SFIII 3rd Strike (SUPERCADE/GGPO/nFBA,etc) Palmod palettes fair

Welcome to the official PALMOD palette edits for SFIII 3rd Strike thread !

This first post is under permanent reconstruction but should host most of the useful info relative to PALMOD and 3S graphics editing as PALMOD is not the only prog we use anymore.

**What can I edit ?
Everything. But in two complementary ways.

1) PALMOD is a nice little program built by SuupaBuu / Knarxed a couple years ago (everybody thank Suupa !) that allows you to change character colours of the arcade version of SFIII 3rd Strike.

[Download PALMOD (http://zachd.com/mvc2/colors/palmod/releases)
so far, we can say it has a couple bugs, but it’s really not a big deal as it’s much more user friendly and flexible than the old one.

If for some reason, you don’t like the newer, better, stronger PALMOD, you can still use the old version, which is not as complete and user friendly, but pretty solid and bug free :
Download the old PALMOD V1.0

2)ESN’s tools + photoshop (or another image editor). After messing with PALMOD for a while, SuupaBuu realized he couldn’t expand his prog further to allow us to edit stages and misc stuff. But ESN came up with ideas and a set of new tools that we now use for fine tuning characters pals built in PALMOD and more importantly, for stages editing and everything else (ever got bored with lifebars or dudley’s rose, or fireballs ?).
As this post is still very messy, please use the searchtool on this page to find info relative to ESN or various PALMOD aspects.
As for info on editing stages I havan’t had the time to add it here, but you’ll find a bunch or posts about it on pages 28 and 29 .

If you want to show your own edits, I suggest you post up an ingame screenshot (save it as .png or .gif and avoid JPEG as it messes up colours), or use the built in export image function of PALMOD V 2.0.

To share palettes, you can either copy paste colour values here (select all colours of a palette in PALMOD, hit ctrl+c, and paste it here, in a

 box preferably),  upload your palettes on something like rapidshare (or anything more convenient) or the best way nowadays is to upload it on [ESN's online palettes database](http://ensabahnur.free.fr/ModifiedPalettesDB/index.php).

As a welcome gift, and to get you started, here is a little edit I made, of all the LP colours of the game. They're not all top edits and fit the classic colour schemes, but that should be something to get you started. I, along with many other talented colour nerds posted tons more that you'll find along the pages of this thread, check it out !


[click here to download the above palettes](http://rapidshare.com/files/271299772/51_ANJ_classics.zip.html)

Interesting link :
[Online Console Colours database (DC)-new gen, 2nd Impact, and 3rd Strike-](http://www.zytor.com/~johannax/jigsaw/sf/3s.html)
it can be of help if you want to steal some of the extra pals present only on the console port.

PS:I am too lazy to make a whole tutorial on how to use PALMOD, plus it is very easy now that there is a preview button and that you can select several colors by using the 'ctrl' key (most important thing, always work in PALMOD with the "show 32" box checked (located down right).

PPS: Always do a backup of the original file 51 !!!!

PALMOD is an ongoing project, we're all busy with life, but we work on improving the tool.
Basic PALMOD allows you to edit all 7 colours of every character (Shin Gouki included, and Gill excluded) and a few extras, like Ken's DP flames, or Oro's Tengu objects.
Since its release, a few tame warriors entered the ring to expand our tool's possibilities and allow us to search for new entries and edit possibly everything in the game.

The dedicated place to search for extra palettes is ESN's site.
He put together a set of tools (that he keeps improving) that allow you to search for extra palettes in a few ways, and collect hex addresses that other people found and added to an online extra palettes database.

[click here to access ESN's search tools and extras online database](http://ensabahnur.free.fr/ROM_51_SearchColor/)

I wrote a couple lines at the end of this post about it and how to add extras to PALMOD. Please, read that before asking.

I guess I should start a FAQ about Palmod, etc... I'll edit this post from time to time, filling in the answers to most common Questions, here we go.
to start off, here's a recommended way to work with PALMOD, it makes things a lot easier, so check out [LET's method by clicking here.](http://forums.shoryuken.com/showpost.php?p=5819174&postcount=304) or here is the quoted post :

"I usually have Palmod open twice, one program is the default 51 file, the other program is my edited 51 pallette, so I tend to copy and paste and store backups in the default window of palmod.
I keep it as a backup with all the original pallettes in, but I often use it to store WIP edits. If you make changes, or copy and paste a previous 'state' you can click apply to keep it there for the moment. I do that but don't go ahead and patch, so then I can store these as WIPs until I'm happy I've finished them. Then when I have I just re-load the old file again.
I also find it useful to reference the original art and shading etc so I can check which tones should be lighter than which etc.


I probably didn't need a preview but just to clarify, above is my backed up 51 file, below is the one that I'm editing (that Mame uses). I find this is a really handy way to work. It also means I can compare and switch between different characters quickly, so if I want to compare a black gi version of Ryu to a black gi version of ken, I can see them in comparison nice and quickly."

:wink:**PALMOD FAQ:**:wink:

**Q:**does it work online?

**A:** **Yes** and no... Online, each player loads their game information for themselves, without it affecting the other player's game (in fact, MAME uses the nvram, I think). So, you can still use your colours online, but will be the only one to see them unless you're playing a friend that patched his rom with your palettes.

**Q:**My palette doesn't show up in game/how do I make it work?

**A:** easy, patch your file 51 in PALMOD, then paste it in your rom, then ...

-if you're using MAME :
make sure you disabled the new roms autosearch on startup, if you perform that search with the moded rom, mame will notice a change in the file size and assume it's not working, taking it out of your available list. (if you're adding roms sometimes, and thus have to perform that search for new roms, restore your sfIII rom to its original 51 file, then, replace your original file 51 with the moded one again)
Then, in your MAME folder, go into your nvram folder (c:/mame/nvram) and delete the file with the name of your rom.
now, you can start the game, and a new nv file will be created, using your pals.

-if you're using CPS3 emu :
unzip your rom (and be sure not to have a zipped version of that rom in your roms folders or the emu will prefer using the zipped instead of the unzipped)

-if you're using Final Burn Alpha Shuffle:
you only need the NOCD rom (means you don't need to have the sfiii3 normal rom).
File>Load Game... use the "list" tab and make sure you checked "Show Available Only" and "Disable CRC Check", then go on the "System" Tab and "Rescan ROMsets..."
Launch the game, and go Misc>Save settings to .ini now

contrary to what I stated earlier, it works fine despite nFBA lacks the option "disable CRC check" thus, what happens is you'll get an error message (since the emu will notice the rom size changed a bit) just before the game loads, but all you have to do is being quick at pressing the "OK" button  (or "enter" on your keyboard). then it works ok.
**Q:** Possible problems to get it to work in nFBA/GGPO/SUPERCADE :

**A:** -make sure you moved the regular sfiii3.zip rom outside of your emu folder, I'm not sure, but it seems that if the emu notices something wrong in the NOCD rom, it'll use the files from the parent (here sfiii3.zip).
-"the game is not on my available list since I patched" find it manually, launch the game and save your settings, I think that's what puts the game back in your available list.

(btw, SUPERCADE is based on nFBA, so it's exactly the same).

I never really figured out exactly how to do it, but a bit like mame, all you have to do, is trick the emu in first recognizing the unpatched rom, saving your settings to .ini (in the Misc tab) after you launched the game, quit nFBA, patch your rom, relaunch from the list (it must be on the list since you saved the settings, the emu acknowledges it's a working rom, as long as you don't rescan) and save your settings to .ini again.
however, I'm not sure which step is critical and really needs to be done in order to get it to work, but it defenetly works.
Only, you'll get an error message and you just need to press "OK" fast.

Now it works off and online, enjoy ;)

**Q:** How do I add other objects into PALMOD ?

**A:** create a .txt file named "sfiii3e.txt" (without quotes of course) and put it in the same folder as your PALMOD executable.
Then, in this file, add hex values of  where the desired palette's address starts and ends in the following form :

0x00address begining
0x00address ending

examples :

Ryu fireball
Oro Yagyou+Fireball

save your file, and open PALMOD, your extras will be listed after Yun, stacked after each other, but won't feature any preview.
Note that if you made an invalid entry in your txt file (like a bad address), palmod won't start !!

now, how do you find extras addresses ???
you can use the ones that we painfully found ourselves and added to ESN's database, or you can even search for others that ain't listed right now, using the same tools on ESN's page if you feel like helping.

[ESN's tools](http://ensabahnur.free.fr/ROM_51_SearchColor/)

These tools are pretty self explanatory and easy to use, so please, give it a try before asking here.
I don't have time to explain that or to make a tuto for it, sorry, but for some basic info, you can check these 3 posts where ESN explains a few things. Then, it's pretty easy to figure.

[ESN 1](http://forums.shoryuken.com/showpost.php?p=5871904&postcount=347)
[ESN 2](http://forums.shoryuken.com/showpost.php?p=5874050&postcount=354)
[ESN 3](http://forums.shoryuken.com/showpost.php?p=5874440&postcount=356)

Now Stages and everything else are, theoretically for the latter,fully  editable.
It's not very difficult to add more stuff to ESN's site and expand the range of the editable objects (we've already done stages) but it's a boring and painstaking process, especially when you've taken care of adding lots of new complicated stuff like stages.
So, YOU can help us by following the little tuto that ESN wrote to explain how exactly you add something new to the database. Still WIP, but if you follow it to the word you'll get there.

[ESN's "How To" add new stuff ????](http://ensabahnur.free.fr/how-to.html)


Last words, here are a couple posts from later on in this thread, where LET and I discuss a couple things about light and colours in a general manner.
This is not intended to be rules that you must follow, but just general info for those interested in colour and light.
Your first rule should always be to enjoy yourself making palettes.
[colour discussion (1st post - by me)](http://forums.shoryuken.com/showpost.php?p=5906207&postcount=367)
[colour discussion (2nd post - by LET)](http://forums.shoryuken.com/showpost.php?p=5906306&postcount=368)
[colour discussion (3rd post - by me)](http://forums.shoryuken.com/showpost.php?p=5906349&postcount=369)
**Additional threads that you may like :
[Complete "How to Change the Music in MVC2 + How to make your game selfboot" Thread](http://shoryuken.com/f158/complete-how-change-music-mvc2-how-make-your-game-selfboot-thread-67472/) involves PALMOD and works for DC and PS2 version as far as I know.
[Fighting game modding/romhacking thread](http://shoryuken.com/f177/fighting-game-modding-romhacking-thread-242372/)

edit: preppy updated links

I am just wondering what the purpose of palettes are. When you use one of these, can only you see it, or can the other guy see it as well (online)? Is it more or less like the CVS2 color change mode or am I on the wrong track here?

Online, each player loads their game information for themselves, without it affecting the other player’s game (in fact, MAME uses the nvram, I think).
So, no, any online random player won’t see you custom palette, but you will (if you have a friend you’re playing often, he can patch his rom if he likes the new colour and then he will see it online).

The purpose is customizing your 3S.

First I did some for the fun of it, on the chars I use, but then online, I came across a shitload of Uriens using this smurf colour I dislike so much. Every single one of the Uriens I came across used that dang colour!
So I made a palette for Urien. Now, when a guy pick the smurf Urien, he sees it (as he must like it), but I don’t.

And Urien is not alone… there are other chars with other palettes that really bother me and that people keep picking.

Ok, seriously, I don’t like every palette in the game, and I bet I’m not the only one, some will want some SFCE palettes back, maybe, some will get creative and go from scratch…
It’s just nice and fun and still works when you play home with a friend.

All I did was change SFII color (RH) Ryu’s hair to brown (from the HP palette)


most of what I got

wow, cool, you really did a lot of them.
Some are really nice!:karate: (some are plain weird too, but that’s the whole fun of it:wgrin:) and a lot are good starts for more work, maybe.
If I get bored of working, I’ll try to edit some maybe.
Thanks for showing up.

Another newbie question: when you perform a color change (the process, that is), do you have to re-color every frame of animation, or is there a simpler way to do it? Just want to know before I get into it.

to answer your question, you don’t have to recolor every frame.
This is the exact purpose of palettes (that and colour limitation).

The whole spriteset of a char shares the same exact colours (for 3S, the max is 64 colours per char but all do not use 64, it depends on the char, Twelve, per example uses just a few, you see why…).

Often, in a palette, you’ll notice a few colours that are not visible all the time on the sprite, ex: the red inside ryu’s mouth. It’s visible only on a frame where ryu opens his mouth, still, a palette records every colour used by a spriteset/character.
Every char in this game has a total of 7 palettes (6 buttons, plus LP+HP+MK), except Shin Akuma, who has two, and Gill which is not even in PALMOD.
A palette is a different colour arrangement which is applied to the whole spriteset.
Got it?:wgrin:

And I didn’t reply at first about your question about CVS2, it had been years I haven’t seen that game, yes, as I recall, this is the same kind of stuff that lets you recolour your chars, but if I recall correctly, you had certain limitations on the colours you could apply (certainly to avoid users to make a complete mess :wgrin:).
Here, you have no limitation, you can colour ryu’s mouth green, and his light skin purple and the shadows a yellow bright.
Or you can do a nice palette, just try the prog and use the preview button, it’s very easy to use.

think of making a backup of the original file 51 though !

CVS2 has no limitations on color. You can arrange just about anything through RGB. I think you maybe thinking of Soul Calibur 3. The only “limitation” to CVS2 color editing is that there are far less color per character, and often times, colors are used in unexpected areas. Like a mid skin tone will be used on an accent on the clothes or shading elsewhere.

ah yes, my bad, didn’t remember.
From your sig I get you’re a palette maniac too ? :wgrin:
Have you done some for 3S?

Im gonna make me some :smile:

Only made one so far, and it’s not really finished yet

that’s a good start, since you said it’s not finished yet, I hesitate giving feedback now… but I guess it won’t hurt, just don’t mind me if it comes too early.

Be careful with akuma, as you noticed, the lighter colours on the balls of his necklace share colors with his shoulders > look closely at his forearms/face/feet and then at the shoulders which are slightly desaturated.
Also, it’s not like it is impossible, but the grey shoes look a bit odd… it’s a bit like he’s wearing silver ones right now :wink: why not after all, just be conscious of that.

i’ve only made one so far:

I was coloring a Ken and it turns out that his BELT color is tied to his HAIR color (on a throw whiff - could be eye brows, but they blend) and eye color (always). I colored his belt red, so this is pretty annoying since this big blotch of red appears for me on his face anytime I whiff a throw. And if I land a toward throw, a little bit of red appears on his neckline. Wish I could polish up these few frames of animation that are giving me trouble. (Ken’s belt in general causes me trouble - you can’t change the color easily without it looking like crap.) Any suggestions?

ha shoot! I checked…
You’re right, ken’s pupils share colour with his belt (and possibly on certain frames also the eyebrows as you said, I didn’t go as far as applying the new palette to test it in game)
You can’t do anything but changing his belt back to black (unless you want him to have coloured eyes/brows).
There are some limitations because of these shared colours, but it’s not that bed, you can still do lots of things.

And Str[e]ak, nice to see other people contribute…
What about making his shirt/shoes colours different shades of grey/black as in his EX palette? here you’re completely flattening out the shape… well, maybe this is precisely what you like :wink: just asking though…

Hey peeps, what about posting your pal file? (I’m not asking that to you Rock Lee, you have too many to bother doing that I’m afraid…)
So that we can try it in game… I find it very difficult to “see” what a char really looks like when he’s on this flat colour background…

not exactly the look i was going for but looks very Sin City, still have to adjust few colours i.e hand outline and back.

hehe, cool !
pretty unexpected, but cool.
yup, looks close to finished there and it looks good in game.
Anyways, the original oro looks a lot like sin city’s yellow bastard.

this is my first one and im pretty impressed by it… this is my “black mak” lol

i set it to my default (lp) button but when i start the game, it wont show… what else do i need to do besides pasting it in zip folder?

yo !
easy, to use it in game :

patch your file 51 in PALMOD, then paste it in your rom, then …

-if you’re using MAME :
make sure you disabled the new roms autosearch on startup, if you perform that search with the moded rom, mame will notice a change in the file size and assume it’s not working, taking it out of your available list. (if you’re adding roms sometimes, and thus have to perform that search for new roms, restore your sfIII rom to its original 51 file, then, replace your original file 51 with the moded one again)
Then, in your MAME folder, go into your nvram folder (c:/mame/nvram) and delete the file with the name of your rom.
now, you can start the game, and a new nv file will be created, using your pals.

-if you’re using CPS3 emu :
unzip your rom (and be sure not to have a zipped version of that rom in your roms folders or the emu will prefer using the zipped instead of the unzipped)

-if you’re using Final Burn Alpha :
damn, I don’t know, and I don’t have time to search a workaround… if someone finds out, I’d be glad to add it here :wink: