SFV Lounge: Cammy at the Falken bottom, Makoto is in final phases, Leo Alex is broken

When’s Cammy?

Makoto is on the way don’t worry. C.Viper is too. LOL Honda


Yes you are welcome for the news. Papa Always Delivers

Worst CFN Warriors

  1. Twinblades (dipped the tip back into Diamond, back to Super Diamond hell)
  2. FlyingVe (new and pretty bad doesn’t know Kolin’s neutral is busted, give her more walk speed Kappa)
  3. Akhos (tried to pick up irrelevant characters like Abigail, Ed is already bad enough)
  4. BeaIank (I don’t know why exactly this time, but here ya go)
  5. Edmund (Lost to Zioserpe in FT10 and he don’t even play LMAO)

Discourse 101 shit

If you want to quote a post either

  1. Highlight the text you want and click on the word quote in grey
  2. Reply specifically to their post and then hit the quote bubble in the post options

If You Want to Bypass Character Limit

  1. Inform yourself in this Thread about how it works!

  2. Use a picture/gif

  3. Type whatever shit post you want, hit enter to go to next line, then mash/hold the - (hyphen) button on your keyboard. Will put a subtle grey line under whatever you shitposted and get you going. If you don’t feel like carrying the code bypass around this works too. Can also be used to put spaces inbetween certain paragraphs/ideas.


Might have to pickup Alex just for that costume…


It’s pretty broken IMO. Will put Alex over the limit.


And ya’ll are still weird.


I’ve leveled up a bit, but staying in ultra diamond is just not possible for me now.
I can beat some good players, but I also loose to laggy abigails or giefs too often.
I have to start using srk as aa. Reactions are just not there.
But it is nice seeing the progress.

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That Ultra Diamond to Master grind is the probably the hardest grind out of them all. You have to maintain a good win percentage and can’t really afford to lose to Diamonds.

And there in lies my problem, I go 2-1 against Diamonds a lot. It sucks spending an hour or two grinding ranked and making no progress. Hell last night I gained 300 points and got to my highest total so far and that felt like a mountain to climb lol.


Wanna do BL? I’ll be home in a bit if you’re still up.

That’s fine. Next thread I won’t be there.
Road to diamond starts on my birthday. :angry:
And ain’t no one gonna stop me.

Can’t play anymore tonight but some other time for sure. I’ve been wanting to play more of you guys but it just hasn’t happened yet. Only person I have played on here is DevilJin. And it’s been a pretty long time since that happened.

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May Muscle Power guide you all.

This new vessel will do nicely thank you


I enter the new thread like a gentleman!


I like this new thread


I’ll rematch Zioserpe when Cammy gets a command grab, rekka, fireball + air fireball and an overhead normal.

new thread deserves new friends



I am starting to grow a certain dislike for this new thread.
It is clearly not as good as the old one!

Fuck it i can’t figure out how the spoilers work


Boobs and butts are cool and all, but it’s about time for work in Americas soooo

Make sure any real lewd/egregious boob/butt pics get put in spoilers so they can be screened from view. May have some people looking while in offices with bosses who wanna give them shit. Be respectful or otherwise warnings go out.

Thanks and carry on with sticking to Evo’s core values