SFV Lounge: Cammy at the Falken bottom, Makoto is in final phases, Leo Alex is broken

@vhozite Since you posted it before I made the post I’ll let it slide, but basically anything under my post needs to be spoilered if people don’t want to have issues. Standard lingerie stuff is ok, but gifs with a lot of moving parts especially needs to not be all over the place during work week.

It’s pretty easy you just type [spoiler] on top of the picture then [ /spoiler]on the bottom of the picture



[ /spoiler] (obviously no space where the dash is)

It may show up in blue text depending on file, but they can just highlight over it if they want to see it. Can also use hide details in the text options with the cogwheel icon.


Guess I can’t browse srk at work anymore…cool


Guess I should read the thread 1st, lol.

Sadly I already got a coworker looking at me like I’m crazy because I opened srk to Booty…which really sucks. Hopefully it doesn’t cause any long term issues.


Shoutout to whoever fixed my picture

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Reminder that Guile is trash now and Ultra Diamond Guile players are now using Akuma like bitches.

Cammy is broken because she plays SF4 in SFV.

M. Bison and Birdie have been top tier since Season 1 and it took 3 years for the lemmings to catch on.

Juri, Sakura, Laura and Falke do not belong in SFV.

Zangief and Akuma are the only real S Tier.

Karin deserves this as new outfit.

Regional bias, shame!

I attended an abortion fundraiser organized by satanists over the weekend.

What did you guys do with your time?


I am relearning the forgotten art of knitting in my free time.
I also distil rum at home and age it so that the rum is never gone at my house.


Take any pics of the satanist?

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Still owe a different thread a write up but turns out most satanists are Larpers.

A friend of mine behemwntly denied this before going to it. The person there basically admitted to it.

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You may have forgotten knitting, but any even slightly hipsterish white woman in the US has about a 40% chance of blowing up her Instagram with photos of knitting needles on any given day.

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I don’t even have an Instagram nor plan on getting an account there, though.
My knitting shall remain a closeted secret!

A plot by the APA to diagnose all people suffering from Narcissitic Personality Disorder by enabling their bad behavior.

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If you repackage that post correctly, I bet you could get The Church of Scientology to believe it to be literally true.


clears throat “Da Fuq!?”

This is cute and very, VERY situational.

Ya’ll here talking abortion meanwhile I am reproducing some more


Most “satanic” cults are just a big joke. I don’t mean that as demeaning, but they are usually astheists, who use the trappings of religion to point out the silliness of protections offered to religion by government. If you look at the satanic temple “core values” you will notice that it’s the most niceu-nicey hippy stuff ever, but it’s wrapped up in the imagery for the devil. As I said before, it’s really all a big joke.

I have an alarming number of friends/acquaintances who have taken up knitting. It’s not just the women though.

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Eww, cooties.
Congrats on the on-forming new hell spawn.
My sympathies to your wife who will have to carry it for 9 months. It sucks!

On knitting, it is awesome, relaxing, helps with hand-eye coordination and anger management. Everyone should do it!
I haven’t snapped more than a few knitting needles in half so far!

I also feel the urge of learning how to make pickles and will try my hand at it this next weekend.
Why did I get all those desires to learn old women hobbies out of sudden? :thinking: