Sounds like you better call Sony customer service at this point

Definitely. Don’t leave it to chance and miss out on the beta. Call somebody ASAP.

Call ONO!!!


Honestly, this was the first thing that you should have done.

On the topic of the upcoming beta, what are the chances that they’ll have simple local 1v1, even if it’s only for four days?

I mean I know the point is to test their net code but clearly they are capable of implementing it since they are constantly letting people play against each other at expos and cons and stuff.

Or is it the Capcom is afraid the pc players will hack the beta and if local 1v1 is available people will be able to mess around with those characters all they want before launch?

Matt just came out with an interview. Nitro asked why did they switch up the character roster and not allow us to test changes to the old ones.

Matt promptly responded that the beta is primarily to test netcode and cross play. Meaning the chances of 1v1 local play are near zero. Maybe in the 3rd beta.

I guess its possible to assume that the offline events like SCRs exhibition are probably more so used to gather competitive data. They just don’t seem to have intention for the betas to test anything other than pure functionality.

Beta is live for the time being. Mika and Vega are playable

Is it down already?

Yup its down. I will notify again if I hear it goes back up. I heard people are getting the 2100d message


The Japanese Beta is live atm, and the global one starts on the 22nd, correct?

Just making sure. :smile:

bout to check right now, its 530 AM on the east coast in the states

ehh, can’t get into either account right now.

Yeah ya’ll made me just check, I checked all 3 of my accounts and no go.

2100e is the common error when the beta is not live right? I just checked myself and no luck. I just don’t want to be getting that error on Thursday when the playing is supposed to start. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup. 2100d = you’re fucked the server is down.

It seems they got really stable towards the end of the first beta so I assume the second beta should run a lot smoother. PC may cause some hijinks, but hopefully that goes in smoothly otherwise.

They also still have the “Currently unable to play SF5” message and I think the number on that was like 21001 or something. I saw it a few times during the week.

can we get some kind of countdown timer?? I need this beta in my life …


It’s updating right now, hopefully there’s a quick stress test right after