SF4 Dash Cammy buffs wishlist

I have seen healthy discussion on what players believe should be improved in the next installment of SF4 and wanted to do the same for Cammy.

The question is what buffs do you think Cammy should have in the next SF4?

I for one would love to see less startup and more invincibility for spin knuckle

I would also like to give Cammy a better crossup than LK or cannon strike. These are not great options.

I would also like the hooligan to come out faster so it can be more of a tool than a surprise gamble that you pull out during a match to catch your opponent off guard.

I would also like to see the SA become “slightly” safer in the next version. Something closer to HDR where her SA is safer in many ranges but not ridiculously abusable.

These are a few of my thoughts. Discuss amongst yourselves.

i think cammy should have a fast overhead that combos into the ultra, a great crossup, and a command grab. then she will finally be able to compete with the other chars in this game. Just to be sure they should also maybe make the dive hit overhead.

dont forget to beef her stamina to 1200 too. i’d love to see Cammy SPD zangief from 1.5 character lengths…:badboy:

A Hooligan Throw that catches crouching opponents.

A Spiral Arrow that’s not as easily punishable as it is now (but not so safe either).

Edit: Oh, yeah. A better Spin Knuckle ( I forgot about it, since I never use it!!!)

Cannon Drill should be as safe as it was in HDR, Spin Knuckle should be faster, Hooligan should have it’s HDR motion and Cannon Strike should be doable while jumping up and back (not just forward).

I agree with SA being slightly safer, however I don’t think Hooligan needs to be faster. It already has huge grab range, so I think if you made it faster it could be a tad unfair. Though granted, it can’t grab crouching opponents, which brings me to my single wish for this list…

Make Hooligan able to grab crouching opponents. This in itself will help Cammy immensely and remove her most fear enemy: :db:

Considering how easy hooligan is to stuff, I doubt this would overpower her at all, though you may need to reduce the grab range a bit. Mind you, I’m no expert on the subject, so I’m willing to be told I’m wrong.

I’d like to see an overhead, a better cross-up and the ability to cannon strike out of the hooligan roll.

And being able to forward dash->ultra after a cannon spike would be nice :smiley:

I don’t need anything but

I’d like to see her hooligan into cannon strike like akuma and gouken have

and cannon strike from hooligan being an overhead will be a plus

means cannon strike itself doesn’t have to be overhead

I’d like to see that Shinryuken like super she had in CvS2 in there.

Well, as long as it’s true that about capcom looking at the internet for inputs on dash from the community…here are my 2 cents on what I think are fair and reasonable improvements.

Bare minimum improvements that she should have

-An overhead. Any overhead at all. TK CS would be too overpowered as others have said, but she does need an overhead of some sort. Hooligan into CS would be good, command attack maybe even better.

-Hooligan should grab crouching opponents. I don’t understand why this wasn’t so in the first place.

-Spin Knuckle should be at least fast enough so that it hits before a shoto recovers from a hadouken from at least mid-screen distance.

-st.RH should be given better range. She needs a minimum of one good poke with range to complement her quick st.MK

Very nice to have, but perhaps not as critical as those above.

-Cannon Strike should be done from a vertical jump.

-Even with a speed increase, her armour breaker should be changed from Spin Knuckle to just about any other special move.

-Same as enygma, it would be great if SA became just a tad safer and not to the point where it is abusable.

-Her Ultra should finish completely even if hitting a falling opponent.

Excellent to have, but worried that Capcom may think it will make her a dominator. (Open for compromise)

-A cross up that works on all standing characters.

Naturally, I would like all the improvements here to happen…and the bottom line is that I think she would not be overpowered with these, but rather be more “effective” to use against the likes of Ryu/Sagat/Balrog/Gief. These are just my thoughts of course, I’m open to any critique.

Hooligan is fine as it is, I think. It’s main purpose seems to be for knockdown traps, such as fthrow->mp hooligan or a free HP hooligan if the opponent techs after eating a canon spike.

I really like Cammy how she is now, but safe spiral arrow (at least lk SA), a bit safer dive kick (it’s great as it is, but when rufus/akuma can dive kick at any height and be safe and cammy can’t, something is wrong), and a faster spin knuckle would be greatly appreciated.

I agree that giving her a different armor breaker than the spin knuckle would be good. Sagat’s TK is very simple to pull off in many situations and so is Ryu’s tatsu and those both armor break. With it’s slow starup spin knuckle only really works when you have meter and that is kind of disappointing compared to other characters.

I would also like for Cammy to be able to CS from hooligan

I’m not sure letting hooligan catch people in crouch is that great of an idea though. Do you make Cammy’s hitbox smaller when she is in the ball? What moves do you allow to stuff the hooligan while in crouch ? Furthermore how much of a disadvantage does it put some of the charge characters? Cause I think it could become a bit too abusable to punish characters like honda or boxer if the tweak is not executed well. I don’t know. I would love to easily punish down/back turtles with that move but I just don’t know if it’s completely fair. The more I think about it though I’m starting to change my mind… A little bit.

I can work with Cammy in her present form but wouldn’t mind seeing her become a bit more of a contender when it comes to fighting shotos and turtles.

That’s an interesting point, considering that her hooligan seems faster than the demon flip…it might actually lead to powerful mixups (e.g. low block string into hooligan grab) reminiscent of akuma’s demon flip in 3s (which I’m sure everyone agrees was nerfed a lot in this game). Perhaps there could be a compromise there somewhere.

I just wish there were much more ways to beat “down back” aside from a regular throw.

Yea… Cammy needs overhead. Any kind of overhead. I found out that many players start round with “down back” and wait for my action…

Any useful armor breaker will be nice too. How about faster SBF and change its input to qcf+p, so you can do it quicker?

How about make EX Hooligan able to grab crouched while standard does not. I think that would be a fair compromise that would avoid overpowering her but also help fix her problems with DB turtling.

How about, as part of the improvements to SBF, we have it mix up where it hits. Like FP is overhead on second hit, MP mid second hit, QP is low second hit. It would actually make the move all kinds of useful.

Nuetral / Back Cannon Strike
Spin knuckle gains armor break (Or made faster.)
Cannon Spike made safe as ST

… Wishful thinking.

I think a safe spiral arrow would be a bit annoying…I can imagine it now…Cammy’s online spamming SA all day…

All Cammy needs (imo) is:

-Faster spin knuckle so that it is useful
-Cannon Strike from Hooligan (counted as an overhead)

Another thing I thought would be cool is if you could follow up a CS FADC with more than just another CS, like a jab to reset them, improve her mix-ups a bit more.

She definitely needs cannon strike from Hooligan that hits overhead. i think all cannon strikes should definitely be safer or hit overhead.

If lk SA was as safe as lk Scissor Kicks or lk Tiger Knee, I think Cammy would have a much easier time approaching/pressuring downback. No real need for an overhead then, imo.

Cammy’s all about her throw game anyway.