Should the next Street Fighter game be tag-based?

I think that the way Zeku was implemented in SFV could be a good starting point for actually creating meaningful tag teams. If feeely chosen, some pairs could prove to be combo monsters, but thematic pairs would have special powerups and duo attacks. An interesting option would be to combine two of the same fighters from different time points, but not necessarily. Style change over tag combos, though. What do you think?

They can but they need to redesign the game because the game mechanics isn’t compatible with the tag system. Probably they won’t even do it because it would take time and waste of resources instead of foxusing on a newer titles.

It’d be a bit strange to make it tag based considering the series has almost always been primarily 1v1. However I think it’d be pretty cool if Capcom added a mode that was something like dramatic battle from the past games.

sf x tekken 2?

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Perhaps so, but perhaps more akin to how SFEX dealt with tagging.

Anyway, to reiterate, my main idea would be that every character should have two modes/stances, each one with its own flavour and/or strategic aim (and also switchable at will). The most basic example would be Ryu switching between a zoning-based toolset and a rushdown-based one, but that would probably pose problems with designing Ken - after all, he’s supposed to be that rushdown variant of Ryu, the Red Oni to his Blue Oni. Therefore, make them share the same health bar (which could have the average value of their two health bars combined), give them a way to switch places like Zeku does with himself, and voila. And to make it meaningful, give the pair some teamup-specific techniques, since they’re best friends and rivals.

Also, a time travel plot would be cool, so one could have such characters as pre-scar Sagat, pre-SnH Gouki, Goutetsu. Bonus idea: if you pair Denjin Ryu with Evil Ryu/Kage, they could have a team super which turns them into Shin Ryu. I love that fusiony stuff.

VTrigger mechanic isnt something that would work good side by side with a Tag SFV.

And a SFV Character without the grounded design of Vtrigger. Would be played lacking.

Who said anything about V-Trigger?

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What do you mean youll just remove it?


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Would be a cool idea, but we already know how Street Fighter X Tekken turned out

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That’d be one mean argument if the failures of SFxT were due to its tag system. The main problems were the DLC fraud, the wonkiness of the gem system, the extra low damage (before the patch), and possibly the fact that the game looked and/or felt too much like SFIV to begin with (and SFIV was still going strong, competitively speaking). Also, the SFEX games had something going on with their tag systems, so that might be worth considering.

I’m talking about the possibilities for Street Fighter 6, that’s why I said “the next Street Fighter game” in the title of this thread. You’re talking about a “tag-based SFV and how it would be a waste of resources instead of focusing on newer titles”, but SF6 is a new title, probably in the making right now; and it’s closer than ever!

You were using SFV and Zeku as something as a basis or a starting point rather than SFXTekken which is the tag game already.

So ok you mean SF6, but it still isn’t advisable to have tag base mechanics since it’ wasn’t the core of the brand especially the style changing tag combos.

That’s like Kazuya in Tekken Tag

Ryu already get over Kage so no need to have Evil Ryu. Kage is already the new Evil Ryu.

Shin Ryu is non-canon and never shown to be better than Mu Ryu or a like Hado Kakusei is the better Ryu.

This is why Ono had to be sacked. Street Fighter isn’t supposed to be a tag based game. Leave that to MVC, KOF or Tekken. Play SF x tekken if that’s what you really want.

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Tag based? If it isnt LAG based like SFV, I will be happy. :rofl:

I’d say it’d be against the series essence.