started getting semi-decent at Instant CS combos :confused:

yea hopefully the ssf4 arcade edition ruins her dive kick, but yun and yang could now be a problem :frowning: also a grew grappler in alex too *sigh
and sorry I mean late teching, never mashing
ive been trying to use cr.lp, but as i said its not the “answer”

The main problem vs Cammy is how AA her. Is that possibile? doesn’t work at all vs dive kicks, works only versus high close dive kicks. is great, but the time is tight.
What I’ve discover in training mode:

at far distance is an interesting option. I thought it was a great AA, but doing some test, I’ve noticed that it trade a lot of times. Unfortunately it loses vs some random dive kicks. It stops all empty jumps though…
Try to do at the maximum height of cammy’s jump.

at medium/close distance I’m trying to use b.hp (the headbutt!) but it should be used at the end of the cammy’s jump, but it seems too difficult. can avoid the dive kicks, nobody hit, so you’ll be very close to her, so use it only to surprise her. Probably the best option is FA liv 1, but don’t abuse or she will grab you or use dp/ultra. EX flame seems good too, but if she empty jumps, she get a free combo.

Try this AA and let me know how they works in a real match. If you know something better write here.

P.s: I think a trade in this matchup is good, even if it’s not in your favour… keep distance is the most important thing, and trade hits push both players far.

ok im gonna try some of this and get back to ya, also maybe a viable is mk slide under a high CS when you see there delaying it until the peek of her jump (i see cammys do this alot against sim so if sim tries to noraml AA it, the normals whiff)
ill get back to you :smiley:

interesting, I never think about that delay… mk slide should works but…the problem is doing damage,
we cannot keep distance all match :stuck_out_tongue: