SFIII: Third Strike OR Capcom vs. SNK 2?!

I can’t decide which one’s better… SFIII has great gameplay and quality to it, but Capcom vs. SNK 2 has so many characters! In your opinion, which is your favorite between the two and why? Are there any other 2D fighters that you like better than this? I think Samurai Showdown V, Capcom Fighting Evolution, KOF 2000-2001, and Marvel vs. Capcom 2 all sucked.

What does it matter???
Just play and enjoy them both.

these type of threads are still allowed?

I dont think any of those games you mentioned suck. The best 2d fighters are cvs 2 and sf3 tho. Which is better? hmm sf 3 has killer killer animation. Cvs 2 gameplay is perfect. I dunno lol.

Definitely CvS2, but not just for the fact that I can play that game at a decent skill level.

I also think the tiers are a bit much more rigidly defined in SFIII than CvS2.

Haha: “So many characters”. 3rd Strike, and, this is dumb.

I’m going to give you negative reputation. Partially because I don’t like this thread, and partially because I really want to be able to hover over your rep tag and have it say “SFIII is at strike three”.



both games suck super donkey balls

and i dont mean super like ‘alot of’

i mean like donkeys (plural) with super powers

If you’re looking at a game to play seriously, I would suggest “Street Fighter 3: Third Strike.” It’s the last version of “Street Fighter 3” and is a really fun game with a good pace and solid gameplay.

“Capcom vs SNK 2” is a really solid game, but I always find myself getting bored of it pretty quickly. It doesn’t seem to be as popular as “3S,” either.

This is just my suggestion and I’m sure there are plenty of people who will say the opposite.

I prefer 3rd Strike.

As in Digital Booty’s case,CVS2 is a fun game,but I could not imagine myself playing it for long amounts of time.

isn’t your name SFIII?..o.0

3rd strike is much much better.

I get a negative reputation for creating a fun thread for people to post their opinions?!

You have to understand that this thread amounts to little more than fighting-game related spam.

Asking these questions doesn’t do anything but clog up the forums. Seriously.

I’ve been playing Third Strike longer, and I enjoy it. However, I much prefer Capcom vs SNK 2. My favorite fighting game was Marvel vs Capcom 2 for years, but I’ve come to like games that are a bit more…tame, we’ll say. However, if Marvel vs Capcom 2 is at one end of that spectrum, TS is certainly at the other. The small roster and number of specials usually leaves me wanting more. And as a result, I never end up playing it for more than a half hour at a time, these days. CvS 2 can hold my interest for an hour or two, easily.

I play KOFXI more than any other game lately, to offer some perspective.

Don’t sweat it, it’s just colored bars. Does anyone play any fighting games where you live? Any arcades near by?

if more characters means better fighting game… uh… you must not know what you’re talkin about hahaha… anyways dont mvc2 have more characters? i dont count…

I want to clarify that I didn’t negative rep you at all. Partially because I actually can’t.

ur name is SFIII…i would figure that would be the answer!