SFV & MVC2 / CVS2 - Suisun CA

3/26/12 update

I moved to suisun but I’m still having grind sessions. Been getting back into cvs2 lately but umvc3 is always played and I like ae as well. Sfxt is currently ass. Bring beer and booze.

Contact me or post up if you want to play today.

Mvc3 sundays

Sup rimrattler just wanted to see if old school tilt players are welcome to the practice sessions. I remember playing you in cvs2 back at tilt and even at James house get togethers in Vallejo. Since tilt is dead I’m trying to find some practice around 707 and see if ICANN get back into it competitively.

have you always lived in cordelia? cause that place sucks balls

Yeah dude for sure! I’ll send you a PM now. We’re still playing and will be playing for a few more hours at least.

No I moved here in the last year. Where the fuck have you been? On that marvel 3 crack?

Yesterday was a success. Had some good games and I learned a lot, thanks for everyone who came by. I think we went for about 9 hours total super crack mode.

After everyone left I won 38 games straight in ranked then lost to some lame because of my own judgment mistake lol. I look forward to next week and leveling up even more! =) I can tell everyone improved from the games we had, and strategies are developing nicely.

If any new people want to attend this week post up if you have interest. We could have easily had another 4-5 players in there.

See you this weekend!

Session is today everyone. Post up for details. It will start at about 4pm.

Many thanks to everyone that came by and GGs.

This should be called the IHOP thread.

i’ll try to come next week. throw a text to me rim if there is going to me any =]

Good shit yesterday ya’ll. I think my new team will be Task/Wesker/Phx aka team faaaaaaaack.

In the future, I should be able to bring my PS3, but I need a screen for it, so let’s combine forces and get another crackpipe going for next week!

I’ll bring my asus and 360 if Kau can go again.

Hey I feel like playing today. New or old faces doesnt matter just post up or pm me. My house is easy to get to off of 680 or 80. Drinking will probably be happening so bring some or some money if you want to drink lol. I’ll Probably have the UFC card going on the side.

Want to play today. Post up if interested.

Oooh another session to go to in the 707 area! Is there only MvC3 and 3sOE?

Mostly just MvC3 lately. Once in a blue moon we will play AE but that gets dull fast.

CvS2 has been busted out a few times for kicks among other dreamcast games but not often. It’s pretty much spontaneous “what sounds like fun” between long mvc3 sessions. We even ended up playing Super Street Fighter II and World Heroes 2 on SNES, mashing on pads and all LOL. Fun times.

I am really feeling 3s right now, and I feel like my Alex is damn near unstoppable (kidding) so I would like to play more of that.

Playing today, we already started. Post or pm.

Down to play today, I have the day off. Hit me uppppp

I’m on a 82 win streak on ranked mvc3 LOL

I’m opening up tonight for some Christmas Eve Beatings!

In attendance will be special guest Ahrmon aka Blk_brotha!