Shawn's Why I don't chill with marvel cats...(cableguyyy, sanford look-alike, venus)

First Off I went to evo looking to chill with the people I came wit, josh wigfall, yipes, chaz and liston. Shit was fucking hot when i got there. The Soo vs. Yipes/Josh money matches as well as seeing fellow ec people in the 8734 room like MD (issac, ski and pete).

Then with the good we have the bad.

CABLEGUYYYYY!!! All this dude does is bitch. No wait he also says, “Hey Starbury wanna money match??” not just like once…fucking 5 million times. Not only does he bitch and ask me to money match a 5 million fucking times. He’s also good at having the weirdest fucking haircut. I just don’t understand that shit period. It’s like hes trying to be like Mikey, but won’t unveil that shit until it’s mikey’s length. He’s pretty good at playing lame, too. Don’t tell him he’s bitching cause then he bitches, “I am not bitching.” Don’t let the man get drunk off a sip of patron or a beer because then you’ll have him at 5 levels poppin off at everybody. Apparently he thinks he too can call other people nigga, call combofiend a puerto rican, call viscant a fake michael jackson and act hard like hes from the ghetto. Soon enough a plastic 2 oz. bottle grazes his head and he’s off to the races. Ending in a fiasco with the words “Fuck yall, fuck yall man, fuck yall!” hahaha this shit is too funny. He talked the part, but didn’t seem to want to scrap until he was being held back. That’s my joint. For him it wasnt a good look. Not even venus williams can hold him back. I mean wait duc jr. Soon enough he ended the night crying, needing hugs to get calmed down, and having the luxury of foaming at the mouth. CABLE GUYYYYYY!!! Yipes: CABLECRY

Sanford’s Look-alike , Fanatic?? I really felt at home when i saw this grimey ass dude. He truly was sanford’s clean twin. He talks the most shit, with the least amount of respect for anyone. Take for instance the soo money matches. He couldn’t stop shitting on the ec players when soo was winning. “Why he get hit by that” When i called him the grimiest motherfucker on the planet. No response. Good shit. During the soo money matches i had been drunk and offered to money match his msp which i won and apparently i offered him a rematch. If he can’t beat me when im drunk whats the point. Anyways truly this guy is a grimy sanford esque black dude that made me feel like i was on the ec. Good shit homie.

Venus Williams, duc jr. Damn this dude talks too much shit. He’s the only person i know that will talk so much shit about everyone’s game and get perfected at a tournament. Not just at psm, but at fucking evo. If i got perfected at evo I would not be on the stage with duc after he won and say “Your down here, we are up here” over and over. How the fuck can you talk any shit when two days ago you go perfected by the guy that got 2nd. What did he win? Everyone on the scene thinks he’s mo. Those braids. Damn i thought the kid was coo at ecc, what happened. I could go on forever about the kid, but i feel nice.

Hey starbury how come now your talking shit??

The three above have no respect for anyone.

says Bill: Shit is not a good look.

Cableguy, sanford’s twin and duc jr., especially duc jr., have zero respect for anyone. sometimes you gotta put a dude in his place so he can learn.

it’s a damn good thing you got people like phat thoi, his bro baby phat, bill and others.

anyways i appreciate the level of skill cali has and the number of teams they use. I have the most respect for the ironman one hitta quitta peoples good shit.

Nice, but what the hell does this have to do with FGD? This belongs in one of the regional threads. I’ll just choose one at random.

god, starbury, this is a funny as hell post. i still can’t believe you’re a lil viet. lol

damn shawn speaks truth.


Oh man, you went easy on Cableguy. I heard the story from Viscant and it was hilarious…you gotta post the full version man.

Drama pops off cause of cablecry…he goes out and crys…i leave the room to chill wit phat toi(Cali BUD IS SERIOUS!!!)Come back 30 to 40 minutes later i come back to issacs room and he
still hasnt left the same spot.crying and foaming out the mouth…all i have to say about this…Please pull ya skirt down.

Viscant + Michael Jackson = lame Cableguy joke

Ey Shawn Ima beat you next time we play ;D

I’m sad I missed out on all the madness in 8734 :\

Starbury/YIPES- Glad yall liked that cali bud, shit always has me high lol. But good shit to both of yall. Mvc2 game is serious. YIPES IS MSP!! CHE.

NY/ec ppl- yall mad chill n dope. all i can say cuz i dont wana make a long post haha.

<3 the dips,ec, and room #8246.


ahahah Good shit that was funny ill give it to ya cant counter smiley face :rofl:

haha, his name is Venus… lol

Man these cableguy threads get better and better I’m dying.

damn starbury its funny how u say i bitch when you’re the one posting a fat ass essay on 3 people, and complaining about dumb shit. I mean 5 million times is how much u counted? damn i didnt think you liked me that much to count how much i say something. When it comes down to the bottom line it seems like you’re the one who bitches, but if thats you then thats you. Plus, you werent even there until after i was out in the hallway.

Yea i exploded because that bottle didnt need to get thrown at all, i was just gonna leave after the money match but then that shit had to happen.

BTW i got respect for people and thats why i apologized to peeps in the morning. Plus i was drunk and being drunk is not the same as sober, therefore i was a different person for those couple of hours.

When it all comes down to it, it seems like you starbury have no respect.

First Bill Wellman, Sturbury,Yipes,Issic

Bill wellman is pure gay i mean i was looking for marvel comp walked into the room(the door was cracked) only to find him sucking off Sturbury and Issic Gram…Plz dont say no homo cause thats just homo…I then ran out in pure shock…

Sturbury-Letting a man give you head is gay I dont care how thug you claim to be…and sometimes I wonder about you and your friend potter…You love the kid too much

Yipes- I dont know about homo, but the guy could stand to loose weight…I mean Hes on the slim slow diet…You are a Fat ass!!! go get some exercise…Nigga breathes heavy and shit… ahahahhaha it takes effort for him to exhale LMFAO you are one ugly motherfucker…I was looking at him and he was all cock eyed and shit…ROFL he needs the 2nd place money for the Lipo

2nd Justin Wong and Rickey Ortiz-

Justin Looses to Yipes and bursts in tears running to the bathroom followed by rickey Ortiz(rickey was crying too) im sure rickey made him feel better in there cause he came out smiling like a new man…Don’t try and no homo your way out of that shit

3rd Josh wigfall

Wigfall: You are seriously gay or some sort of bi…Wtf you doin hanging around bill welman…the guy is gay…You claim to be a thug but i dont know any thugs that hang out with fags…I mean Unless you and Bill were in Jail together or somethin??? and wtf is up with that rag and hat It has never left your head…I mean even thugs wash their hair thats nasty…You are gay and nasty bad combo fagget,but I guess bill made you feel better when he bent over screeming NO HOMO! NO HOMO! NO HOMO!

Dipset in General- You guys are fags…and need some help

New York: You are not thugs in any way just a bunch of fags…and I hate Gay People…the east coast is trash half of your top players are fucking each other…thats just nasty even if you are like Wigfall and are the one doing most of the fucking…damn fagget

Well i think that sums it up on why the east coast is garbage…pure garbage…nothing to see there but a bunch of fags

dude, who the hell are you? you don’t even know me and you’re shitting on me. i’ll leave it at that.

Wow! The nerve of this guy. You must really have no clue what respect is. Half the room cleared out on the count of the sheer ignorance that came from your mouth. “Nigga this and nigga that.” Do you have any fucking idea how stupid you sound saying that shit?! I admit the first time you said it it caught me off guard and I laughed for a second , but after that it took every ounce of self comtrol not to slap the shit outta you. You easily offended 90% of the room with your dumb ass comments. Did you not notice people kept leaving the more you spoke? ie Combofiend and Takayuki. Combo asked us why you were still in the room after you spoke the first time and he couldnt take your shit anymore so before he knocked the shit out of you he just left.

You say you were drunk off what was it? 2 Coranas? coughBULLSHITcough Funny how your speech wasnt affectted at all by the MASSIVE amount of alcohol you consumed which turned you into a totally different person. And let me let you in on a little secret dog: YOU ANNOYED THAT SHIT OUT OF PEEPS WHENEVER YOU WERE IN THAT ROOM. The shit had nothing to do with Sunday you were an ass everyday. Sunday you just went into overdrive with it. They literally had people watching the doors to let poeple know when you tried to come in the room. Me and Yipes are one thing. We get into shit on the regluar with peeps out east , but even VISCANT threatened to fucked you up? Does this sound like coencidence to you?

respect P Pronunciation Key (r-spkt)

tr.v. respected, respecting, respects

To feel or show deferential regard for; esteem.

To avoid violation of or interference with: respect the speed limit.

To relate or refer to; concern.

Maybe that gives you an idea of what respect is. All the shit in my most doesnt sound like the same thing as the above definition

Wigfall said it pretty much

Sorry btw for pulling the pillow while you were asleep, had to jet apologies…

Real random ass mexican’s right here.

I think Bmore got a couple of gay comments from cableguy last year, that was pretty funny.

hmmm fake account…
sounds like someone is candy. cotton candy