Shut up! - The Sentinel Thread

Sentinel is finally back!

Reveal Trailer:


Gameplay Videos:



Early Gameplay:

2/5/2011 [media=youtube]6C2cMLzoMQ0[/media]

Screenshots (specific):

Official Art:

Flight Mode:

Alternate Costume (Black):


10 More Years:

Screenshot Gallery:
The latest screenshots for MVC3 Hsien-Ko and Sentinel screens |

Sentinel - 900,000


Rocket Punch (air OK)

Sentinel Force

Human Datapult

Flight (air OK)

Plasma storm

Hard drive
(in air) :qcf:+:atk::atk:

Hyper Sentinel Force

a- Sentinel Force (Charge)
b- Sentinel Force (Bombs)
y- Rocket Punch

All assists in action (credit to SmexyMillz for the video)
7:11 - 7:57

Reserved 2

And that should do it. Please tell me any other ideas if you want a different thread name.

Thread name’s fine, but like I was saying, link Eurogamer until we get the last video on Youtube.

Yeah the name is perfect. He looks pretty great to me, but I’m still waiting on the Mango alt.

Great to finally see our robot savior. This pic is perfect.

Ma Boi…I love me some Sent! Double spit combos are nasty!

Oh yes. I’m loving all the fanboy rage. These babies never disappoint.

I don’t understand the thread name…

Godtier is back:shake:

Awesome. IIRC, he had a special quote in the trailer with that team.

YO. Loving the Sentinel reboot. Hard Drive (Air Super) looks too fucking sick. HSF on the other hand looks exactly the same, lol.

Shoutouts to 10 hit fullscreen laser combos. Spit on that bitch.

Hey guys, is it me or did his stamina get knocked down a few pegs?

Either way, he looks glorious on 3D.

What was it, can’t figure out what he is saying.
And my god, that flight mode unfly combo was so sick.

Double laser and rocket punch otg ftw.

There we go.

<3 <3 <3
HSF looks to not cover as much of Sentinels body height wise as it did in MvCDouble.

I’m loving that Hard Drive hyper

HSF destroys Phoenix in one of those vids, and she only gets hit by two waves.

His stamina looks like the highest to me(could be even higher than Hulk’s). Even Ryu’s hits didn’t really take much off of him.

Shame his normals don’t chip anymore. Oh, well…