Show Me Your Moves! The Captain Falcon Thread

Show all Captain Falcon Strats and combos in this thread.

Best Moves:

Uair: Great knockback. Abuse for combos when u can get it.

Bair: Good knockback for it. Due to the floatiness of the characters now use get the timing for when u land or u’ll likely get nothing out and just get the lag.

Dthrow: Great combo starter on certain characters. It will lead to Nair which has basically no lag if u hit both kicks which has good follow ups also if it hits. If not just follow up with Uair.

Raptor Boost: Not to sure about this one, but ill put it up. It does follow up very well but use it to get in. If u space it right u will be safe from a shield grab. Be careful of accidental suicides though.

Ftilt: Good spacing tool. Decent knockback. Use it when in range and dont want the risk to run in and grab or raport boost. Or punish a laggy move when slightly out of range for anything else.

Fair: THE KNEE. What else do i need to say. It has TERRIFIC knockback if u can sweetspot it. WARNING: This is not Melee. The timing totally different so get used to it. In return u get a sweet screen freezing moment when u hit it. Great.

Ill post more later.

Good news Bad news time for Melee Falcon players.

Bad news: he can’t combo like his Melee version and isn’t as quick.
Good news: he’s still fucking Falcon. Replace combo with attackstring/chain and you’ve got that old thing back. Dair and NKEE timings are stricter yet still beast, SH Nair is hard to hit on small standing characters but A-cancels. Raptor Boost is a combo starter and keep-away move, smashes are slightly better (with stutter-step Fsmash is much better). His taunts are still sauce, the Uair will be your new best friend, and he’s a nice “thinking man’s character”

The new rapid jab will cancel a LOT of projectiles. Pit can’t really abuse you with arrows because all you have to do is hold a and they’re nullified. It’ll also stop Dedede’s waddle dee’s. It also clashes with most other ground moves, including Pit’s forward b.

Falcon and Luigi are the two extremes of Brawl. While Luigi is unquestionably the most buffed character from his Melee counterpart, Falcon is easily the most nerfed character. Many of Falcon’s Smash attacks had their damage toned down and Falcon himself had his speed reduced in order to give Sonic the best speed in the game.

In spite of all the nerfs, Captain Suicide is still a solid character.

C.Falcon has been nerfed to all hell in both damage and knockback.

At the least, Falcon Punch performs faster and can 180, as can Ganondorf’s Warlock Punch.

Mid-air raptor boost bumps him over the opponent on hit, giving him what looks like safe recovery.

Fuck his new knee though. I only sweetspot it like once of every five matches. There might not even be any guaranteed setups for it.

I <3 Falcon.

^ Ditto. He DOES feel slower though =/

The knee is easiest to land when jumping upp from a ledge or when the target of said knee is slightly above you. Keep that in mind when trying to sweetspot it

Falcon’s FS is SO cheesy that it’s just awesome. C’MON! BLUE FALCON!!!

It’s Falcon And Shit, mini combo vid.

I played some games as the Captain yesterday and I think I’ve changed my opinion on him (which was, he sucked now) Once you got THE KNEE sweet-spot down he’s still a ko machine. I was in FFA 3 player battles with ikes and wolfs and I was still getting majority of kills. Falcon punch is still as great as it’s always been if not better.

Should tackle (Dash+a) is a very safe move from the looks of it, you can follow up a lot with it, specifically Uair -> knee.

I got about 3 knees and 2 falcon punch(kills) in one game. It’s more satisfying now that it’s more difficult really, much more fun than picking ike and c-sticking some random kills.

Like many characters, Falcon got dat nerf. Still love him though. My mains are Ike/Wolf, but I throw in the occasional Diddy/Falcon to switch it up. Plus, I love all his taunts :rofl:

After playing with Somnus a little as Captain Falcon, I decided I would write this up, I found some interesting stuff.

I’m probably going to update all of my Damage charts with “K.O potentials” eventually, so just bare for now.


Captain falcon, has some pretty powerful special moves, I’ll explain!

Up B = 17%:
His Up+B is very unique, you can slide for a split second, allowing the move some extra range, I found this to be one of his more use full tools because of this fact.

Down B = Touching = 13% Far = 11% From Air = 15%:
This move does not take away your jumps any more if you use it off of the edge, it has garbage recovery so it shouldn’t be used too much.

Side B = 7%:
This move will make you lose your jumps if you do it off of the edge.
It’s not as good as it was, there isn’t really that much combo potential here any more, good priority though, Just shit damage.

B = Touching = 27% Far = 23% Flipped = 28%:
This move is slow, but it can be effective, K.O’s at early percentages also,
if you flip the Falcon punch around you get an extra 1%, It’s pretty interesting.

Smash Attacks:
Most of Captain Falcon’s smashes are mediocre sadly, they are too slow, you have to play very defensively.

F+C Close = 19% : Far = 19%:
Charge Close = 26% : Far = 26%:
This move is pretty solid, It’s very slow, the active frames of this will beat a lot of shit out.

U+C Close = 21% : Furthest reach upwards = 11%:
Charge Close = 29% : Furthest reach upwards = 15%
Pretty slow start up, but you can cancel this out of your dash for huge range.

D+C Close = 18% : Back leg = 16%:
Close = 25% : Back leg = 22% :
Decent move, due to the fact that it hits behind you, but much to slow, you need to use this sparingly.


This is where you put all of your money, Falcons Airs, are by far his best asset still.

Aerial + Forward
J + Forward C Close = 19% : Far = 3% :
This move requires falcon to be touching before the knee extends, if done properly this can K.O at early percentages or send them flying with a hard recovery, by far captains best move.

Aerial + Up
J + Up C Close = 13% : With the back end = 12%:
This is a great juggler and a good move all around, use it.

Aerial + Down
J + Down C Close = 14%:
You can cancel this from the ground with, Up + Down+C this allows you to slide over to the edge and spike them off, oh by the way this move spikes, or meteors, whatever.

Aerial + Back
J + Back C Close = 14% :
Yet another great move, This can hit in front of and behind Captain, it’s pretty fast as well.

Aerial + Neutral
J + A 10% : First Leg = 4% Second Leg = 6%:
This is good, you can jump directly after it, in the air, for another one, and it combos off of his down throw.

Tilts and A:
Captain has some good tilts and they will probably be the saving grace to his ground game.

Up Tilt
Up + A 13% :
Decent speed, good knock back.

Down Tilt
Down + A 10 %:
Doesn’t seem to hot, might as well use his other tilts.

Forward Tilt
Forward + A 10% :
Long range and very fast, seems to have decent priority.

Up Forward Tilt
Up+F + A 11% :
Aside from the extra 1% this doesn’t seem to good.

Down Forward Tilt
Down+F + A 10 %:
Seems pretty useful, better than down tilt without a doubt.

Standing A 3,2,6,10% in that order of attack, more at the end if you mash.:
Comes out fast good priority, terrible recovery if you go into the spam attack.

Brief summary of his grabs.

Up Grab = 7% Terrible
Down Grab = 7% Great Grab, combo able
Back Grab = 9% Another Great grab, I think this chains.
Forward Grab = 9% Awesome, fast reset for another.

Alright, I’m down for now, let me know what you guys think, sorry about this being so simple, I wish I could get the K.O’s done for the characters ive worked on, it’s just boring.

Sometimes it does take away your jump.
In my experience it did. Why is that? Do you have to time it to get that extra jump?

Great post btw. :tup:

I didn’t test the air version, so that was based solely on riding a kick from standing off of the ledge.

Captain Falcon’s and Ganondorf’s Down-Bs in the air don’t allow you to double jump again after using it. In Melee you could double jump, Down-B, double jump again and then Up-B to recover but now it doesn’t work anymore. Now you have to double jump, Down-B, and then go straight into Up-B after. It hurts his recovery pretty badly considering it wasn’t really that great to begin with.

That’s weird because sometimes I got Falcon to jump then up+b after doing a Falcon Kick off the stage to recover.

Maybe you can double jump again if you Down-B first and then double jump? I’m sure pretty certain that if you double jump and then use Down-B you can’t double jump a second time.

Miracle Matter has it right