SFII Turbo: HF - Bad Times Thread

So the pluggers must be known!!! Im ranked 29. My tag name is RandomJames and I was playing #3 and #36 and they just plug everytime I played him. So I want people to avoid these two players. “Turboxslang” and “thepreciseone” So dont play these people. They already have bad REP online. So when you do encounter them in quick match. Just chill there and dont pick you chars so they can just DC because those 2 are just plain scrubs…

can you manually add people to your do no play list?:confused:

From what I have seen if you pick the negative rep you dont play him again.

Thats actually not true for ranked matches. I gave AGENTKILLA47 negative feedback for dropping on me and it so happens he dropped on me 8 more times after that. It sucks you cant see who your are fighting in ranked matches.

Bad Games to the 30 or so people that pulled on me today.

BGs to ranked games. Not even worth it IMHO.

I’ve just been sticking with Quarter matches. Semms like every other person you play in the ranked matches drop.

Why the hell do people quit on you after you pull off one or two little combos akes off 1/3 of their lifebar? My last 7 matches I’ve had people dropping on me.

At least have the damn decency to try and finish the fight. God, maybe the person doing the combos might slip up and you could counter them and maybe even WIN THE MATCH!!!

Damn straight! Traditional match or quarter mode, so so much better.

LuRoct. The first dropper I’ve met in 70-odd games, believe it or not.

Bad game to Die Hard 666-he’s getting up there in the rankings, but will quit faster than his Ken fireball/DP trap gets busted.

Bad games to every dropper in the fuckin world! I cant stand you bitches!!! Yall ruinin the game for everybody!

Just once you get the achievement, leave ranked mode. Its not worth it.

The biggest lamer of them all is some dude named Jakob. He’s #1 on the rankings. Plays a really, really SCRUBBY Bison (All he does is do Psycho Crusher, Throw, repeat, and it’s not a hard strategy to beat, at all). I’ve never lost to this guy, and yep, you got it, he pulls at the win quote screen.

The neg rep system definitely doesn’t work as I played him several times, still. The best thing we can do is file a complaint every single time he plays us. Maybe SOMEONE in the higher ups will notice the overwhelming complaints, and actually ban that booger.

I played that Jakob fag as well. I not only beat his shitty Bison but he then drops like a true pussy.

I filed complaints against him as well…can’t wait until his daddy finds out he was banned from xbl :rofl:

the more and more bad reps to give to someone they notice and they end up banning you for a month or so

Wait…are you saying that they ban YOU for giving a lot of ass-hats a bad rep? Or that they ban the droppers once their rep is down to zero?

Tiresomejunk dropped on me in back to back games today, even after his counter character attempt failed in the first match. The 2nd match I had to wait on the select screen for about 20 seconds before he finally gave in and got tired of waiting for me so he could counter character select. What a bum.

I have never seen so many players quit after just one round. Shit is too funny. :rofl:

Same thing happened to me. what a homosexual man.