Should CE-ism be banned from Tournament/Casual play?

Yes or No?

I say no, since if we take FULL advantage of the other isms, and I mean FULL, then CE-ism is not very “overpowered”.

I vote no. I think it should have one tournament to appear in before it is banned. Not that my vote matters.

I’m actually on the fence about this; At first, I would say a resounding “NO!”. But after seeing BKB’s video with the CE Character’s sillyness, it makes me wonder.

I still lean towards “No”, but I don’t know if the other modes can overcome the damage potential of CE-Ism. IF they would have reduced the damage output by about … 20%, CE-Ism would have been just about perfect.

If every tournament played starts having CE Bison vs. CE Bison in the finals then yeah it should be banned.

It shouldn’t be banned until its proved that its broken, by dominating tournaments. Should we ban Marvels top 4, Blanka/Cammy/Sagat in CvS2, yun/ken/chun in 3s?

all it does is shift the tiers, fuck it

i voted know b/c i think its way too early to decide if it should be banned. it should at least be given a chance in a casual tournament just to see if it really is that dominant.

yes man…ban that cheap shit. Its completly unfair for the rest of the cast that doesnt have the option to be played on the CEism. I dont want this to be another MVC2 with people only playing 4 or 6 characters. On that note i really want A1 characters to be banned as well…along with some A2 characters.

So you just want alpha 3? Go play Alpha 3 then.

No matter how many top tier characters you ban, there will still be a top tier that exists.

In other words, if the CE characters actually did CE damage instead of WW damage. :confused:



Yeah, but check out A2 Rolentos custom combo:


Does massive damage as well, and it much more practical than most of those combos

How many times do I have to tell you people! CE-ISM IS BROKEN! Its broken retatred and should not be in tournament at all. We’ve even banned CE in casual cause its stupidly retarted! Theres no skill in having to hit CE a thousand times where all they have to do is hit you 3 or 4 times to kill you!

How is it more practical? It requires meter. It also doesn’t work from farther out (which is where CCs punish whiffs and go for Valle CC). Plus, those combos used auto-fire… most people won’t get that many hits (or do the last combo).

A lot of those 50% CE dizzy combos were 2 moves. TWO. They’re easy as hell, and you can potential kill someone in 3-5 button presses.

They have monster throw range with easy input that does as much damage as a lvl1 Final Atomic Buster. Their meaty game is sick because if they land a meaty combo, you lose 50% (no meter required) and are one or two pokes away from dizzy. This makes wakeups extremely risky… (enter throw) They can sit outside your throw range even, and just throw you when you get up. If you tech the throw, it STILL does a nice chunk of damage.

Gief gets safe negative edge SPDs (that do a fuckload of damage and can grab people when they get up off the ground before they can jump). I can only imagine this being used in his meaty game to its full potential… gross.

Simple pokes do more damage than every other character’s moves. Fireballs do more damage than all other characters fierce punches. They get all the crazy CE links and CPS1 chains. A simple two-hit fierce move does a big chunk of damage and leaves you one medium punch or two jabs away from dizzy (and that means round over).

That is practical.

Don’t get me wrong, Rolento’s CC is tight… but if it was that insane, why isn’t he top tier in A2 (where the CC does even MORE damage)? Know what I mean?

I voted that it should not be banned right now. It is very obvious to everyone that the CE characters have many unfair huge advantages. I agree with you, all I’m saying is the game has only been out about 6 weeks in the U.S. and that we should at least have a casual unofficial tournament at Evo or some other major tournament just to see how they do. V Akuma might win, we won’t know unless we don’t at least try one tournament. Is there any harm in that?

hey dudes…dont get pissed because people want a fair and competitive tourny…no one wants to see a all ce-bison roster of players. The CE-ism characters r broken…why not allow gill in 3s then in that case. There is harm cause its gonna ruin the game…only A3 and A2 characters and the other isms except for A1 and Ce r allowed.

Are you kidding me? Marvel thrives on this shit. Mag touches you, its over. Cable catches you, its over. And look how popular that game got. Genei-Jin? Paint the Fence? ShoSho? These overpowered tactics DRIVE the competitiveness of the game to the level that they are at now. Whose to say CE is any different?

If you ban CE right off the bat because it’s top tier, then you’re just making a new top tier. How is this new top tier any fairer? I agree CE is fucking strong, and retardedly simple, but nobody is in any position to start swinging the ban stick yet.

Re practicality, nearly every CE combo in that video started with a jump in. How often is a CE character with no mobility going to be able to jump in on an opponent worth their salt? Random Activate > Jump In Roundhouse

And what’s this crap of banning A1 characters? Only about half the A1 characters are any good. True, some are stupidly good, but not all. A1 Adon is bleh, A1 Birdie and A1 Dan are probably the only relatively good versions of those characters.

Likewise, only a handful of CE characters are stand out stupidly good right now: Bison, Sagat, Guile. The rest are range from really good (but not broken) to so-so.

Good Point.

Can someone explain to me how fair it would be to fight agaisnt A1 ken or CE bison…theres no counter tactics agaisnt thosw guys.

Thats what people said about cable when MvC2 came out though, and look where we are now.

I can’t explain to you how to beat CE bison, because the game is too new. There havent even been any decent tourneys for it yet. My casual play group hasn’t fully started breaking the game down. Hell, one of us plays “Marvel”-ism Bison with his broken ass super as his main.

If, after 2-3 decent tourneys, its shown that CE completely ruins the game, or A1 for that matter, then go ahead and ban them. But banning them because they’re top tier off the bat is a scrubby thing to do.