Show Me Your Moves! The Captain Falcon Thread

Yeah, I just tested it.

Jesus Falcon’s stutter-stepped(smash forward then back on analogue, then forward on cstick) fsmash has as much range as ZSS’s fB, so does his dashing usmash :open_mouth:

His shorthopped dair done immediately also has no landing lag, there’s definately some followups there… it’s safe, too…

I also like doing his nair/uar right before landing, if it hits it seems like you get a guarunteed throw (though the consecutive hits counter doesn’t call it a combo).

And his flubbed fair often trips opponents. What’s a good followup for this?

uair and nair = best moves use them often for juggling…really often, abuse them.

Oh and try out uair combos until you get them out over the ledge, and when they’re in range, raptor boost. It’s actually really surprising and since >b knocks you up and you have full DI back, you can even make it back to the stage after this.

Up-tilt is the most hilarious move ever.

I think this topic needs a FALCON PUNCH!

Hi all.

I just picked up Captain Falcon and I have some questions.

  1. How do you jump forward and do his fair from hanging onto the ledge? I keep jumping straight up.

  2. Is trying to do Falcon’s Raptor Boost to spike opponent’s who are off the ledge worth it? I can get it sometimes but other times I just end up missing and die.

number 1 would just take some practice dropping off the ledge then jumping forward in time.

  1. I’d say use the raptor boost as a spike when you KNOW they’re going to try and jump out to ledge guard you. I wouldn’t attempt jumping out after someone and using it unless their recovery is extremely predictable
  1. The timing is tricky: you have to hit away from the ledge, jump forward in air and immediately hit F+a or Forward on the C-Stick. It makes the knee even harder to land, so a Nair or Uair might serve better.

  2. As a gimmick yeah, constantly no. It’s a bitch to hit with and can probably kill you, but it’s awesome to do if your opponent comes out to edgeguard you on recovery.

  1. When I go for the ledged knee I usually tap down on the stick, immediately press x to hop back up and Fair for The Knee.

  2. I feel that the only real time that this is a viable option is when you have a good chance of it connecting for the spike, or when a foe is at the tip of the stage. I’ve spiked a player who was on the tip of the stage with the raptor boost when returning once.\

I’ve been messing with Falcon on the side and as he’s currently tiered low, I still feel that he has potential and an undeveloped gameplan.

I’ve made jabs a critical part of his game because what they can do for him such as cancelling out projectiles, repeated ticking for minimal damage, killing momentum, and setups for throws, which can potentially lead into other things. What I’ll usually do is:

  • Use a jab to tick them, grab them for free
  • Use 2 jabs, crouch-cancel --> two more jabs,
    –> grapple
    –> knee into rapid jabs
    –> spot dodge into blocking, jabs, or grapple

I’ll also do things like jab, dash the other way, then dash right back into a grapple. Also, I’ve found that I connect with a grapple much more often if I dash back, then forward and grapple, the slide helps.

Falcon seems to have a bit of a punishing set on him as well. Stutter step side smash, stutter step (or not) raptor boost, short hop knee, are some things I’ve connected off of foe’s whiffs or mistakes. Dashing short hop Falcon punch shenanigans are pretty fun to use as well, Falcon’s announcement and his option to strike disoriented players on either side.

Falcon kick is probably one of my favorite moves to just throw out, though I am wary of it being punishable depending on where it connects and an opponent’s percentages.

More later…

C.Falcon is fun as fuck. He has rediculous recovery, so dont be afraid to chase them off the ledge and gimp their recovery. His throws are good combo starters as well as his up smash. His airs come out QUICK so you can spam a little. Raptor Boost is good for mind games on the ground, and in the air after you launch them. And I dont feel like saying anymore cuz im tired.

Maybe ill make a pros/cons on his move set later.

just out of curiosity, anybody know who does the voice for falcon?


poor falcon

I’m pretty sure Captain Falcon didn’t make an appearance in Brawl.

We got Craptain Falcon instead.