Silent Kuro buttons and Hayabusa Silent Stick?

Has anybody used these yet? I know the normal versions are out and around but I just ordered that Midnight Edition HRAP v4 with the silent stick and buttons stock, I can’t find a single reported experience using them. I just wanted to know how quiet they are compared to the sanwa silent parts

I was asking about the stick some weeks ago to no avail. I guess no one was able to check on those yet.

I’ll let you know when it gets here then I guess lol

any review on the Hori V4 Midnight Silent yet?

are there any compatible silent seimitsu stick and sanwa buttons on the market right now? or does anyone knows where to order spares for the stick and buttons for this model?

Thanks in advance!

It’s the same parts with different switches, and in the case of the buttons, pads. Paradise Arcade sells silent pads I designed that you might want to check out, they are Kuro compatible if you already have a set. Get a set of 16, you can use single pads or stack them for more silencing at the cost of a different feel of the button.

do you mean these OBSF30 silencing pads ->
So i can order some Sanwa OBSF30s’ and these pads for spares?

How bout the Silent Hayabusa lever? Can it be replaced with the usual Seimitsu?

Apologies for so much questions but i am interested in this Haya V4 Midnight stick but i am unsure what unique parts it may require. I used to mod my Hori real arcade pro for use on my X360 via some Youtube tutorials but i am not getting any tutorials or reference for this V4 Silent yet.

Thanks in advanced for helping a newb.

I have the HRAPv4 Hayabusa Silent. I don’t have any Sanwa/Semitsu parts to compare it with, but the buttons are about 1/2 to 1/4 as quiet loud as my Happ knockoffs and actuate with a lot less force. I think you can just drop in any 30mm buttons (with a 24mm start button) and a Semitsu stick but I’m not sure. So far as I know it’s the same as the v3 Hayabusa but with a different PCB.

If there’s any more info I can give I’d be happy to, but I won’t be able to look inside until after the holidays.

Silent Hayabusa is optical. No switches.

so the silent hayabusa and the regular hayabusa use different lever and component/pcb?

this is the regular hayabusa’s lever assembly?

Couldnt find anything about the silent version.

Not exactly.

The Hayabusa and the Silent Hayabusa has the same pivot, gate, spring, main body, mount plate, actuator, spring holder and shaft (lever).
The only thing that different is the switches/PCB. The Silent version lacks switches all together and uses optical sensors on a new PCB.

Just an update, been using the optical and silent parts for a few weeks and I won’t be going back to Sanwas/Sei sticks ever again. Optical for life. The buttons are really good too, won’t be changing them out for a good while.

Can you take a picture of the buttons and their silencing pads? I’d like to see them. Also maybe a picture of the optical PCB?

Very cool. Interesting how the Hayabusa has a new mold made for the body. Too bad that’s not stock because you could then swap in switches of your choice rather than have the outer walls make it impossibru to use terminal switches unless you cut grooves for them.

Pads look ok. Do they feel mushy at all when you play?

Have you tried the Kahuna pads I did?

I bought some kuro buttons recently and didnt like how some squeaked but I put in silencer pads that Focus Attack sales for seimitsu and sanwa buttons and they work. It feels stiffer but I still am able to get my inputs done just as well as before. Just had to be careful about putting them in and not messing up how they hit the connector and keep the button pressed down without me knowing.

Wait? That is the new Hayabusa body? I though that was the Sanwa JLF.

I agree, that kind of kills compatibility between the Kuro and other Japanese buttons. My pads go on the switch so you’d never have that problem anyway. Plus you can stack my pads for further silencing and still not kill the button, little less mush that way than using the thicker Kahuna pads.

I would love to see more pictures of the Silent Hayabusa if you get a chance.