SF4 still active?

I recently got a PS3 (in anticipation of SSF4…and unfortunately, it seems the PC community is getting crapped on this time) and was surprised to see that online matches were not available in huge numbers. I’m coming from the PC version, and even if there weren’t a ton of choices, doing Quick Match (for Ranked, CM, or Player) would always bounce back results. But on PSN, it seems there are never any games available. The only way I can ever find games is to play in Arcade Mode with request on.

Is this because PSN is being picky about location and stuff like that? Or is the number of available players really that low–even lower than PC? I’m confused. When I watch people play on 360, sometimes a quick match search will have 10 results or something, which is insane. (PC is always three no matter what.)

Ya there are not a huge amount of players. I get so frustrated when I do quick match it takes forever to find a match and then they kick me from the room/or lose connection. I think it has lost some of its momentum.

All the flow chart kens traded their game in at gamestop. Sorry.

Still plenty of good players around on PSN. Just stop using the Quickmatch feature as it’s horrible. In playermatches I go to customized search and just put everything on “any”, it always brings me players and I usually see alot of 4-5 bar connections that don’t show up if you’re using quickmatch. And considering I live in Sweden, you should have an even easier time than me finding games as the playerbase in the US is alot bigger compared to europe combined.

PSN pisses me off actually… 95% (Probably more then that actually) I face in tournament mode suck fucking balls. The actual few I face who are actually pretty legit either: 1. Don’t respond to my messages. 2. Don’t accept my friend invites.

Facing random scrubs on tournament mode is really starting to dull my main… I need real fighters.

blah double post.

I’ve noticed a lot of that myself reviticus, but then again What is your GP?

Interesting, thanks for the replies guys.

SSF4, here we come! :wink:

The best thing I do now is use fight request. Someone always selects you for a game with that.

Especially in Ranked. Someone will join and fight you pretty fast. Depending on the time might have to refresh the page a few times during CE mode though haven’t really had any problems finding matches in G2.

Quick Match is rubbish I wouldn’t even bother using it. Customized is the best way you will be looking for matches.

Arcade request works for me, many times i get a request with a bad connection but its all good as i go back to arcade mode to practice combos etc…

I’m at around 32000ish?

I blame the netcode. I get more games on Marvel vs Capcom 2 than SFIV.

pretty sure I played you a few times, lemme check my inbox I’ll add you if not.

I play on PSN all the time. I’m terrible, but I never have to wait more than 10 or so seconds to find a match. Just create the match and you’ll get someone fast.

Damn it! I got my copy of the game too late!

Hmmm… I don’t remember facing someone with your PSN ID… Who do you play with usually?

There have been waaaay more people on PSN the past few days

it’s really weird.

Here in Japan you will always find some matches no matter what a time which is great.I even tried to play a match on 04 AM morning and guess what I found over 9 people online!

that’s not exactly a good thing though…