SFV Lounge: Lupe please comeback! DevilJin moving to Mortal Kombat 11

I don’t know if NRS games die that quickly. Last week I was finding games in MKXL faster than I do in SFV. It may not have many tournaments, but there’s definitely a plethora of people online (on PS4 anyway).

However, I should add that MKX seems to match everyone together, regardless of win ratio/experience.



Skies of Honor is an instant entry to the best stages ever list, right along X-men CotA’s Danger Room or MSH’s Doom stage. People should feel flattered to be invited to fight in that stage (especially if they haven’t paid for it) and be spared from the blandness of the Training Stage. I had entire online sessions with that as the default and had none of this imaginary illnesses that the three people of the world presume, guess those can’t even get on a bus without an empty stomach.

I can understand the footsies issues of the beach stage but Skies? Nah, only souls akin to “Final Destination only” could hate such awesomeness of a battleground.

That fucking stage gives me motion sickness!
You put that stage in, I am not playing the fucking game and will blacklist your sorry, flat ass as soon as the match is over!

I wish I could find whoever decided about that stage to break 30+ bones in their bodies and cause them horrendous pain.
They deserve the worst.

Yet another point in Smash’s favor!

I’m bored and am going to boot up MKX… Forgive me Father.


Smash is not a fighting game, but it’s also still a better competitive fighter than Mortal Kombat. :slight_smile:

(No, I’m not really serious when I say this)

I haven’t played a mk game since that coop beat em up that was on the ps2 which is a shame since I grew up on mk I remember my dad had umk3 on the snes and the strategy guide lol. Everybody is having hype announcements and new stuff c’mon hopefully Capcom has something good in store for capcup.

You guys are toxic and rude!

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Ok played smash for a few hours now.

This game feels like a fucking alien watched fighting games and tried to recreate it but didn’t really understand what he was watching.

Like the only thing out of my whole fgc life that carries over, is I can space buttons well, everything else is just its own weird fucking thing. Learning this shit is gonna take a while.


Translation: Negan is coming to Smash!


Online today was terrible… My connection is usually good but brehh getting match up with wifi players had to cut SFV short today. Must be the Friday night weekend crowd.

Well I managed to make Super Diamond for the first time last night. But all I can think about is going 0-4 against the two Abigail players I ran into.

It feels good to accomplish this before the end of the year. But now I feel like I’m going to be stuck in the rank up rank down hell. Not being in the bottom rank(of the highest grouping) is going to be kind of scary because it’s not going to be as easy to gain points like before.


I’m one of those Final Destination only types(though i haven’t played Smash in years). I pretty much exclusively pick The Grid.

Honestly I prefer simple stages and it bugs the hell out of me when stages are overly busy, visually intrusive, or distracting. Skies of Honor is a stage fresh out of a smash cutting room floor.

Even in SFV a lot of the stages are super obnoxious with 30 FPS PS2 tier NPC’s jumping everywhere or all of the ridiculous bullshit going in the background of the CPT stages.

Forgotten Waterfall is an excellent example of a stage done right. Nice to look at, good lighting, no ridiculous background NPC’s, no distracting background noises. Sagats stage is another favorite of mine.


If Tokido picks up MK or any of the top SF players pick up MK…

…then bye to Street Fighter 5…


Tokido wouldn’t know what to do with himself playing such a superior north american fighting game.

JWONGGG played Mortal Kombat 2011

jwong was hired as a tester because they didn’t know what a money grubber he was, he went right on to enter the launch PDP big money tournament and easily win cause he had months and months experience with the game already when everyone else had to play it as it came out, like normal people.

It is one of the (sadly many) reasons why “Ban the testers” is such a thing in the NRS community.

JWONGGG had raiden in 2011 (Mortal Kombat 9)

In other news. shun joker got owned free!!!

2018-12-02 fightcade://challenge-9960-1543720412.34@ssf2xj Jion_Wansu VS shun joker