Should Capcom continue with Street Fighter or another franchise?

Should Capcom continue on the Street Fighter series or indulge onto one of their other fighting game franchises?

To me, its quite evident that SSF4’s balance gap is getting tighter than a virgin’s bumhole. And, though disputable, I think it’s life or rather the interest that SSF4 garnered is falling stale. Well, at this moment. Maybe it’ll pick up a bit when ULTRA drops - ugh, losing track here. Umm… So… Hey, yeah! Whats your answer on this matter? Not enough Street Fighter? Give the series a break to avoid any further twisted crap they might throw at Street Fighter? Bring back Darkstalkers? Project Justice? “Heck, I’ll take Power Stone: HYPER TURBO”, something to that response?

What would you want them to bring back? Why? Just interested in whats the general census on this topic.

Ono said they don’t have the budget to make a SF5. USF4 is being made a shoestring budget and they can’t do much more than that. Adding to the fact that they don’t wanna patch Marvel, and SFXT is considered a failure by their standards and one could say that you can’t expect another FG from them any time soon.

I think they need to bring back some classics that don’t fall into the cliche categories. No action / fighters for a while.
Seriously, I think Ducktales is a good move and they shoudl get back into platformers for a little bit. That, bring a new Megaman game to the table, and go back to Breath of Fire. Even a low-budget Final Fight revival would be appreciated. Double Dragon Neon was awesome, for example.

That, and make Resident Evil back to being a survival horror game and not an action game… We have enough fighters, let alone CAPCOM fighters for at least another 5 years.

I’ll take another project justice. Or atleast a xbla or psn port.

Capcom should stop making fighting games altogether and just stick to what they do best nowadays which are action-adventure games like DMC and Onimusha.
Whoever the people that put Capcom fighters on the map in the distant past, aren’t there now.
And it shows.

Final Fight reboot needs a huge budget. Gotta pay for enough special effects to mask the “beat-'em-ups are repetitive effect”.

For the next 4-5 years (in respect to fighting games), all they have to do is release Ultra and give UMvC3 a patch at some point. We don’t need oversaturation.

Well, we have something.


  1. Oversaturation my ass.
  2. Why the fuck are people still going on about a UMvC3 patch? Between licensing issues for updates AND the development team has been dispersed to other projects, what the fuck makes anyone think they’re going to update that game? Seriously? I just… don’t understand people.

If they need some cash, they could port/emulate more old titles with online vs support and publish them up on xbl/psn/steam. They just did it with the D&D beat-em-ups, no idea if it’s been profitable for them, and worth considering doing more old/budget titles to raise funds.

As for bringing out one of their other IP’s, I’ll 2nd the comment for Justice. Whatever happened to that series, it was well received wasn’t it? Maybe i have the wrong impression because I got a DC at launch and was really into the system when it was around. It was probably bigger in JPN than the west, we only got 2 of the 3 localized.
Maybe just too many fighting games were going on in that era leading up to Y2K when it ended.

Another fool talking about oversaturation, LMAO

RE2 Remake. And officially endorse that RE1.5 fan project and post it on their site ala Megaman cross SF.

As far as fighters go they have enough IP’s already. Creating a new one could work but it would have to be different. A safer bet would be making a crossover game with Blank company that plays differently then the other fighters and introduces some new characters.

Where’s the oversaturation when people don’t even want to play games not made by Capcom?

  1. You should have a doctor check that out.
  2. I don’t think UMvC3 needs a patch atm, but one down the road would be nice for quality of life. If they don’t update the game it’s not a big deal.

If Capcom spreads itself too thin with new releases, ultimately the quality suffers. But you make a good point bro, LMAO.

Well Street Fighter IV is Capcom’s biggest fighting game franchise right now by popularity, I think it’s going to make them a lot more money to release Ultra Street Fighter IV, than… say… Super Street Fighter X Tekken Turbo. They could go for a new Darkstalkers game but what kind of budget can they really attribute to that given the expected sales?

realistically what option(s) does Capcom have in regards to their FGs franchises?

keep milking SF4 after Ultra @ 2014?
UMVC3 is not likely to get patched because of reasons above. MVC4?
SFxT is a commercial fail in Capcom’s eyes and I don’t see any reason why they would bother with it at this point.

Process of elimination says a new Darkstalkers but we know how much Capcom likes to troll the fans with that.

SF5 is next gen. Ultra is just Capcom putting the most minimal amount of work that they can get away with and milking it.

Ono said they dno’t have the budget for SF5 and no plans for it.
Who knows man… who the fuck knows…

Either way… CvS2, 3S, ST… I’m content.

I call BS on that. SF5 will be announced in 2014/2015.

2015, they need space to release darkstalkers

3 fighting games are being released next year and we are over saturated. OK

I originally wanted a new Darkstalkers, but over time I lost trust in them to do the series any real justice with a long overdue sequel.

That said, Capcom has fucked SF and crossovers up, for years to come. They have no choice but to do somethin’ else, not related to SF or a Capcom VS Who The Hell is really Paying Attention at This Point. Or they can just go on hiatus with fighters, but with them being one of gaming’s largest companies and fighters being a major part of their products, they can never really step away from the genre without shrinkin’ their income. Same thing with the other fightin’ companies. They’re at a point where they need to make AAA games 3-4 times a year to maintain, and there most reliable sellers are, in fact, fighters. In order to preserve the value of their fighting brands, they shoulda mixed it up. They didn’t which is why SFxT and Marvel 3 didn’t exceed SFIV, which I know damn well is what they were bankin’ on.

If I were Capcom, I would’ve did SFIV (NO UPDATES), moved on to Marvel (NO UPDATES), then Darkstalkers 4 (NO UPDATES), next any of their other fighting franchise (NO UPDATES), FINALLY SFxT (NO UPDATES).

You can pepper in HD re-release between those games.

After all the franchises you can milk are established, THEN you update/milk’em with Super and Ultra versions. Hell, I would even brand what I’m doing and call that shit “Update Season.”

After you update all the games. Kick off the insanity again, with a new CVS or SVC.

After that, rinse and repeat. Keep in mind, the major FG releases would be, at least, 2 years apart. This woulda covered, leik 10 years.