SF4 fans, how long will you play it competitively?

I hardly ever post outside of GD especially here because, well I think this forum is full of mostly shit posters however, hopefully this thread proves me wrong. Also full disclosure I have mixed feelings about SF4 and only played it since Vanilla for a few hours combined across all versions.

That being said, I’m curious to know how committed the majority of fans are to the mini series, I mean I feel SF5 drops most 4 fans will jump ship and not look back like Lebron fans. Will SF4 be played 20+ years from now by a dedicated group of super fans who work hard to keep it alive the way ST now? (been playing ST competitively for like 11 years now) or will it become a “dead game” as fickle as I imagine SF4 fans to be since it is such a big community statistically there should be enough players around decades from now to keep it going at EVO right? Or will USF4 continue to thrive alongside 5? Also curious did the SF4 series lose a significant number of fans between transitions? I can’t imagine too many people still playing any version of SF4 competitively now besides USF4, I mean there isn’t a Vanilla 4 scene anymore due to USF4 right? Even the people who prefer HF over ST still play ST and not HF since there aren’t enough people interested to run tournaments for HF.

If anyone feel insulted by my negative attitude towards the SF4 community, please keep in mind these are my opinions which are open to be changed should evidence suggest I’m wrong, also I’m just curious about the overall future of 4 with 5 announced. The 3S community AFAIK is still kicking, but barely, so is that what 4 will be like years from now?

It depends partially on the quality of SFV, I think.

I won’t be looking back, myself.

It’ll be like every other game once a new version drops. I’m sure 4 & 5 will coexist for awhile, you’ll have the diehards who keep playing the older game and everyone else moves on to the new one, but eventually 4 will die off. The 3s community is still alive but that community is its own worst enemy for the most part, so…

And for the record HF >> ST IMO. ST is good, but they added things that I didn’t think needed to be there.

well no shit most people are gonna play the most recent street fighter. 3s had a huge following only bc it wasn’t replaced as quickly as all the others. I do think the ‘final’ versions (SSF2:X, SFA3, 3s, USF4) will get some amount of love by diehards having a bored day.

SF4 is going to be 3s level of dead come sf5

I’ll play whatever game is popular, regardless of whether or not I like it. I don’t like SF4, but I play it for that reason.

If I didn’t like SF4, I’d cast it off like many others already have. Playing for other people is a little dumb IMO, especially when it’s a game I don’t like compared to playing a game that I enjoy.

“Minority” (take that term with a grain of salt please) games tend to get the most hardcore players. Take it from me, an Arcana Heart player, not a long-time one but I know where I stand. I play with a group of four or five people, and honestly even though SF4 has thousands playing I don’t really care for it and stick to my own game for the most part. Same for KOF, which is a game I play with about 3 people on PSN from time to time. Steam? Nope, I have a Mac.

From my perspective, there’s no way people could play a game without climbing on hype unless they were in my position to start with. Wouldn’t buy another SF again even when I do get a PS4, which is later next December when Final Fantasy and maybe a new (again) Star Wars Battlefront III comes out, because I simply don’t want to reflect a single digit on their sales, no offense.

Depends on when i get xrd and how good the online is keeping up and if it has an active community…for europeans.

I’m pretty ready to jump ship. Def do not like the changes in USFIV

I’ll jump ship straight away and never look back. Not because SF4 is a horrible game, I actually like it.
Thing is I started playing it 3 years into its lifetime and that shit sucks major balls.

Getting rekt over and over again is really not that much fun, no matter how good the game is.
SFV will offer me a fresh start and is going to have a lot of players especially bad ones, so I’m gonna have actual fun dicking around with new characters and strategies.

Um sorta, you were getting wrecked by people with 10, 20 years experience playing the exact. Same. Footsies and specials and ultras they have been doing. But you got 3 years under your belt that should be good for the future

There’s not much in this game worth revisiting tbh. I wanna play 3S because there were cool things to do in 3S, same with CvS2 and ST. This one just feels kinda underwhelming in that regard. There are some cool combos with Dudley, Makoto and I guess E.Ryu but overall, the game is just bleh.

I wish I had started playing SF4 on release though, when the roster had a perfect size.

Super/AE/Ultra got progressively more beginner unfriendly with its 10000 matchups.
I still don’t know how to beat Viper, Fuerte, Abel and Dhalsim.
Problem is not that I think they’re unbeatable but online competition has grown so thin especially on pc that I never meet those characters and when I do I feel it’s not worth the effort to learn matchups I face once every 100 matches.

When SF5 hits I hope it doesn’t have a stupidly big roster and I get to learn to play and play against all characters.
When stuff gets added later, it’s not such a big deal because you already have profound knowledge about the existing cast and you’re gonna get a lot of practice against the new once cuz everyone will pick them for a couple of month.
I know more about Decapre, Hugo, Poison, Rolento and Elena than a lot of the rest of the cast, just because of that.

Barely play the game anymore as it is, so I will not look back at all when SF5 is released.

If they hold tournaments for it, I’ll probably still play it. I like SF in general, so the main thing keeping me from entering would be if I couldn’t afford to.

Same shit is going to happen that always happens. People will complain and say it isn’t as good as the old ones. Everyone will play it because its new. The old game will be played in legacy tournaments. We will move on. Someone will make this thread when they announce SF6…

I think the main reason for many people sticking with SF4, is it is the ‘it’ game and has by far the largest playerbase, most tournament/money opportunities, opportunities for sponsorship. That’s all gone once SF5 is released, so it will be interesting to see how many people stick with the SF4.

ST and 3s are masterworks of design, so despite their age they have playerbases still. I haven’t heard many players if any calling SF4 a masterpiece.

it’s funny reading this thread and people talking about ST still being alive or 3s being dead or almost dead

I can’t be sure it’s everywhere, but at least in every scene I pay attention too 3s is played more than ST

I think the reason people have this perception has a lot to do with Evo though. Evo loves ST and hates 3s. so ST gets a tournament of legends and 3s players get together in a hotel room at Hooters.

well fuck it, I’ll take Hooters anyway

I had already planned to buy a PS4 and drop USF4, but GGXrd is the reason for that. Even if SF5 ends up sucking (high chances) I have something good to play.