Should get a Sanwa Joystick JLF-TP-8Y-SK as a replacement

Okay I have this hori real arcade pro 3 ps3 arcade stick, got it used on ebay for $68… I don’t know if it’s me about the joystick when it comes to SSFIV linking the combos, My friends told hori make their own buttons and stick, will getting Sanwa Joystick JLF-TP-8Y-SK make a different?

Yes Hori does make their own parts. Sanwa parts and some Seimitsu parts will install easily.

I think the Hrap 3 already has a Sanwa JLF installed, you could do is change the spring and micro switches, clean and relube the joystick instead of replacing it.

spring… how do i clean relube the joystick??? where can i find a replacement for the spring

Replacement spring and shin etsu grease can be ordered from focus attack or paradise arcade shop. YouTube has plenty of videos that should help you.

Darksakul is correct, the HRAP3 already comes with a Sanwa JLF-TP8Y-SK. You should probably swap the buttons for Sanwa though.

is this what you’re talking about

there are other types such as 2 lbf and 6 lbf is there a difference

what should i be searching on youtube for this, how to replace the spring of jlf stick

already changed the buttons already

what about this grease

Different springs allow you to customize the tension of the stick. Stock JLF is .9 lbs, personally I like the low tension. Many others here prefer heavier springs, they’re cheap enough that it’s worth buying a couple to experiment. If you’re ordering, you might want to try a custom actuator too, I like 1mm.

Molycote will work for grease as well.

I upgraded to the 2lb spring and oversized actuator on, those and the bat top made a world of difference. The stick is almost bearable now.

i didnt know that, is it necessary to change the micro switches… how will connect to the pcb without the the five cable?

what do you mean by tension, how long the stick will response to the micro switches… the lower the springs the quick the stick touches the switches???

will gold/green actuator work for me

Higher tension spring will make the stick stiffer, require more force to move it. Whether low tension or high tension is better is personal preference. Most older US gamers who have actually seen an arcade grew using Happs parts which were SIGNIFICANTLY stiffer than the Japanese parts that have absolutely dominated the modern home stick market. Many of us old timers long for the old days, however the Happs/Il parts don’t fit in today’s fightstick cases. So a stiff spring is a must if you want that old feel. IMHO, the oversized actuator is a must. To answer your first question, I would change out the micro switches, because I hate the Omron micro switches, but it is not necessary.

well i more of quick on my feet type and would like my movements response quickly such as combos, digagonal shoryukens type … should get a 1mm gold actuator and 2lbf spring, will that work for me

You don’t need to change the microswitches unless they aren’t working correctly. Some people like the feel of other switches, but as far as performance goes, omron switches are high quality.

You might like the 2 lb spring. Do some comparison with the stock spring and see. If you enjoy the extra tension, you can go heavier in the future. The 1mm actuator is good, it will make your stick engage the switches earlier.

Anything over 3lb will make the pivot feel like it’s grinding. Even 3lb can feel a little bit rough. The surface tension of the lube is only going to support so much tension. Don’t go over three unless you want to lube your pivot often. Omrons in a JLF can take the 1mm OS actuator but 1.5 is pushing it. Without a strong spring you may get recoil inputs.

but wil cause me some problems if i made a little mistake
do people who had tournament experience use this

I’ll try 2 lbf to see if that works for me

should i get it at another site… and how will connect them with the pcb, do i need a specific cable for modding