SFV PS3 Stick support I found proof MAYBE

Hi all,

If you check this video https://youtu.be/S4ED3iKsHSA?t=138 which is quite recent you see Combofiend playing on what seems to be a PS3 stick, I couldn’t find any picture of a PS4 that looks like this, what do you guys think?

It’s around 2:18

Looks like a 360 stick to me.

That is an X360 SFxT Fightstick Pro. They’re playing on the PC version, so they’re using X360 sticks because the game only currently natively supports XInput devices (which is what X360 and X1 controllers use).

360 sticks confirmed for ps4

How do you maybe find proof?

Im from the netherlands so us and a language is not my native tongue

I think the word you’re looking for is evidence. Proof is when you know 100%

-Press copy 5.9GB update:
*PS3 Arcade Sticks compatible in PS4 -> Pictures:

"Last generation controller authentication for player 1" (at the bottom: "Authenticates an arcade stick compatible with PS3 or other USB devices for player 1)

Authenticating last generation controller. Plug in a PS3 compatible arcade stick or other USB devices into your PS4 USB port.
*Alex in March
*Store closed until Alex release
*The other DLC characters will be released in April, May, July, August and September
*Every character will cost 100,000 Fight Money or 600 Zenny
*Cinematic story will be released in June

  • As of now, the single player modes are: short Story Mode (3 and 5 matches per fighter with illustrations by bengus, Survival Mode and Training Mode
    *Spectator mode will be realeased soon
    *Challenge/Trial Mode in March
    *Daily challenges also in March


Oh man, this is exciting. Pretty sure they’re using LabZero’s driver given what they said before, so we’ll probably be able to just look at the Skullgirls compatibility chart for it.

I’m glad I get to keep my stick going forward, the Qanba Q2 Glow was one of the first sticks the Skullgirls team tested.

Kudos to Capcom. They made the right choice for the players. First free dlc now legacy support if they keep going like this I think its going be a bright future for them and Street Fighter.


Thank You capcom now I have an extra $200 in my bank account.


By adding PS3 legacy support to SFV just ensured this will happen.

Hopefully these guys can land on their feet. Its always horrible to lose your job.

Now all they need to do is add directimput support on the PC version and I will be happy

No it didn’t.
Maybe you didn’t notice but most old school arcade stick users are in their 30’s and that just means more and more will quit and less and less will pickup an arcade stick because they grew up with gamepads.

You can’t base your business off the dying arcade culture or dead/dying ideas in general.
Having your focus on arcade stick in 2015/2016 is like running a mom and pop store next to a Walmart.

MadCatz should’ve tried to plaster their brand all over Dota 2, CS: GO and LoL a long time ago and focus on good quality gaming peripherals in general like mice, keyboards, headsets n shit, having a line of fightpads and sticks on the side.
I know they kinda went that route, but in the beginning everything they made was hot garbage, then they made good sticks and all the rest was garbage and now they make great sticks and I don’t dare to buy anything else by them cuz I’m afraid it breaks.
Nobody outside the fgc has ever heard of any of their products.

That being said, I’m sad that they potentially have to close their doors soon and fire so much of their staff.
I’m looking forward to trying their new fightpad and hope they get their shit together as a company and that we’ll have the chance to see them at events.
MarkMan alone kept Tekken at EVO one year and their sponsored players are some of my favorite players ever.

I don’t think Mad Catz will fall under, just surely downsize. They’ll be around.

They also need to price their new stuff better. That HRAP4 for $150 is getting a lot of their costumers. A friend went with it instead of the Madcat because of the price.