SF4 @ Chinatown Fair

Japanese style sit down cabinets with 32" hd monitors = bad ass

Hold on it’s there NOW, or it’s coming soon? I want to know because I will have to get over there ASAP if it is.

I’m headed out to set up camp right now. :looney:

lol romes ur a doushe bag

I’ll be there early tomorrow to see what’s up.

I’m going ST mode tomorrow. Fireball spam for days. Now that parrying is gone I’m abusing that shit.

Better be careful you don’t get FADC spammed and Ultra’d to death. Or hit by one of the many moves that now absorb or go through fireballs.

People who never touched that game won’t do that stuff right then and there. >_>

Fireball spam is easy as pie. = D

And I have a few tricks up my sleeve too hehehehehe…

Pics of the setup please!


They will if they read this forum!

Oh, and by the way. My jealous for you New Yorkers knows no limits right now.

Sooo… I remember when cf used to open at like 10 am… back in the days of the chicken. Either way what time does it open now?

Elated I have something to play other than CVS2

I need to find my way there.

Im the biggest noob at SF but ill be in NY in about 10 days and im there to get raped. Good stuff man, start thinking of stuff to do with my money :slight_smile:



Holla at your boy! P.S. Are you at CTF regularly? I may have seen you but dont recognize you. Im the tall dark dude that be playing SFA3 with Gen and TS with Necro and Dudley.

Ditto. I’m going TODAY!! But, I dont have that much money. Now is NOT the time to be a broke ass nukka…:sad: Good thing is tomorrow is PAYDAY! :woot:

I want to be there when that plan backfires and you get owned. :rofl: :rofl:

Dont worry man, Your location will get a SF4 cab…SOMEDAY! :razz::razz:

Im probably going to get owned myself. and I play SF all the time! :rofl: :rofl:

Im maining the chargers ,Shotos (mastering them with skill not scrubbyness) and Abel.

Rufus, Zangief and Blanka will be the frequently used characters in CTF. As CTF is FULL of tier whores… :bluu: I called it…

i’ll see ya’ll there…

sf4 legend in the making, I guarantee it!!

Can’t wait to get down there. Granted I’m scrubby, but you bet your ass i’ll be good, one day…

So, is it there and ready to play as of this morning, or not?

All I’m hearing is yes/no/maybe.

Pics of the setup please. I’m thinking about driving right now there…