Sicked and Tired of the same ole

Is it just me the only one realizing that we are playing the same fighting games over and over? I am a devout fighting game enthusiast whose main purpose in the video game world is to play fighting games. Throughout my life since childhood, I grew up on fighting games such as Street fighter II and Samurai Showdown. This has been years ago, many many years ago in fact and now I am well into college. Yeah we are all fans of Guilty Gear, Snk, and Capcom’s many street fighter and darkstalkers spin offs, but let us leave these old ( but classic games respectfully) games to rest. Instead of overdoing the same idea let us come up with something new. I’m tired of Capcom trying to revive the fighting genre with the same street fighter II game with a new wrapper on it. Over and over the gaming companies have been remaking the same titles over and over again. For example, Guilty Gear has been on XX for the over a half a decade. They have constanly rebalanced and rehashed the same characters over and over( this could be easily solved on a console that receives time to time updates). It’s time for something new in the fighting genre, point blank. These titles that we hold so dear to us and keep in our lives at the house and at tournaments need to be refreshed. Oh how I would love to see the plots and stories continue with the characters in these games. We need more characters on these titles, continuation of the stories, new gameplay features, and online play to come standard. I just want something new that I wont have any trouble or hard times trying to get (only in japan titles, mugen, console exclusive with no online capability). Make it happen

Same song and dance has happened before. Get in line, kid.

I kinda get what you’re saying here, but boy your thoughts are poorly written out here…expect hate to come your way… (insta-edit: directed at the author of the thread, not the Deathscythe)

You don’t understand, many have said something but someone needs to be heard. Why don’t they just listen to what the consumer (us) have to say? All they have to do is look

I know that my thoughts were poorly written but I just typed as I thought I’m not the best writer

Those old games are still among the best ones to play.

When/if something new comes out that is just as good as those old games. I am sure everybody will stop playing them.

The problem with that is, 2D fighting games have become such a niche genre that nobody is really making a lot of them anymore except the few new updates well known franchises(guilty gear for example)
So it looks sorta slim that something completly new is going to come around and swipe all the players who are still playing old games.

Because 2D is considered “dead” in the U.S. 3D gaming is where it’s at. We’ve discussed this SO many times.

Why do people expect Japanese companies to look at us first? They know that nobody in North America cares about fighting games anymore.

blah blah GG can be updated on console… yeah, but it’s an arcade series.

That’s the problem kid. Same old same old is what sells.

Increasing dev costs on newer consoles just makes the problem worse.

That is the problem. They did look at the consumers. The issue is they are taking account of consumers in general and not just us smaller hardcore fans.

The mainstream american gamer wants pretty 3d graphics and faster/flashier/easier gameplay (think doa)
Even those fighting games never really get as popular as the old ones use to back in the day.

Most american gamers want your single player RPGS or action games, Multiplayer FPS games and the like.
Fighting games are slowing down. It sucks but that is just how the market here in the US decided to roll.

I thank you guys for telling me this in this forum, I didn’t know and couldn’t find anyone who had the same opinion that I did. I didn’t know that there were many other people like me who felt the same way. Hopefully in the near future they will take the time to look and realize that there are many people who are waiting for something new.

lol,you dont tell a boxer “hey! Arent you sick of boxing? Go do kickboxing.”

Listen, dont disrespect me in my forum, I didn’t say give up what you are doin for something else, don’t get it twisted, I’m saying continue the story and plots and further develop the game, not stay on the same aspect. I’m not telling the boxer to go to kickboxing, I’m telling him now that you got your jab down work on your uppercut, then you will be an even better boxer!

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Kinda makes me wonder if people are gonna talk about Halo/Halo 2/Halo 3 like they’re talking about Street Fighter now.

“no one pays attention to us FPS players, why should they everyone’s so into their 4D next-gen consoles…”

This entire thread is beautiful. I like where this is going.