SF4 built on Unreal engine

Looks hella weird.

Guile looks sexy with the belly shirt.

As awesome as Guile looks this would be the equivalent of Bomberman act zero.
Keep it old school.

Unreal is trash.

Topic is misleading. I thought it was built with Unreal Engine, not what if

it has it’s issues, but it’s definately one of the better game engines out there.

This is not what it would look like at all. He’d have to wear an insane amount of bulky armor just for this to be believable.

Should change the title to something like, “If SFIV was built on the Unreal Engine, this is what it would look like…” Shit’s misleading.

Either way, at first glance Guile reminded me of Ahnuld in T3 with metallics on his face. Then there’s the gay factor of it all with his beater that shows his belly like he had a naval ring. That’s not military reg. Fucking fem. Blanka just looked weird.

It could’ve looked decent if whoever did the renders didn’t fuck it up.

I think this stuff looks much better actually. Which is funny cause these guys are just doing for fun as a hobby. Capcom should hire this dude.

Yeah, save for Guile with the “I want to show my belly” shit. Totally not in his character.

Yeah what if it was…

  • 30fps max with dips
  • screen tearing
  • texture pop-in

and it would look nothing like those super high end renders. Sorry the PS3 or 360 can’t handle a game with model detail like that Guile while keeping the required framerate of 60FPS that fighters must have.

I like the attention to detail, look at Guiles right boot and you can see blood and bits of what I think is flesh .

That looks fucking amazing.

^^ yeah man i’d play DAT

Lol complaining about being misled. Man up, SRKers.


Maybe for Street Fighter V on a next gen console, but not now.

Actually Guile looks like he’s aged considerably

it would be too real for me, and lose its street fighterness. Nonetheless, i don’t doubt that it would look spectacular. Unreal has its issues sure, but its one the best engines out there currently.

Which is damn sad.

I think the best engine out now is The CoD4/W@W engine. A heavily modified Quake 3 Engine which i my opinion is the main reason those games play so damn good.

If it was on the UT engine then you would have to watch the textures load right before every match :rofl:

Yeah it looks like Guile just kicked and beat the piss out of someone. His right hand and boot are all bloodied up. It looks like theres stuff stickin out of his boot too.