SFV Lounge: I'm still alive. Sakura's alt is kinda cute

Hol up, is that Jin? I don’t remember this scene in the terrible anime.

Fire Emblem Awakening is the only FE I’ve played through so it’ll be interesting going through Three Houses

And re-experiencing 1% crit rates that hit every damn time

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When T7 starts to wind down and they start considering doing Tag Tournament 3, Harada will pitch TxSF instead.

I agree with his assessment that it’s kinda hard to pitch TxSF while T7 is going strong and pulling numbers. I honestly expect at least two more seasons.

Even Appo agrees!

I remember trying to recruit Ricken, parking him in a fort and him taking a crit and dying to a 50% Hit Chance, 1% Crit generic Axe Bandit.

Worst part is that only a crit would kill him, so I was totally cool with him tanking a hit since I’d be able to pair him up with someone on the next turn.

If you don’t know Arturo Sanchez by now then you may not be paying close attention to the scene. Dude has been a mainstay for literal decades.

Jibbo is also a massive techmonster of years. Dude is constantly releasing stuff on the twitters now.


Yes thats him, or more his players if CF gets ever another Balance Patch.

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Arturo didn’t get in, lmao.

In my heart he did.



how dare you

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HA! You won’t even exist after Evo. You and all your spiteful kin will burn to cinder at very sound of the announcement… The first utterance alone…

Just like that…

I wish I could say it was nice knowing you… But alas, it was clearly not. This is goodbye @Cipher


Any reveal for GBFV is not made by ASW but Cygames, the same as how Namco is the one that handles DBFZ

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Right back at ya!

There was some gold tho, can’t call it terrible.

Edit: Damn circular AV’s, I wanted to use that.



The houses is basically the awakening formula taken even further. So if you like awakening you should like 3 houses.


Streaming Schedule



Yes to Sajam, JC, and Ultradavid! But where are Logansama and Matt? </3

I guess the announcement will happen just before or right after Top 8 on Sunday.

Isn’t that rage from 1% crits just glorious? Shoutout to those 3% hit chances finding their mark too! :joy:

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This is probably one of the funniest sentences ever uttered by an NRS stan.

There is a force bigger than the Infinite Gauntlet.