SFxT General Discussion #4 - Witty title

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Whoa time to raid the 3rd GD thread, before all the tech, tutorials etc. get buried.

Oh damn new GD thread and a Jamp sighting to boot :slight_smile:

What am I now, a rare pokemon?

College too stronk, Capcom nerf pls

Even better, a Shiny Rare.

Ah, college. The ultimate time stealer. Definitely been there, prooooooobably longer than I should’ve been lol. XD

Hit those books, good sir!

The next 25k?
Up, up and away!
2nd day of sfxt return #3184. Still okayish. I hate Dhalsim. The end.

W00T! More space that SFxT can occupy! Lot’s of talking in here for a dead game huh, amiright?


Wrong! Dead character forums, no one has locals for this game, online is dead, tournament turn outs are low, the game is dead…how was my anti sfxt impression? :smiley:

Pretty good. 8/10. Add in “on disk DLC”, “gems are broken” and “rolls are stupid mang” next time and it’ll be spot on! Oh, and some ResidentSleeper. Bitches love ResidentSleeper!

“that game is dead”… sigh…

Eye’m Numbah Won!

Don’t forget about “Footsies are too hard” and “The top tiers are murdering this game.”

So we’ve burned through 3 discussion threads already? Nice. Now if only the character forums were this active.

A new GenDis right when Xuandou Zhiwang gets their own Shoto.

Coincidence? Absolutely.

I’m going to be working on some more character walkthroughs, so I can at least contribute those. I’ll try to make the next ones… Shorter. :smiley:

nah… that was a good video… made me try Bryan for a while…

Where can we send suggestions for witty thread titles?
My first submission: “The ghost whisperers”.

I don’t think I have to explain that one :smiley:

I’ve just made my first tutorial for this game. I hope this video helps people to stop thinking Raven’s Jump HK Loop is only stylish, as it can be pretty dangerous as well.

“The Zombie Fighters”… since we are dead already…