Should Capcom bother making CFE2?

I imagine we won’t be getting a totally new SF, let alone 2D fighter from Capcom in the next year or two (please god let me be wrong), however there is a chance that CFE2 will get made.

But should it be made? CFE is very flawed but I won’t lie, I enjoy it, I still play it to this day. The gameplay is tight and when fighting another player, it can get really intense - I love that feeling.

The reasons why I would like them to bother with CFE2 are these:

1- Capcom’s “2nd time’s the charm” luck. Almost always the sequel to a Capcom 2D fighter is miles better than the original, it’s everything the original should’ve been. (Alpha 2 > Alpha, SF3DI > SF3NG, CvS2 > CvS1 etc.) - CFE2 won’t be any different.

2- CFE2 will have new characters from new games and god let this be true, NEW SPRITES!!! If we’re lucky, REDRAWN sprites of existing CRAPPY sprites (coughdemitricough)

3- CFE2 will keep me occupied and sort-of satisfied for a couple of months. Making the wait for the next SF game a tad bit more bearable.

I know we SHOULDN’T settle for scraps of food but do we really have a choice? Can you any of us say no to a new Capcom fighting game?

If they make it another obvious budget title intended to milk it fans, hell no.

But if they actually put some serious effort into it (the most unlikely scenario) then I might disagree.

I can’t wait (if it indeed will happen).

CFJ is awesome game IMO.

The only should make a second one to make up for the piece of shit the first one was and for cancelling the 3d version none as Capcom Fighting All-Stars, that game prolly would have been sooo much better. CJF was a fuckin dissapointment even to me…and i will play almost any piece of shit capcom delivers…example=Megaman Soccer, Megaman Netwok Transmissions, P.N 03, Maximo Army of Zin

The nature of the game’s design means it’ll offer nothing new, really :/. I’d ONLY accept it if they effectively made it a non-VS sequel to CvS2, with multiple selectable grooves, a huge cast, EVERYONE’S sprites redrawn/touched up so they all at least look like they belong in the same game (I think they did a good job of this with the Alpha chars in CvS2), and new chars added that have never been in a 2D fighting game before (say, Dante, Leon, Haggar, Viewtiful Joe, Power Stone and Project Justice characters). If you’re asking if I’m interested in another no effort cut’n’paste mishmash, then no.

I think if CFJ actualy had a lot of charcters, like at least 8 from each genre, and if it wasnt set up like it was with pick 2 characters, the same character can go twice, it would have been more fun and possible played a lot more. if they did that too CFJ2, it will be good.

Even SvC chaos?! :wow:

I don’t. The Zangief sprite still sucks and looks out of place. These are 10 year old sprites, aren’t Capcom ashamed of using them? Especially the DS sprites, they look HORRIBLE.

I agree… If they brought CvS2 style with like game grooves in it (sorta like that new SamSho)… and this time the game grooves that play the way that game did. IE - A3 groove has VC’s not CC’s… 3S groove is actual 3S not P groove… has EX moves, red parry, etc… and maybe give you one super to select like 3S did.

If they could do that, with improved sprites… like 3S animation or better… I’d actually buy it.

Well, maybe not everyone looks good, but Sagat, Guile, Blanka etc look decent enough, imo. Capcom should be drawing all new sprites, but it’s unrealistic to expect that, so a decent touching up is the best we can hope for.

Yes they should, I believe in Capcom’s “2nd time’s the charm” luck.

svc was made by snk.

If Capcom were to make another rehash dreammatch fighter I’d rather it be CvS3. That way, we get new sprites(SNK fighters) and more grooves.

If Capcom could use SNK’s NeoGeo sprites they would so there’s no chance of CFE2 having new sprites.

Agreed, the CvS engine is far superior to whatever the hell CFJ was supposed to be. Personally, I’d just expand on the roster that’s already been established (Andy Bogard PLEASE), scrap the lowest of the low tier (Kyosuke BEGONE!), make small tweaks to the grooves and add another one or two grooves. Of course the character balance needs changing, Roll Cancel should be shot down a toilet never to be seen again, and the sprites all need touching up but it wouldn’t be THAT much work IMO. PLEASE CVS3 FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!

But this isn’t about CvS-- it’s about CFE (partnerships and licenses tend to expire and not last). CFE has promise in it’s concept-- which is to bring all sorts of characters fron Capcom’s fighters into a dream match game (which was the original premise of the KOF series). They should add more characters and have more flexibility with the systems. Example, have a SF2 mode and a SF3 mode for Ryu, or have a Alpha mode and a SF2 mode for Guile, etc. Or have standardized grooves for all characters. There needs to be some standardization.

CFJ’s engine is newer then the CvS2 engine-_-
gameai -> game rules: “if that happens, do that”; this code also tells the engine what to do like "go draw the background"
engine -> does what it’s told to and in case of ps2 or xbox it does system calls depending on what it has to do.

I find it strange they didn’t put in animated backgrounds in CFJ like they did in CvS2. Animated backgrounds wouldn’t have made it look like a “expect a street fighter” game and that would already have people trying to play the game as it is to begin with.

Basicly, if they would increase the cast’s size it would be pretty good already. And they should put in all versions of a char and not just one, denjin ryu for example was clearly missing:)

I think the license for the CvS games has expired by now…

I liked CFJ a lot, it’s a fairly underrated game IMO. It gets a lot of grief for it’s graphics but the gameplay and overall balance make it highly competitive and as important the game does a good job of handling of the very different systems used by each set of characters.

Given CFJ’s success I would expect to see a sequel soon, at least I hope so.


fucking delusional…

Balance? What balance?

I believe Hcparker’s reffering to how well the game sold in Japan and even beat out Viewtiful Joe 2 over there. Scroll down and read Home Video Game Sales and Arcade Game Sales.

I love CFE myself and would love a sequel but who knows if it will happen. Capcom had a much bigger hit with the Gundam vs. Zion fighting game they made with Bandai, it was one of the top arcades of last year (right now it’s #2, Tekken 5 is beating everything) and they are making another one of those with Bandai, but related to Gundam Seed. But speaking about a CFE sequel again, over at -

  • a fan pimp site they have challenges where you gain points and can get Capcom stuff for free if you don’t know what a fan pimp site is. Currently they have a challenge where you can pick out 10 new characters for a sequel to CFE2 or soemthing of that nature called “CFE Top 10.” Not that it means CFE2 is even being considered, it might just be a fun thing for fans to get points but some of the stuff on that fan pimp site seems to research, like they ask questions like “Do you miss old school 2D fighter beat’em ups?” and things like that. A while ago there was a challenge “what other crossovers would you like to see?” But who knows if they are doing anything with this info.