SF4 @ Chinatown Fair

Henry, mind posting up your arcade details in this thread? I’m trying to compile a list.



The Dark Ages
The land was in chaos and without a king.
Out of those lost centuries arose a legend,
Of the sorcerer Merlin,
Of the coming of a king,
Of the sword of power,

and then like 10 minutes later after the battle in the burning forest and the sword uber epically rising from the lake, Merlin is like before Gabriel Byrne’s enemies and is like

“Behold the sword of power, EXCALIBAH!!!
Forged when the world was young and bird, beast, and flower were one with man and death was but a dream.”

and then like the enemies are awed have to submit to the uber epicness of the sword of power. That there is an SF4 in arcades is that awesome even if they may need an SF4 CE to make it balanced.

Gonna try to go with Hold dat, Bladescar and Capcomkillah either today or tomorrow!

I will be going to Chinatown Fair tonight when I get out of the office.

It takes alot to get the real old school out there. Looking forward to checking it out. :slight_smile:

ill begoing friday night. but damn i imagine how ong the line would be to even play ><

Thats why i might go today.

What time is CF open till during the week?

Weekdays noon until midnight-1am. something along those lines.

how muhc is it a game? anyone no?

CF is running into the same button issue that University Pinball is experiencing. Henry is working on it now. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

I am going to wait until all the bugs have been squashed out of the hardware, then make a day trip of it next week. =P

Left @ 5PM, machines will still being worked on. Button and credit issues. Lets hope Henry pwns it by tonight!

BTW, the cabs are DEAD SEXY.

^^^ I guess ing from your post that its REALLY there at last. :woot:
I bet that its 50-75cents per play. Im betting on the former.

One dollar.

It’s a dollar to play.

im heading tommorrow night i guess

GODDAMN!!! ONE DOLLAR!!! :wow: :amazed: Oh how I WISH today was payday. Cant wait till tomorrow.

But for real, $1 is pretty steep. Hell I even though Arcana Hearts 2 with 75 cents was a bit much. Guess I’ll suck it up till it hits consoles. Only for Sf4 would I pay that much for a game again.

Not only is it head-to-head, but it’s SIT DOWN?

Words fail describing such beauty!

really? That good. But here is the million dollar question, What machine did they take out/moved to put in SF4? :wonder:

When I was leaving, this is what settings we’re placed on. Dunno if they’re staying that way.

  • $1 a game, dollar bills only
  • 6 win limit
  • CPU Akuma unlocked

SF4 is where the 3S cab was. 3S was moved to the Tekken corner.

Oh that cool. I though that it would of been at that spot. I REALLY hope for the next arcade game that they remove soul caliber 2. That shit BARELY gets played. Same thing goes for Tekken Tag.