Shanghai China

I will be moving there soon,

can anyone tell me the scene there?
Any regular groups of people playing?
Any arcades?

i play sf4 and ssf4


Hello! We currently have a small group here in Beijing. During the sf4 “days” we went almost weekly to the arcades where there were plenty of Chinese players. I’m assuming that it must be relatively the same in Shanghai too. A lot of Chinese are really into these kind of games so I don’t think you will have a problem finding people as long as there are arcades.

Hey hlxino! Welcome to Shanghai!

The arcade scene for fighting games here is quite good actually, hit me up when you come over and I’ll show you around sometime. The makeup here is mostly SF4, KOF '98 Ultimate Match, KOF '02 Unlimited Match (HK Version), with a tiny number of 3S and BBCS machines scattered about. That being said, there are about 3 main fighting game arcades where the skill is pretty evenly divided up, with one in particular where all Shanghai pros play, you see a lot of the Beijing pros here too when they’re in town.

I’ve been meaning to put up a Shanghai arcade list, I’ll do it once I get a new camera and get out and take some pictures. There’s actually a few arcades that carry legit Japanese SF4 boards and a lot of smaller ones that just hook up a console or PC inside a cabinet, but at least there’s always people to play with and super cheap too. I haven’t seen SSF4 in any of these places yet, but it’s bound to happen soon.

Shanghai is supposed to be the biggst mainland scene (or after HK) for ac games, its also the only place outside of Japan where there is a Last blade 2 scene right? That alone would be pretty amazing.

Have any of you guys been to Kunshan by any chance? Its 10 mins by D-train, I’ll be moving there in a few months.

Is there any other arcade that has sf4 in shanghai besides the one at zhengyang? Preferably in the pudong area because that is where I am now.

Oh yea ??! Do they still play SS zero? Man I can’t wait to stop by Shanghai

Hi QQbert,

My Name is Max and i am a french Man that has been living in Shanghai for over 4 years!

Being a Versus Fighting Addict i am spending a lots of time in the Arcade here such as Lie-Huo on Nanjing Xi Lu/ Shaanxi Lu, Lu Gong on Xujiahui Lu…

I used to be one of the top Tekken player in France when Tekken 4 came out and did practice with some of the best Shanghainese players such as xBw, Ning, Fang Fang… on Tekken 5 !

Anyway Tekken 6 has been out for a while and let’s say i am not really keen on it lol

So i moved to Street Fighter 4 playing at a very basic level. I have just bought SSF IV on PS3 on the arcade version is not gonna be released before July Or August…

So i am looking for players to train at home and for sure have fun as well.

I would be happy to welcome you guys in my place if you want or somewhere else… I am currently living in The Lujiazui District in Pudong ! Line 2 Dongchang Lu Station.

Will send you my phone number by PM !

Could be lots of fun and we ll be ready to kick some ass when the arcade version is gonna be released ^^

I am available today for a session if you want

Have a great day


Hi Hixino !

Please see my post for QQbert just above this one.

Will send you my number by PM ! Just text me whenever you want.

Welcome To Shanghai ^^

Hi everyone!
I’m just another SF4 player in Shanghai.
Been going a lot lately at the Guangyang Lu Arcade, and the level is pretty high.
It would be nice to play against other foreigners, so PM me for a possible meet-up !

Also, i’d like to know if anyone knows where to buy Blazblue : Continuum Shift in Shanghai, cause all the stores i went to (near Xujiahui mainly) didn’t have it.
Help appreciated :slight_smile:

Anyone know is there any arcade center that have KoF XIII in Shanghai ?
I’ve plan to visit Shanghai on August 7th, i’ll stay in Xi Kang Lu-Jing’An District.

I will be in Shanghai for the next 7 days. I’m a tournament player. Can someone post the location/address of the more competitive arcades in Shanghai?

Baidu lie huo (??, its somewhere on Nan jing road if I recall) or zhenyang (??), those are the two largest ones as far as I know.

Thank you very much!!! Does anyone here frequent these places?? I want to know what day is best to go?

You’d better go to the arcade on n° 315 Guan Yuan Road, near Xujiahui. Building is on the right, 6 SF4 cabinets, best level in Shanghai.

Thanks, Dayman. Please check your PMs

  • Shanghai Zheng Yang Games: West Guang Yuan Road, Xu Hui District no. 315-1F.
  • Lu Wan District Workers World Style Club: Xu Jia Hui Road, Lu Wan District no. 358-3F.
  • Shanghai Lie-Huo Game Entertainment: Jiang Ning Road, Jing’An District no. 77-4F, Opposite The Majestic Theatre.
  • Atlantic Mall: Xu Jia Hui/Guang Yuan/Hua Shan Road, Xu Hui District no. 2018-6F, New road up to the original department store.
  • Shanghai Qu Yang Game Room: Qu Yang/Yu Tian/Chi Feng Road, Hong Kou District, Next to Carrefour Qu Yang.
  • Workers Cultural Palace Shanghai Hu Xi: East New/Wu Ning Road, Pu Tuo District no. 255-2F, Main Building.
  • Mass Cinema/Happy Place: North Si Chuan/Qiu Jiang Road, Hong Kou District no. 1552-1F.

Thanks for yesterday, you’re good Chunli player.
Lets meet & play together again. :smiley:
Im still in Shanghai until August 17th, so if you want to meet up you can send PM to me.

Hey guys,

I went to the arcades in West Guang Yuan Road yesterday. 6 Lingbergh SF4 cabinets, back to back. I played for 3 hours non stop on the same cabinet. Level was mixed, from beginners to 15-hits-combo-ers. All in all it cost me 20RMB, so about 2? for around 50 coins.

The arcade center is pretty big, and when it comes to VS fighting you can find pretty much everthing you want: kof, sf, tekken, sc, vf etc.

I am in shanghai till early september for work so I’ll guess I’ll go there quite often, mainly during the week starting from 8PM.

If you want to say Hi, I am a laowai, have long brown hair and a beard. And my name is Max. And I play Boxer.

I leave Monday afternoon and I want to play Super!!! btw who knows the name of the Shanghai Zangief player who goes to either lie huo or xu jia hui?

@Dayman - it was nice to meet you! I’m sorry I couldn’t really play that long and I rushed our matches but my touring family was waiting for me outside =[.

Hopefully we can play a little bit of super or at least share strategy with each other! good games!