If you whine here your whole bloodline is banned, with that said proceed with the strats, i like rekkas.

Favorite pokes:
f.hk (does this link to c.hp? I know it links to c.mp)

What are your favorite mindgames/pokestrings after a knockdown? Mine are all based around meaty standing fierce.

if meaty s.hp connects, I either sweep if I didn’t feel that my meaty was perfectly timed, or walk up s.hp xx rekkas if I’m feeling confident in the meaty.

if blocked, I like to do [list]

[]walk up s.hp xx lk/mk chicken wing
]c.mk (most used - it combos and puts you in a good range on block)
]mk overhead (on rare occasions)
[*]walk up throw with mk, hoping they tech to get the walk under 50/50 s.mk, c.lp xx rekkas combo[/list]

Matchup specific stuff:

  • neutral jump mk against vega wall dives
  • c.hp and s.lk anti-air are really buff against gief
  • frequently s.hp against honda as you may have seen sirlin doing, though it may lose to s.hk from honda so don’t be too predictable

on the fat characters like gief and another fei (forget who else) you can do

crossup j.mk, s.mp, s.hp xx rekkas

and it all combos.

I haven’t played Fei in a long while . . . feel free to add to my lists, make corrections, add your own tips, whatever. Fresh thread, fresh start.

the xup combo works for blanka, guile, rog, sim, sagat, gief, hawk, fei, cammy. i also landed the combo once on a crouching ryu but i had to link it rather fast.

on knockdown i go one of the following:
early meaty st.hp -> straight to rekkas. if it connects, free damage. if not, safe string is safe.
early meaty cr.hp -> if it links, rekkas or another cr.hp followed by f.hk (usually dizzies)
b.mk followed by lk flame kick, depending on who the opp is
b.mk followed by lk cw
wake up lk cw
cl.mp followed by throw
if not in a corner, xup.mk then one of the above, rinse, wash, repeat.

the possibilities are endless.

I feel I’m going to be very lonely in this thread since there’s only like, 5 Fei Long players :lol:

Even though doing CW against command grab characters will get you punished now (Awesome!), MK CW is your best bet when done at mid distance. It lands you just outside command grab range.

I don’t know if you guys do this, but I usually do the crouch fiece punch then crouch medium punch. This has always worked for me more than the fancy combos.

Another thing I usually do is that I don’t juggle the flame kick too early after a chicken wing. Instead, I do a Chicken Wing and wait 'till the enemy is about to land/fall to the ground then follow-up with the flame kick. That way you can get a 4-hit combo total while the enemy’s in the air. hehehe

Guile is the easiest character to beat. You just have to be a little patient and push him to the corner. Poke him with crouch-medium-punch, and wait for his reaction. He’ll either Sonic-Boom (Fei responds with light CW), Jump forward (Fei flame kick), or a guessing Flash-Kick (Fei blocks and standing fierce). Forward+Medium kick also works while he’s crouch-blocking, but becarefull for Flash-kick.

tips against honda:

far standing hp works wonders when you’re all the way across the screen. you HAVE to time it right else you eat the headbutt, or it trades in honda’s favor. the problem with st.hp is that it has a long startup.

better alternatives that i’ve tested are st.lk and my new personal favorite, st.lp.

if you manage to stump the headbutt, immediately walk forward and do a cr.mp, most hondas underestimate the range. if the cr.mp connects, follow with f.hk, for a 50% chance of a dizzy.

for hondas buttslam (d,u/k move), cl.hp beats it. most of the time, flame kick trades.

hp,mp,lk rekka string doesnt work on honda. neither does hp,mp,mp. for something more constistent, i use hp,hp,lp but the safety distance isn’t that great.

if you time it right, you can punish honda’s blocked super with hp rekka, beware of invincible mk buttslam though.

cw also beats heatbutt if you do it early enough and the downward arc connects with hondas head.

whenever i get honda into a corner, i usually go with two options:

  • cr.hp, beats headbutt unless its a true reversal
  • safe jump mk (not xup), cl.hp xx lk cw.

note that the above cw takes them by surprise 75% of the time. CW is usually not recommended against honda because of his ridiculous ochio.

Cool, someone actually made this thread!

uhh, but anyways

So, I’m trying to incorporate this combo into my game:

Crossup J.Mk / Close S.Mk, S.Hp XX Rekkas.

This one seems good because S.Mk hits mid unlike Close S.Mp, but it’s a hell of a lot harder to do. Does anyone use this, or is it too hard to be worth it? What do you guys go for when crossing up?

tips against rog (boxer):

crouch normals are awesome pokes. beware that rogs cr.mk beats most of fei’s crouch normals.

SPACING IS INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT HERE. this can’t be reiterated enough, you MUST stay within rekka range else you’re in for a world of hurt.

my game usually goes like this:

  • start off with cr.hp or cr.mk. if rog just sits there blocking, immediately go into rekka strings.
  • rekka beats rogs rushes clean if you start your move first. do NOT be afraid of his rushes.
  • i usually do rekka 3x, cr.hp, rekka 2x, rekka 1x, rekka 2x, cr.hp, cr.mp, rekka 2x, rekka 3x, cr.mp, cr.mk, rinse wash repeat. most of the times, rog cant do anything because he won’t want to take the hit.

be careful not to get predictable, because headbutt eats all of fei’s moves for free.

once rog gets super, all the gimmicks stop. rog undoubtedly has one of the better supers in the game, and WILL beat most of fei’s move (except maybe footsies).

also note that fei’s super IS punishable if blocked by rog.

xup combos work wonders because rog has to block in the other direction standing up, eliminating both his charges (same for all charge characters). doing something like xup, st.mp/hp xx cw is free damage most of the time.

the most effective xup combos i find are:

xup mk, cl.mp, cl.hp xx rekkas. does awesome damage and mostly dizzies. works only on “fat” characters".
xup mk, cl.hp xx rekkas is generally safe. if cl.hp blocks, cancel into cw instead. if the opp is crouching use hk cw and it’ll xup again. note that reversal will beat the cw, but the gamble is sometimes worth it.
xup mk, cl.hp xx flame kick. i think this is close to 50% damage. works great if the opp is dizzies. also works on all characters.

on the cl.mk vs st.mp, i prefer st.mp because the recovery is incredible compared to st.mk. if st.mp gets blocked, you can just walk up and throw. oh and st.mk is also ugly. he stretches is leg out at a 45 degree angle, that’s just hideous.

on the other hand, i have found that st.mp sometimes doesn’t connect against characters like cammy, blanka and vega if they’re crouching. not sure what’s up with that.

I disagree with guile being the easiest match up. technically guile can throw booms all day and punish you for free if you cw/jump because he recovers a lot faster compared to shotos. also, if you get in close, all he has to do is sit there in down-back and flash-kick on reaction (it’ll beat everything fei throws at him).

if i were to pick the easiest match, it’d be gief, followed by ryu only because ryu can zone fei with fireballs.

i’m gonna get flamed for posting this bit, but i insist on having my say:

i’ve played a lot of Feis (on PSN mind you), and I’m yet to come across a fei that can actually use him properly. it seems that most people end up using cw and lk much more than rekkas. i understand that everyone has his/her style, but when i watch your game and count the number of missed rekka opportunities, i just want to do a face palm. hell even sirlin might do a face palm.

if you’re thinking about learning fei, PLEASE start off by learning rekkas first. rekkas are integral to his game.
if you’re in doubt here’s a simple plan:

  • start by learning the rekka distances. do one rekka at a time on a blocking opp and notice the backoff distance.
  • next, using the knowledge from the ^^, work it into 2x rekka strings, then 3x rekka strings. the idea is, you want to end up where you started.
  • next, what most people forget, learn the timing for rekka startup and recovery. this is incredibly important. few people realize that after one rekka string is over, you can start another one almost right away. the recovery aspect is also important to know if/when the opp can counter.
  • now repeat the above for opps that aren’t blocking. there IS a difference.
  • note that just because you land the first rekka, doesn’t necessarily mean you should just continue with hp, hp. keep using safe strings, they all connect if you do them right, and you build it into your game.


Chun Li would be my pick for Fei’s easiest matchup. She has a tough time dealing with CW’s.

I would definately not consider Ryu to be an easier matchup.

The ART of the Chicken Wing

For those who truly believe the Chicken Wing is a far worse move in HDR than in VST, I present to you: The Art of the Chicken Wing.

I’ll start just by discussing how well it works against Fireball characters, because there have been several claims that it helps not at all against Fireball characters. I’m gonna focus on Ryu in this post because that’s where the new Chicken Wing helps the most.

The first thing to understand is that the Chicken Wing WILL NOT HELP YOU AT ALL from a screen away. That’s not where your benefit comes from. Going through Fireballs a screen away with the Short Chicken Wing is not a real tactic. So you’ll have to approach Ryu and Ken the same way you did in previous games.

The key difference, however, is when you get half a screen away from Ryu. This is where everything changed. Think of the Short Chicken Wing as a faster, better, more invincible Spin Knuckle that actually works and is an Overhead. :rofl: It’s easy to get to the half screen distance from Ryu, but in VST, you were still fairly powerless at this distance. In HDR, everything has changed.

LEARN THE DISTANCE where your Short Chicken Wing hits Ryu’s arms when you go through a Fireball. That’s the key right there. With that threat, you can hit Ryu from half a screen away when he Throws a Fireball. Yes, he can fake now, but that’s why in a way I’m kinda glad Ryu got a fake… if he didn’t have it, too many people would kick his ass (though I still wish the Fake had a FEW more frames of delay… it’s simply TOOOOOO fast as it is now).

Once you learn that distance, Ryu now has to think a bit before throwing a Fireball. He now knows you can hurt him for Throwing it, something YOU COULD NOT DO IN VST. And best thing is, if you learn that proper distance, Ryu cannot hit you back after you tag his arms. However, smart Ryus know that if they can bait you into doing a Short Chicken Wing when they DON’T throw a Fireball, they get a free punish. While this is a bad thing, you have to pick up whether Ryu knows this or not. If he does, you can use it to your advantage. More on this later on.

Now that you’ve caused Ryu some pause because he’s worried about your Short Chicken Wing from hitting his hands in Fireball delay, this is where your game opens up. With the increased range on the Rekka, you can go for a surprise Rekka during Ryu’s hesitation to Throw a Fireball. And even better, you can now use his knowledge about sweeping a whiffed Short Chicken Wing to your advantage… by using a Forward or Roundhouse Chicken Wing!! When you do it, the startup looks the same, and the Ryu will be happy… he baited you into the Short Chicken Wing and he gets his free Sweep! But lo and behold! You didn’t do the Short one! You did Forward or Roundhouse, and now they are surprised and they react by Blocking! They wouldn’t have DP’ed it because from that range, a DP whiffs against the whiffed Short Chicken Wing.

So now, if you learn to distance the Chicken Wings well enough so that you don’t land right on top of Ryu and peg him with the edge of your Chicken Wing, you’ve gotten in for free with the Forward and Roundhouse ones. That’s where the fun begins.

Do another Short Chicken Wing, do a Short Flame Kick and keep him honest from trying to poke you, do a Low Jab if you’re close enough to interrupt his Normals and Buffer that into a Short Chicken Wing, poke with Low Short and Low Forward to keep him from always blocking high, pepper in a Rekka after a few pokes, mix in the Short Chicken Wing again… just be relentless up close, just learn to not try the Chicken Wing at point blank range. It CAN work sometimes when you think they aren’t ready for it and you’ll catch them crouching (crouch reels are longer than standing reels, so if you hit them while crouching, you generally have a better chance of recovering before they can hit you back) and nail them with its Overhead properties.

So there you go. That’s how you use the Chicken Wing to counter a Ryu Fireball pattern. Just don’t use it from a screen away. It’s not a free anti-Fireball move, it still requires intelligence to use. But the main key is that Fei Long now has power and options at the half a screen distance from Ryu, whereas before, Ryu’s Fireball pretty much shut down 100% of Fei Long’s options.

  • James

I know shotos and guile’s srk/flashkick do well, but how well does fei’s flamekick interrupt honda after you block the first hit of his super? Does fei trade or beat honda clean?

This has worked since Super. Probably his weakest dizzy combo.

You’re right…it is harder, given that you only get 6 frames of advantage after cl.:mk: and cl.:hp: takes 5 frames to hit. It’s a one frame link. Not hard if you play a bunch of SF4, right? :slight_smile: I’m not beyond using them, myself.

I like using cl.:mp: if I know I’m going to hit and cr.:lk: or cl.:mk: if they’re blocking. Mix a throw attempt in there somewhere, of course.

The windows small, but Flame Kick beats Headbutt clean.

dont know if you guys know this but feis MK throw is beastly

if you get the throw off you get plenty of time to set up a safe jump or meatys

if they tech/soften the throw, you can walk up under them so they land on top of you and do meaty cl.mk, link cl.fp xx rekkas. dizzies everytime. sometimes even after the cl.fp

I hope you can record some more of your Fei Long matches. I’d like to see your tips in action. I saw your Fei Long against Syxx’s Cammy which helped me a quite a bit against her.

Most of the time after Fei’s throw, you can Chicken Wing towards your opponent to build meter, and if you do the correct strength CW, it positions you perfectly for a crossup. I, for one, find this to be neato.

Yeah, and that’s a VERY atypical match-up for Fei Long as well. All of his new tactics are not applicable to Cammy, as I found out while playing against Syxx. If you watch the early matches, I keep doing Short Chicken Wings… but they MISS a crouching Cammy at the distances that hit a lot of other characters, so my main form of offense was a bit stifled, so I toned down the Chicken Wings against Syxx and had to take another approach.

If you watch my matches against other people (of which I have recorded none, sorry), I use Chicken Wings like crazy, probably more than I should. Expert players would probably crush me a lot more for abusing them, but if my opponent doesn’t punish them enough, why stop? :slight_smile:

  • James