SF4 Stability Bars

Sorry if this is a repost, but I didn’t find the thread.

Does anyone know why Sf4 doesn’t use straight up ping in MS latency? Pretty much every PC game I play does, and it seems to be the most accurate method.

I play a lot of Sf4 matches with orange - yellow bars that have horrible lag, and some with no bars whatsoever are lag free. Anyone else experience this? I’m given up even using the “stability” gauge.

i have never seen the green bars ever. has anyone ever seen those besides the startup screen.

Nope, the highest I’ve seen is yellow which is 4 bars. To be honest 4 bars is basically lagless, I do wonder if 5 bars would make a difference though.

Anyone else have an issue where the stability bars will completely disappear after extended play? I find that after I’ve done a few matches I will return to the menu and search for new games, but when the list comes up the stability bars are completely GONE and only the flashing white icons remain. They never reappear no matter how many times I refresh the menu and look for new games. Sucks cause I have no idea how good/bad the connection is to the games I’m joining and I often get kicked because I’m probably joining games with red bars.

The ONLY way I can fix this is by disabling my internet connection via XMB and then enabling it again. When I restart SF4 the bars return. Is ANYONE else experience this or know of an alternative fix? Its VERY annoying.

Ive played online matches with 4 bars and had extreme lag. to the point where you cant even pull of specials.

when i play with my friend who lives 15 minutes away, he has 4 bars. i’ve never ever seen 5 bars. whenever i search for games, i usually find a bunch of 0-1 bars. whats the deal?!

There’s 4 bars and then there’s “4 bars”. Beyond that, yeah, fuck this game online half the time.

Hmm, I get games where only the flashing white icon is there, but I always thought that just meant it was “0” bars. Some of my most lag free games are when I encounter this!

I find just watching how long it takes the ready light to de-gray is the best way to gauge probable high latency’s. It’s not fool-proof, some games I get bad delay anyway, but with no bars (and i hardly ever get to see bars, 1 in 20 matches shows the bars) seems to be the only way I can get any idea of what the match is going to be like.

Interestingly, if I’m the host (and i usually am playing fight request), then 2 bars or lower is just too much delay. But when the other person makes for the better host 2 bars is like 3 or 4 when im the host -.-.

u serious??? i thought those were zero bars too!

yea but those flashing white icon games are usually hit or miss. sometimes i join them and i get to fight underwater. i’m about to give up playing online, especially when sorting games by ‘stability’ gives me 1 bar results

This guy had 4 bars, when I joined him it lagged like a motherfucker.

My guess is, he turned on his downloads when the match started. I still won though. Laggy mofo.

Think that factors whether or not they installed also

Oh… yea now you mention it that makes sense; doh.

I have fios and I’ve never seen 5 bars but the more bars the less probability of lag I usually only play 3 to 4 bars. I have notice that 2 bars or less have input delays and is not playable in my opinion.

Dude, that shit used to happen to me. It got so annoying, I stopped playing the game online, which made me stop playing the game altogether. everything lagged, 4 bars, 3bars, 1 bar, even no bars lagged less than 4bars. I bought a new router. I tried all that port forwarding crap, enabled DMZ, enabled UPnP forwarding. After a while, i just said fuck-it, I’m done with this shit. I’m in college, so i don’t even need that distraction, plus I can always get it for the 360 later on.

i got 5 bars with someone before.

Pics or it didn’t happen :rolleyes:

I’ve had 1,000+ matches and I haven’t seen the legendary 5 bars you speak of.

A friend of mine lives less than 2 minutes away (by car) from me and we still get 4 bars.

I saw 5 bars once. Except it was against myself…

When I was searching for a ranked match, I saw my icon and name with 5 bars. When I tried to join the game, it didn’t work (of course) :rofl: