SFV Lounge: I'm still alive. Sakura's alt is kinda cute

as usuall some bullshit i dont even going to adress, just a simple fuck you, pal.

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As a note.

Near as I can tell, the RNG is fixed during a turn. So if you use the rewind, that 1% will still trigger again just like the first attempt.



NRS games are replacing each other on a 2 to 2 and a half year cycle.

In the tournament lifespan of SF5, there would’ve been 3 different NRS games at Evo: MKX, then Injustice 2 and now MK11.

I’m full of bullshit though.



Yep. Regardless of hard saves or save states too!

Another thing that RD was superior to these newfangled dating sims.

In other news, I opened up my Fates save and remembered why I got pissed off at it.

Got 3 characters sitting on their thumbs at level 20 because I ran out of Master Seals. Can’t even RNG them like in Awakening.

And there’s the weapon system.
And the characters that are more interesting than watching paint dry are kinda ass. (Shoutouts to Setsuna)

Shame, I was really interested in how the story played out. Guess I’ll just read the scripts and see if Valentia isn’t asscheeks.

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Valentia is strange (and the original gaiden is strange).

It does a lot of really cool things, but you can see why they went back to the old formula for FE3.

Three houses does pull a lot of ideas from gaiden though, they are just much more refined. Most notably the lack of a weapon triangle.

Also Valentia is old school, so waiting until lvl 20 to promote really isn’t smart or a good use of time.

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FYI - Thank you for adding the Ignore User function


I remember that save state carryover being a thing since Sacred Stones or before lol.

Probably got updated somewhere in Discourse’s functionality.

Gonna have to check what the full rules are for it. One of the beta requirements was having a certain user level.

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This weekend gonna be :fire:


Actually, I think you’re right. Battle saves in RD did reset the RNG tho.

nigga NRS sucks ass don’t you ever say anything good about them here again!

Listen! To all you trogs that ride Ed Coons shaft take that shit to TYM!!!


I’ll do my best to have a performance worth rooting for :slight_smile:


We’re rooting for you even if you suck. Deal with it darling! #SRKersUnite


I just saw that Relius goes 10 places up on my shitlist.

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Where is this ignore function located? I don’t see it anywhere and afaik it wasn’t even a thing on discourse

Will… I’m gonna use your real name here because this is important. Look man you’ve contributed allot to the awesomeness of this place. Despite you constant self put downs, you’ve grown so much and it makes me feel proud to say I know you. I don’t want you to feel like you have to prove anything to anyone here. Go there, network, have fun and relax. Don’t let the nerves get to you buddy. At the end of the day we are all in this struggle together. I’ll be cheering for<3…

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