Shoryuken on a stick?

i just got ssft2hd remix and i cant seem to pull off a shoryuken let alone a 360 move. is there any easier rotations? its way different than sf4 since uppercut moves are so easy in that game. it might be my stick since im using the cheap mad catz SE stick. im yet to change the parts and get some sanwa parts, but do you think that would make a difference?

The easiest way to do a dragon punch is to do a dragon punch motion

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its different in hdr

dp motion = Down up left left lk right down

Man up, there are no shortcuts. Don’t rely on them, the original commands are universal and will work on all games.

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Its called how FGs should control. Not that nub shit SF4 controls

Try :dp::p: , I swear you will DP.

it just seems harder to do on my fight stick. whats funny is that i can easily do tiger uppercuts on my ps3 controller in a row.

and no im not a street fighter beginner. i’ve be playing sf all my life.

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The command never changes. It’s the same damn thing.

Then why are you asking how to do a Shoryuken on a stick then? I can’t play on sticks but the first time I played Guilty Gear on sticks I could do Shoryuken motions. Just not as good as I normally can on pad because WAIT FOR IT: I didn’t practice enough on stick to get it do easily.

Hey, since you’ve been playing SF “all your life” care to give me some tips on facing Gief with Fei Long? Since you’ve been playing “all your life” you must have become quite familiar with the matchups.

Hop to it. I expect to see you at Evo 2010.

It depends on what type of gate you’re using. For me a square was just a pain, but since I put an octagonal restrictor plate its been much easier.

Just go to practice mode and just do it like the rest of us say.

And don’t use shortcuts in SFIV anymore since you’ll get in the habit of using them.

I find the shoryuken motion to be the easiest of all to do on a stick

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Why do all 09ers claim to that they been playing FGs all thier lives yet create threads like these. God its such horse shit.

Hey guys Ive been playing shmups all my life even before I could walk, but I have a question? How do I fire?

Hey guys Ive been playing tetris for 20 years, even held a few world records, and I have a question. Ive seen videos on youtube of people TURNING their pieces. How is this done?

Tried to come up with more, but meh.

I guess since all 09ers do it I should probably make my how to execute a move thread.


thanks for the constructive post. i was thinking about geting a new plate since i was going to change my joystick anyway. i’ve used a d-pad for many years and ever since sf4 i decided to try a stick. octogon plate sounds nice for shoto characters while i like this square plate for charge characters. it seems like i can do charge moves easier on my square plate.