SFV ranked rematches, do you like them...?

I wasn’t really fond of the idea of rematch option until I hopped on SFV today and started playing lame **** players lol

I love the rematches, because you can play the first match, lose, and win two and three because you know what you’re in for. You may lose to scrubby playing in round one if that type of stuff gets you, but, you won’t lose to it in the rematches…unless you’re just plain bad. The rematches allow both players to say, “dude, I won. I gave you 3 chances to win.” IMO, you’ll learn to adapt faster, and won’t be losing round one anymore…but that’s my opinion.

I also see people refusing rematches and people talking bad about them for not wanting to do rematches…which is kind of the downside of rematches…

What do y’all think about the rematches in ranked…?

For me, Capcom, good job on the store! Cool costumes, cool new titles, the rematches are a good new feature…this game is slowly…slowly…very…very…very slowly growing on me…

I think its just good ethics to win 2/3 but you do get people who run away with points. I like having the rematch option because I use the first game to adjust and feel things out.

It’s very good. The question is, will you rematch someone who is well below your rank? (I.E. 1500 pts or more less). Be honest…

Yes I would. I’m a firm a firm believer in playing people of all levels…and that all players should be shown respect.

Everyone should get rematches.

btw, I’m not assuming anything about how you play or treat other players, this is just my opinion.

It’s great but very risky for plat players for example. If they somehow get owned by a silver 1 out of 3 times they loose 200 points while they’ll get 10 for both wins.

I think points should be won only if 1) player didn’t accept rematch or 2) BO3 is done. Not every game. Remove the option to quit after game 2 if it’s 1-1.

And you get more points for winning a BO3 I guess.

In fact what they should do is ask you if you want BO3 or BO1 in the options where they ask you what kind of connection you want.

I’m using it as a tool to identify where my gameplay needs to be varied up.

I like them a lot mostly because I can bypass the load/wait times between matches. I’d like them a lot more if half the players didn’t rage quit before points are awarded.

I like it in casual matches. It bypasses loading time and gives you a chance to redeem yourself.

In ranked however, i don’t like the fact that the losing player loses points for ever match lost. Which means they can lose well over 100 points if they lose twice.

Even worst if a guy wins the first match and rage quits the second if he is about to lose. Effectively stealing your points.

Now if points were awarded ( or deducted) only After the first to two was completed, i think that would be a better model.

I would like to add that i think that when you agree to the first rematch both players should be locked into a best 2 out of 3 match instead of being able to quit a 1-1.

it’s kind of dumb when you win 2-1 and you still end up down on points. Being around 7k and getting punished for losing 1 game in a set to someone that’s 6k is pretty stupid tbh.

at that point he’s in losers bracket, and i’m down in points. so we’re both losers in the end

I’m almost at super gold thanks to the rematch option. I like it a lot =)

I re-match in casual if they are not a complete scrub, but I will not re-match someone in ranked when they are too low in points. I have had some where the point gap was 4000 and they were clearly not even a challenge.

In casual matches this option is a blessing. In ranked is actually really weird. At least this game gives you the option of staying or not, so that’s not a problem for me.

so many who puss out for a rematch. most of them are french/spanish

Honestly? I’m being a little bitch right now because I just want my goddamn Gold Trophy on PS4 :stuck_out_tongue: Really though if I end up facing a guy lower ranked then me I don’t play more than 1 game. If the same or higher I always shoot for 2/3. At Ultra Silver I lose way too much facing anyone below Silver. Once I get that trophy though I’ll probably just rematch regardless.

Its interesting to see how the dynamics change in the rematch. However I do get caught off guard if I beat the person the first round and they continue to use the exact same tactics that cost them the last round.

I rematch always, i think its disrespectfull dont give rematch to someone you just owned, maybe he had a bad game or he just wants to learn. Think about it.

No; it’s stupid. Just create a mode where it’s mandatory and one where it’s not. (I.E shortlived championship mode style). The after match screen is already pointlessly long enough. Anyone who gets their throat stomped isn’t going to rematch the guy that just beat them and give them more free points.

That’s not true. If I stomp someone, I wait on the next screen and far more often than not people rematch anyway. Sure it might not actually be a majority if you count everyone but those players definitely exist. Heck, I’m one of them

It’s really, really cool, but at the moment it’s just a points management system.
It needs works and polish, it needs his own matchmaking and the possibility to choose the rematch in the options menu.

It’s good to have it, it only need more work around it.
But first, capcom should really fix rage quitting. And the matchmaking sometimes has no sense, not even close.
Points for me is the wrost criteria to build a ranked system, just use something like starcraft 2 ladders…

what’s your LP?