SFXT: Online Tournament Series - Bi-Weeklies!

Alright rules and first date seems to be decided upon. Join up with the SXT Online Tournament Series (OTS). All information tournaments are in 2nd post.

IRC Connection tutorials:
There are a few options for connecting to IRC via PC. I am going list a few here (there are so many variations) and a quick tutorial with pictures.

Step 1: put http://www.efnet.org in your browser bar and hit enter.
It will take you to EFNET irc web based client.

Step 2:
In the upper left hand corner, input the handle (name) you would like to go by in the chat and enter the channel (room) you would like to enter.

In the example, I put my own nick “Halfro” in the nickname section and “#sfxt” in the channel section. After entering your information, click the “Login” button and it will take you to the connect page.

Step 3:
Click the “connect” button in the middle of the screen. A bit redundant since we have already hit login on the previous page but hey, its free right? lol

Step 4:
Chat to your hearts content! You have completed all the steps and should be able to chat with everyone else in the room at the time.

Step 1: You can either enter http://www.mibbit.com OR you can click the following link http://client02.chat.mibbit.com/?server=irc.Mibbit.Net&channel=#Mibbit . I will put instructions from either or just so people can navigate to the chat.

Step 1.5:
If you went to the mibbit home page, you will come to the screen above. You will need to click one of top channel links in the grey bar under the frog.

I typically just click the first link “#mibbit” in that area, it really does not matter which one you click you are just trying to get to the next page.

Step 2:
This is the page is your next step to logging on. There are two tabs in the upper left hand corner. You are going to want to click on the “Home” tab so that you can log into other channels and servers.

Step 2.5:
First thing you are going to want to do is connect to the correct server of our chat room. There are a few that will give you access but, I usually use EFNET. From the “Connect” drop down menu you should select “EFNet” as pictured.

Next you will want to enter your nickname you wish to go by in the “Nick” section and the Channel (room) you would like to enter which is #sfxt. From there hit “connect”. This will bring up 2 new tabs at the top of the screen. One will be of the server that you connected too and the other is the room that you have entered.

There you have it, you can now chat. Have at it!

I personally like mibbit because of it’s youtube function allowing you to watch videos while still in the chat.

**MIRC **Step 1: Download Mirc here: http://www.mirc.com/

Step 2: Install the program and start it up.

Step 3: Start the program and this is the first screen you will see. First thing you want to do is click the the “file” option in the upper left hand corner as pictured. In the file options, select “select server” from the choices.

Step 4: A small box will pop up with various options. Click the “Connect” option at the top of the left hand panel. It will bring up the option to put in your nick name. Choose whatever you like. Then Click the “servers” option next.

Step 5: Select “EFnet” from the options in the server choices and select a specific server (I typically just choose random unless I am having issues connecting, choose whichever works best for you). Select the “OK” button.

Step 6: Hit the connect button (which sort of looks like a lightning bolt) which is directly under the file option in the top left the screen. It will eventually connect for you and will bring up the screen in the picture. This is the last step, just add the rooms you would like to join: #sfxt , #capcom, #efltalk, #snkplaymore, whatever you are trying to join (cross tekken room in this case).

What: SXT OTS (Online Tournament Series)
What time:
Where: Xbox Live and Playstation Network

We will have two different leagues for obvious reasons (LIVE / PSN).
Live: Co-hosted by Halfro and SGLeroy
Psn: Hosted by Ggyppt and Koji

For Your Information:
You need to check in and let me know that you are joining the tournament! Meet with up with everyone else on IRC. We are on EFnet in the #SFXT room. If you are new to IRC, no problem. I have posted some IRC tutorials on how to get into the #SFXT room with pictures above. Check those out if you are having issues getting in.

We are going to try allowing 1v1, 2v1 and 2v2 all in the same tournament for this first event. If you have teammates, all the same rules apply. Make sure you let myself know that you are running a team for the tournament and the team name.

1.Gems Allowed with following exceptions:
1a. No assist or vitality changing gems.
1b. If you are found using assist or vitality changing gems (pretty obvious based on the flash produced when they are activated), you will be asked to remove them and take a loss for the game. If you already had one loss, you will lose that match. If you are found using them again after the first initial instance, you will be kicked from the tournament (just that one).
1c. The presets in the 2013 are the only gems allowed in tournament play.

  1. All characters are allowed

  2. No game breaking glitches (running the clock with glitched characters, freezing the game etc)

  3. 1v1 2v1 2v2, double elimination, default time, default damage. 2/3 until finals, 3/5 grand finals.
    If you are doing teams, make sure you and your partner are available and ready to play.

  4. Winner(s) of a match must select the same characters and same order they chose previous game. The loser of the last match is allowed to switch characters and order if desired.

  5. If the instance arrives where two people meet and their connection is UNPLAYABLE after multiple attempts, we can do a coin flip for the winner. Sounds bad but, some things just can’t be helped.

This is open to our international friends PROVIDING THE CONNECTION IS GOOD BETWEEN PLAYERS. Everyone matched up can decided that on a case by case basis. This is a UNITED STATES BASED tournament series though so, the US players would receive favor if there are any connection issues.

What about letting the DEFAULT gems on?

(BTW I erased all the default gems, HOW I can reset that again so that everyone has their default Gems? XD)

Also, the free downloadable gems. I feel like those should be allowed if only because anyone can get em for no cost. I would also normally say no assist gems, but they’ve been nerfed to absolute oblivion so I don’t feel there’s any point in banning them.

What I would like to have happen with these tournaments is a. people start experimenting more with the game be it characters or just the engine itself and b. help to give a “venue” for people to meet other like minded “serious” players that love playing and also want to see the game grow.

I really don’t mind if the gems are on or off, either way. I just realized that I really don’t know anything about them and how they affect the game one way or the other outside of the defensive gems being used against me. I never took any time to really mess with them or how they could benefit my teams etc.

The dlc gems so far from what I’ve seen don’t really provide that much of a boost. It’s mostly just different conditions of activation. the auto gems used to be a huge problem, and now they’re virtually nonexistent. As for being of use in a team, it just varies on the person and the playstyle. Personally, I like attack and meter gems, and I try to make the activation coincide with my combos.

I think we should just ban assist gems for the first tournament and see how it comes out from there and see how it turns out. If there’s anything that needs to be changed just change it for the next tourney

I second an assist gem ban, with the exception of the Cross Assault and Pandora Extend gems.

Personally I’d go with no gems, but considering people will be able to just set up their gem sets beforehand, might as well allow everything but Assist gems.

The no-gem rule I think really limits the game as well as player creativity. Boost Gems and Gimmick Assists are fine, and the Auto-gems are so nerfed that I don’t think anyone who did these would use them anyway.

Hell yes, with boost gems on.

Boost gems are just fine.

Much better. :smiley:

I say just let everything rock. All gems.

Those are the rules for Capcom’s own tourneys.

Auto-gems got nerfed, so why not.

I thought they banned auto-gems outright? Or did they change that once they were nerfed?

I’d still be against them in a tournament environment, even with the nerfs honestly. If you’re playing in a tourney you should be able to block/tech on your own, online or not, regardless of meter requirements.

correction, capcoms own tourneys are all gems except for auto block and auto tech. Both of which are easy enough to see if someone is using unless they never have to block or tech during their matches. Still I would totally be up for entering these tournaments and think it is a great idea.

I meant the most recent Japan online tourney:

Nothing is banned in these.

Personally, I’m not a fan of auto-gems, but I’m just thinking in terms of enforcement it might be a pain if someone who doesn’t know the rules picks them or something.

I think this would be awesome. I live in England and tournaments are either rare or a complete pain to get to. As for gems I don’t see the harm in allowing the free downloadable gems. I would prefer no assist gems but with how badly they have been nerfed I don’t think it would be a deal breaker if they were used.

To be honest at this point, if you are using an assist gem it pretty much tells me how to exploit you as a player and with how much meter it eats, I think I would rather throw someone twice or use some random overheads just to deny you the meter.

Either way I’m good for this. And just in case this becomes a thing.

Gamertag: Union Garside

Wouldn’t be that bad to enforce though would it? If they’re spotted in a match using auto-gems, instant DQ. The rules would be outlined ahead of time anyway, so barring a language barrier, participants should be responsible for knowing what’s allowed and what’s not.

EDIT: I’m not worried either way, mind you. If everyone’s comfortable with it or it does make it run smoother then it’s cool with me. :slight_smile:

I’m okay if my opponent wants to use assist gems. All it means is he gets no way to safe tag while I have all the time in the world to dissect him.

You could set the matches to be played in the Endless Battle with a player hosting/spectating to make sure gems are legit(I’m pretty sure you can see what gems a player is using by looking at their player card). Plus that Endless setup immediately puts all the matches into the host player’s Battle Log(for recording purposes)