SFII: Hyper Fighting (Xbox 360)

Just a reminder for Xbox 360 owners (as if you need it), Hyper Fighting is released on Marketplace this Wednesday…

It’s going to be a total noob safari for the first few weeks, I swear to god. Here’s hoping it costs 400 points.

Aww yeah. I just finally found a DOA stick today after looking all over hell for one, so I’m ready, set, go. The stick feels a little bleh, but it’ll do…for now. Anyway, I can’t wait! :woot:

i believe hyper fighting is confirmed to cost 800 points…ah well, because i’m still getting it anyway.

Wo else from srk is going to be on?

That would be me.:wgrin:


me too, can’t wait. Oh yeah, decoy i don’t accept your requests on AE becuase i can’t play SF2 on the stick i have. Blanka’s gonna get wrecked on HF

No prob man. I look forward to chomping on that skull.:wgrin:


I too will be on.

You must defeat my scrubby Ryu to stand a chance.

Who’s gonna be rocking the top-tier Xbox 360 pad online then?

I know I’m gonna have to…

I tried SF Hyper at Comic Con with pads, and it was better than I expected. Not as good as joysticks, of course, but fun enough until one is released or you make your own. I wasn’t having many problems dping jump-ins or doing combos. Didn’t try Zangief 360 though.

If you play hyper on the DOA4 Hori stick it works fantastic…for those of you who are used to playing on P360/Competition joysticks (IE myself), you may have a bit to get adjusted, but overall id say its a good port

good to hear, i’m gonna go on a man hunt for the doa stick tomorrow

Haha bitch, I got one already.

Btw, decoy is gonna get served.

Good luck man! I literally had to call over 20 Electronic Boutiques until I found one that had ONE in stock. I’m pretty sure the stick was a edition limited run(ie they didn’t make any), and I don’t think they’re making them anymore. Although if SF2T on XBLA takes off maybe they’ll do another run, or release a SF version of the stick. But, I wouldn’t hold my breath…

For real?

I tried the Partnernet version a few weeks back and couldn’t get dp to come out more than 50% of the time, ended up using crouching fierce as anti-air instead, simply because I could rely on it more. Likewise, ticking into SPD with Gief just didn’t happen. Head said yes, pad said no.

Eh, doesn’t matter that much to me cos I use Balrog and I have no problem with charge moves, but going back to pad was pretty tough.

I will be on, I hope they release it at midnight. I am finally going to learn how to play streetfighter yeah… no more fireball wars for me I wanna do combos.

Tool I am

I’ll be on there. Not gonna win much but I’ll still be on there. :rofl:

Found the stick. Took a while but i got it. It’s pretty good, just tried playing it on SNES and dp/fbs come out flawlessly

just picked up the stick myself

what’s everyones tag - mine is “rob sigley” (no quotes)

let’s get some games in

i got a bunch of other shit too so we don’t have to just play sF